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CCTV news:(Reporter Liu Zhen) Green is the most distinctive background for high-quality development. Chongqing has solidly promoted “dual carbon” work, accelerated green and low-carbon transformation, promoted high-quality economic and social development, and the green content of industries has continued to increase.

On November 9, the “Land-Sea Covenant” national online media trip to Chongqing – the theme communication of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor (Chongqing Station) event reporter group entered Chongqing Changshou District. Station, Yuba Special Railway, Chemical Terminal and other places, you can experience the “green dialectics” of Chongqing Changshou District’s strong combination of “wisdom” and “green”.

Green competition and smart escort

In May this year, the Chengdu-Chongqing Industrial Digital Capability Center located in Chongqing Changshou High-tech Zone was completed. In the 4,500-square-meter exhibition hall, the Changshou District Urban Operation and Governance Center, Industrial Digital Capability Center, and Data Trading Center were successively laid out. It is one of its important missions to use “digital intelligence” to empower the construction of the New Land-Sea Corridor in the West, promote the comprehensive green transformation of the manufacturing industry, and improve the overall green development level of the industrial chain.

“New Digital Land-Sea Corridor” real-time monitoring screen. (Photography by Liu Zhen)

On the real-time monitoring screen of the “New Digital Land-Sea Corridor”, CCTV reporters saw the entire process of monitoring vehicles on hazardous chemicals transportation routes. A small screen opens up the sharing of data on vehicles, goods, people, fields, and routes, enabling capacity planning, scientific dispatch, and safety monitoring. This is one of the application scenarios of the “1+4” digital transportation demonstration project system jointly created by Chongqing Jiaoxin IoT Technology Co., Ltd., Changshou District Transportation Bureau and Changshou High-tech Zone.

Reducing energy consumption and increasing output are key directions for Chongqing’s industrial transformation and upgrading. Since the completion of the Chengdu-Chongqing Industrial Digital Capability Center, it has actively helped related industries in Changshou District focus on “mechanization of personnel replacement, automation of personnel reduction, and intelligent unmanning” to promote the deep integration of the digital economy and traditional manufacturing industry, and through the construction of intelligent management and control platforms , applying technologies such as intelligent inspection robots, continuously upgrading and transforming production equipment, and promoting the intelligent and green development of enterprises, thus comprehensively improving the comprehensive competitiveness of Chongqing’s production and manufacturing industry.

Green zero-carbon achieves win-win situation

As the economic center and logistics distribution center in western my country, Chongqing has a large number of heavy-duty trucks and heavy transportation tasks. In the era of “green travel”, low-carbon and environmentally friendly new energy heavy trucks have gradually become one of the main choices in the field of logistics and transportation, and their market share continues to increase.

The construction and operation of battery swapping stations is the core link in the promotion and application of new energy heavy trucks. With Chongqing’s first one-stop heavy truck battery swapping station settling in Changshou District, the Western Land-Sea Corridor has opened a new round of “green and zero-carbon” transportation models.

At the Changshou Pure Electric Heavy Truck Battery Swapping Station, the staff showed CCTV reporters the entire battery swapping process of the pure electric heavy truck: a black pure electric heavy truck with a load of 40 tons parked at the designated location of the white battery swap station, and the battery swap station door automatically opened. The industrial robot stretched out its “grabbing arm” and moved it over the black battery pack on the back of the front of the truck. It slowly “grabbed” the battery pack and stored it in the station. Then it “grabbed” the new pre-charged battery pack and inserted it smoothly into the truck’s battery card. Bit. The whole process took just over 3 minutes.

According to reports, in accordance with the battery swap network layout plan, Chongqing will vigorously promote heavy truck battery swap solutions and set up about 50 network base stations in Fuling, Nanchuan, Qijiang and other districts except Changshou to form a heavy truck battery swap network around the central city. Together, we will help the country achieve its “double carbon” goals and build a green, smart, and efficient transportation system.

Green intermodal transport front port and back park

The Chongqing-Based Special Railway is one of the starting stations of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor and the only special railway in Chongqing that is qualified to both arrive and deliver containerized dangerous goods. The chemical terminal 10 kilometers away is the only hazardous chemicals container transport terminal in Chongqing.

Chongqing Changshou District Chemical Terminal. (Photography by Liu Zhen)

In 2022, the Chongqing-Based Special Railway, chemical terminals and storage warehouses “join hands” to successfully build the largest rail-road-water multimodal transport operation platform for dangerous goods containers in Southwest China. It mainly carries out container integration and turnover of waterways, warehousing and railways One-stop chemical Internet of Things services.

Relying on resources such as parks and ports to vigorously develop producer services is a direction for Chongqing Changshou District to optimize its industrial structure and promote green transformation. Currently, Changshou District is building a production and service-oriented national logistics hub based on the “front port, warehouse and back park” model, relying on Changshou Port and Lingang area.

Using the “green content” of development to enhance the “gold content” of growth, Chongqing Changshou District is accelerating on the road of green development.

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