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Hong Kong media: Will Nvidia launch three more “improved” chips for China?It will be announced after November 16 at the earliest – Wall Street News


The new chips, which comply with the latest US export rules, will be offered to Chinese customers as a replacement for the A800 and H800.

After the U.S. government recently further tightened restrictions on chip exports to China and prevented Nvidia from selling high-end chips in China, it was reported on the 9th that the company would once again launch three chips specifically for China. As of this newspaper’s deadline, Nvidia has not confirmed the news.

According to Hong Kong’s “South China Morning Post” report on the 9th, a NVIDIA distributor in mainland China stated that NVIDIA has developed the latest improved version of a series of chips for China: HGX H20, L20 PCle and L2 PCle. The dealer stated,The new chips, which comply with the latest US export rules, will be offered to Chinese customers as a replacement for the A800 and H800.Nvidia may announce it as soon as possible after the 16th of this month. According to the report, if Nvidia confirms the matter, it will show how important the Chinese market is to American chip companies and the extent to which some of them are prepared to comply with Washington’s changing restrictions.According to Bloomberg, Intel also plans to release a new artificial intelligence chip for China.

On October 17, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued new chip export restrictions, thereby preventing Nvidia from selling two improved advanced artificial intelligence chips-A800 and H800 to China. Both chips were produced for the Chinese market last year to comply with U.S. export regulations for October 2022. On October 24, Nvidia stated that U.S. regulators have advanced the implementation deadline of the new regulations, which will take effect immediately from October 23. The new regulations were originally scheduled to take effect on November 16. The Wall Street Journal reported on October 31 that Nvidia may lose more than $5 billion in Chinese orders due to the sudden implementation of new regulations in the United States.

According to Reuters, Nvidia holds more than 90% of China’s artificial intelligence chip market. Analysts say restrictions introduced by Washington could create opportunities for Chinese companies such as Huawei.

India’s “First Post” said on the 8th that despite the escalating technological competition with the United States, China’s pursuit of self-sufficiency in chips has attracted the attention of chip giants in the United States, South Korea and the Netherlands. At this year’s China International Import Expo, a total of 47 chip-related companies participated in the “Integrated Circuit Zone”. Pan Xiaoming, senior vice president of AMD and president of Greater China, said that it is necessary to strengthen cooperation with local industries and contribute to China’s development through the CIIE.

Author of this article: Ren Zhong, Source: Global Times, original title: “Hong Kong Media: Nvidia launches 3 more “improved” chips for China? To be announced after November 16th at the earliest》

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