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The promise of land and sea meets Chongqing | Chongqing Changshou: Using “digital intelligence” as the core to promote low carbon and cost reduction of the New Western Land and Sea Corridor – China Daily


China Daily, November 9th (Reporter Xu Dan) On November 9th, the “Land-Sea Promise” national online media trip to Chongqing – the new western land-sea corridor themed communication event went into longevity, and together we explored the empowerment of longevity with digital elements as the core The “smart code” for the construction of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor.

At the heavy-duty truck battery replacement demonstration site, the reporters’ eyes were attracted by the whole thing.

At the Changshou Pure Electric Heavy Truck Battery Swapping Station, a black pure electric heavy truck with a load of 40 tons parked at the designated location of the white battery swap station. With a “beep” sound, the warehouse door of the battery swap station automatically opened, and an industrial robot stretched out from the ceiling of the station. A “grabbing arm” moves over the black battery pack on the back of the front of the car, slowly “grabs” the battery pack and stores it in the station. Then it “grabs” the new pre-charged battery pack and inserts it smoothly into the truck’s battery slot.

When the beep sounds “Battery replacement completed”, the red light turns green and the heavy truck completes the battery replacement. The whole process only takes more than 3 minutes.

“Quick charging of new energy heavy trucks generally takes 1-2 hours, while battery replacement of heavy trucks only takes 3-5 minutes, saving more than 95% of time and more than 35% of fuel costs.” Guo Qun, general manager of Jiaoxin IoT, told the interview group. After market verification, the battery swap mode has rich application scenarios, and Changshou is seizing this opportunity. According to the power swap network layout plan, with Chongqing’s central urban area as the center, about 50 network base stations will be set up in Fuling, Nanchuan, Qijiang and other districts except Changshou to form a heavy-duty truck battery swap network surrounding the central urban area.

Changshou District focuses on the construction of the New Land-Sea Corridor in the West and is vigorously promoting the construction of battery swapping for heavy trucks. At present, a series of tasks such as the construction of battery swap station demonstration stations, regional battery swap network construction planning, battery bank establishment, and service station construction have been completed. During the demonstration operation, the heavy-duty truck battery swapping digital network provided zero-carbon logistics solutions for key enterprise users such as Changshou Steel, Chemical Industry, Automobiles, Building Materials, and Electric Power, reducing energy costs by 30% and effectively promoting the construction of Changshou Production-oriented National Logistics Hub. .

According to reports, in the future, with Jiaoxin IoT as its cornerstone enterprise, Changshou will also build digital service networks such as a digital traffic dispatching command center, a digital transportation Internet of Things, and a digital logistics service network.

The digital transportation demonstration project system is just a microcosm of the digital empowerment of the construction of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor.

Entering the Chongqing Industrial Digital Capability Center, the interview team went through the Digital City Operation and Governance Center, Digital Empowerment Center, and Data Trading Center to fully understand the highlights of Changshou’s achievements in promoting the construction of digital Chongqing.

Qing City Industrial Digital Capability Center.

“Each application scenario is a real case, which not only provides the city with a wealth of digital technologies and solutions, but also further enhances Chongqing’s ‘numerical’ capabilities and empowers the construction of the New Land-Sea Corridor in the West.” Chongqing’s industrial digital capabilities Introduction by the relevant person in charge of the center.

In Changshou, relying on the Chongqing Industrial Digital Competence Center, giving full play to the integration and application capabilities of big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and other technologies, we will build a full industry chain layout with data elements as the core, and comprehensively serve the intelligentization of regional manufacturing. Upgrade.

[Editor in charge: Xu Dan]

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