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[Damei Guangdong]Take a City Walk of flower blossoms in Guangzhou in November! In November, go to Guangzhou for a City Walk of Flowers


TheGreatBeautyofGuangdong In November, Guangzhou is worth the name of “City of Flowers”. Take a City Walk to unlock the most beautiful season of Guangzhou with the gorgeous Bougainvillea and the gentle breeze. Bougainvillea, which blooms in three seasons, is evergreen in all seasons. Its tiny flowers, wrapped in bracts and leaves, are triangular in shape and are mostly colored in bright red, rose, yellow and white with some flowers showing mixed colors, giving it a tenacious vitality and low-key character. Every fall and In winter, Bougainvillea comes into full bloom. Whether in residential compounds, balconies, or on flyovers and streets, Bougainvillea can be found everywhere in Guangzhou.





Guangzhou in November is worthy of the title of “Flower City”. Take a City Walk to unlock the most beautiful season of the Flower City amid the gorgeous bougainvillea and the gentle breeze. Bougainvillea blooms in three seasons and is evergreen all year round. Its flowers are small, wrapped in bracts, and are triangular in shape. The colors are mostly bright red, rose red, yellow, and white. Some flowers are also variegated. They have tenacious vitality and a low-key character. Every autumn and winter, bougainvillea enters its peak flowering period. Bougainvillea can be found everywhere in Guangzhou, whether in courtyards or balconies in residential areas, or on urban overpasses or streets.

Producer | Gong Danfeng Chen Xiaoxuan

Planning and coordination | Qin Xiaojie and Wang Moyi

Text | Wang Moyi’s intern Li Xiaodie

Video script | Qin Xiaojie intern Zheng Xinxi

Pictures and video shooting | Gan Zhuoran and Wang Moyi

Video clip | Qin Xiaojie’s intern Tu Luqian

Appearance | Li Kexin

Dubbing|Qin Xiaojie

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