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2023 IPEM International Private Equity Investment Conference China Forum opens in Xi’an


2023 IPEM International Private Equity Investment Conference China Forum opens in Xi’an

Raffarin delivered a speech, Du Xiaogang delivered a welcome speech, and Gille Bahsa gave a keynote speech.

On November 9, the first China Forum of the 2023 IPEM International Private Equity Investment Conference opened in Xi’an. Raffarin, former French Prime Minister and Chairman of the French Vision and Innovation Foundation, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Du Xiaogang, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, delivered a welcome speech, and Gille Bachsa, founder and chairman of the IPEM International Private Equity Investment Conference, gave a keynote speech. Alexis Dupont, CEO of Invest France, and Jiang Min, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, attended the opening ceremony and main forum.

“This is a forum full of vision!” Raffarin said in his speech that he was honored to attend the third “Belt and Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum as the special representative of French President Macron last month. Under the current international situation, jointly building the “Belt and Road” is particularly important to promote development cooperation. The IPEM International Private Equity Investment Conference holds two special events in France every year. Each event is attended by thousands of high-end investment executives and business representatives from around the world. This China Forum allows everyone to meet in the beautiful city of Wuxi to communicate and seek cooperation, which is conducive to promoting economic and trade exchanges between China and France. Next year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France and the Year of Culture and Tourism between China and France. It is also the “Olympic Year” in Paris. We hope that investors from China, France and China will take this forum as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields around their respective needs and strengths. , to better promote green, inclusive and sustainable development.


Du Xiaogang welcomes all guests. He said that Wuxi attaches great importance to the introduction and development of private equity funds. For two consecutive years, the newly registered scale has been around 100 billion yuan, and the current total has reached 524.2 billion yuan. Among them, the cumulative number and scale of QFLP funds that have been launched ranks first in Jiangsu. , at the forefront of the country. IPEM International Private Equity Investment Conference is the largest private equity event in Europe. The holding of the first China Forum in Wuxi reflects the conference’s confidence in the Chinese market and its full recognition of the development of Wuxi. Wuxi will work with everyone present to take this event as an opportunity to firmly grasp the important opportunity of “the full release of China’s economic and social vitality and the full activation of dialogue and cooperation between China and France and China and Europe”, and actively use private equity investment to promote the formation of innovative capital. It plays an important role in enriching asset allocation methods and supporting industrial structure adjustment, helping Wuxi become a preferred place for outstanding European enterprises, high-quality projects, and advantageous capital, and jointly contributes more to the consolidation of the comprehensive strategic partnership between China and France and China and Europe. We are willing to use the most open mind, the most preferential policies, and the most thoughtful services to become your partner in exploring China’s huge market and sharing the dividends of China’s development.

As the largest private equity investment platform in Europe, the IPEM International Private Equity Investment Conference went beyond France for the first time and came to Wuxi on the shores of Taihu Lake to hold the China Forum, bringing nearly a hundred French investors and manufacturing entrepreneurs to deeply connect with local industrial finance. It will help Wuxi become a gathering place for high-quality European enterprise projects and investment institutions, help more enterprises in our city go abroad, enter Europe, and the world, and continue to open up new space and achieve success in cooperation fields such as scientific and technological innovation, advanced manufacturing, and ecological environmental protection. New fruits.


At the opening ceremony and main forum, the IPEM International Private Equity Investment Conference and Guolian Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. IPEM China Managing Partner and CEO Li Na, Legend Holdings Vice President and Managing Director of International Investment Department, Chairman of International Bank of Luxembourg Li Jing, Chengtong Fund Deputy General Manager Xiang Ming, Separis Fund Management Committee Member Aisi Sherman, Chang Fuyi, co-founder and managing partner of Adaya Fund, Andre Koppe, founder and CEO of Shouxing Capital, and Guo Bingyu, co-president of Xi Venture Capital, attended the China-EU Cross-border Investment Roundtable.

The forum will last for three days, during which a number of sub-forums, industry forums, park visits and other activities will be held.

(Hui Xiaojing, Xia Haosen)

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