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646 skilled craftsmen competed in the Second Vocational Skills Competition in Changsha – Sanxiang Vientiane – Hunan Online

646 skilled craftsmen competed in the Second Vocational Skills Competition in Changsha – Sanxiang Vientiane – Hunan Online
646 skilled craftsmen competed in the Second Vocational Skills Competition in Changsha – Sanxiang Vientiane – Hunan Online

Competitive skills are rising again, and the star of skills shines (demonstration ahead of others·Changsha Human Society is in action)

646 skilled craftsmen competed in the second Changsha Vocational Skills Competition, presenting a smart, green and safe event

646 contestants participated in the second Changsha Vocational Skills Competition and performed wonderful skill displays and competitions.Changsha Evening News all-media reporter Yi Yi

Changsha Evening News, November 8th (All Media Reporter Li Jing) On the morning of the 8th, as the cheerful march sounded over the Changsha Helong Sports Center, players from nine representative teams from various districts, counties (cities) in Changsha entered the venue one after another, and their Their steps are firm and powerful, and their smiles are confident. In 3 days, 646 contestants who stood out from the district and county (city) level skills competition selection will participate in the second Changsha Vocational Skills Competition here, perform wonderful skill displays and competitions, and present a wisdom to the people of the city. , green, safe and unique skills event.

There is theory and practice, and the competition should be at a certain level

“Competitors must first analyze the information about the ‘care object’ prompted on the task card, select the relevant materials they need within 8 minutes, and then enter the practical area behind the fence to take care of and care for the ‘care object’.” At the health and social care project competition site, a contestant wearing a nurse uniform received the task card, carefully read the task information, and then selected the medicines and other supplies he needed on the material table.

It is reported that the health and social care project refers to a competition project that provides professional care to customers on different occasions, different ages and with different health needs, promotes physical and mental health, helps people prevent diseases, relieve pain and promote recovery, thereby improving the quality of life.

“On the one hand, the competition will further improve the players’ nursing skills, and on the other hand, the concept of healthy elderly care will be better spread to the whole society.” Judge Lin Juan told reporters that in practice, the players must not only master the correct nursing methods, but also better spread the concept of healthy elderly care to the whole society. There must be no mistakes in principle, and humanistic care must be implemented into the entire process of care. The care recipient must not be placed in a dangerous environment at any time. Lin Juan also revealed that the contestants will also take a 30-minute theory test after the practical exercises. Through a combination of theory and practical exercises, the contestants’ ability to implement treatment, education, rehabilitation, psychological comfort, and nutritional support will be more comprehensively evaluated. .

The reporter saw at the competition site that many participating projects were carried out in a theoretical and practical manner, using the vocational skills competition as a “training ground” to lead the growth of skilled talents. It is reported that in recent years, Changsha has insisted on using competitions to promote learning, competitions to promote training, competitions to promote training, and competitions to promote construction. Since the city’s first vocational skills competition was successfully held in 2021, more than 50 vocational skills competitions of various types have been held.

At the Second National Vocational Skills Competition held in September this year, contestants in Changsha achieved “double improvement” in terms of the number and quality of awards, winning 3 golds, 1 silver, 3 bronze and 23 winning awards. One of them will be a national Representatives participating in the world competition fully demonstrated the effectiveness of Changsha’s team building of skilled talents.

From tradition to emerging, nurturing “Changsha craftsmen”

Internet marketing projects refer to projects that use the interactivity and communication credibility of the Internet to conduct multi-platform marketing and promotion of corporate products on digital information platforms.

“The competition of this project is divided into three modules: copywriting planning, online store live broadcast, and digital marketing promotion. The most exciting part should be the online store live broadcast session.” Liu Jie, the chief referee of the Internet marketing project, said that the project is fully aligned with the national competition standards. Each module is 4 hours long, and the total competition time is 12 hours. There are two samples in front of the 18 contestants. In the online store live broadcast module, they need to conduct a simulated live broadcast based on copywriting planning, which is a practical competition. During this process, the backend system will evaluate the operational effects such as the opening of the player’s live broadcast, attracting attention, product listing, rhythm control, and order placement.

The reporter saw at the competition site that this competition was based on the National Skills Competition and the Provincial Skills Competition, with a total of 30 competition items. Among them, there are 5 double events and 25 single events. These competitions include not only welding, masonry, CAD mechanical design, beauty, tea art and other traditional advantageous industries, modern service industries and projects related to in-demand occupations (types of work), but also projects focusing on the city’s emerging advantageous industrial chains, such as 3D printing, Industrial control, mobile robots, new energy vehicle intelligent technology, etc.

“The competition items are closely aligned with the needs of the city’s 17 key industrial chains and market needs. It aims to guide and optimize the allocation of skilled talent resources through the setting of competition items (types of work), so that the competition can become the cradle of nurturing ‘Changsha Craftsmen’.” Related from the organizer of the competition According to the person in charge, the Changsha Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government have always attached great importance to the work of skilled talents, deeply implemented the “Changsha Craftsman” casting project, and vigorously carried out vocational skills improvement actions. Since 2022, 227,100 subsidized skills trainings have been carried out, 254 million yuan in vocational training subsidy funds have been issued, and 114 “Changsha Technical Experts” have been recognized.

It’s both fun to watch and fun to create a national event

Exquisite makeup, eyelash extensions, and painted manicures. At the beauty event competition site, the contestants used their professional knowledge and skills to allow “customers” to deeply experience the joy of becoming beautiful in just a few dozen minutes.

Beautiful flowers, green branches, unique containers, and different flower materials in the hands of the floral art contestants quickly become a pleasing flower art work like magic.

The tea art project is guided by the spirit of the Chinese tea ceremony, including water selection, patient steeping, and tea soup display, with the purpose of making a good cup of tea and presenting the beauty of tea art, fully displaying the color, aroma, taste, and shape of tea…

The skills competition was like a beautiful feast, and some highly ornamental competition events attracted enthusiastic onlookers from the public. This competition is not only beautiful to watch, but also very fun. The reporter saw at the scene that the competition has set up 12 performance projects with the characteristics of “unique skills”. For example, in the Changsha taste section, you can taste fancy bartending and Chinese tea drinking on the spot, and in the Changsha craft section, you can watch handmade buckles and chrysanthemums on the spot. Stone sculptures, you can watch the Avatar robot performance live in the Changsha Intelligent Manufacturing section.

“This cookie has a rich flavor, is sweet but not greasy, and is really delicious.” “Come and try this cocktail, it looks good and tastes good.” “This robot dog can also lie down and act coquettishly. It’s so cute.” …At the performance site, citizens enjoyed the visual feast of skill competition while letting food and wine bloom in their taste buds.

It is reported that this competition will last for three days and will be broadcast live. Citizens can watch the game online through the Changsha Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Changsha Education, Changsha Trade Union, Changsha Vocational Skills Competition WeChat account and video account, and the live broadcast platform of Changsha Radio and Television News Center. Citizens who wish to watch the game on site can follow the “Changsha Vocational Skills Competition” WeChat public account or the “Changsha Human Society” WeChat public account and enter the reservation interface to make an appointment to watch the game.

Source: Changsha Evening News

(First trial: Yu Hua Second trial: Wenjie Third trial: Yu Zhenhua)

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