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The Women’s Federation revoked the relevant honors of the president who was involved in the sale of birth certificates and was named “The Most Beautiful Female Struggler” | Municipal Women’s Federation | Xiangyang City_NetEase News


(Original title: The Women’s Federation revoked the relevant honors of the president involved in the sale of birth certificates and was named “The Most Beautiful Female Struggler”)

Recently, Shangguan Zhengyi, an abducted volunteer at Jianqiao Hospital in Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, reported that its director Ye Moumou was involved in selling medical birth certificates. The Xiangyang Municipal Health Commission reported that the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital involved has been suspended for rectification, and criminal compulsory measures have been taken against the director surnamed Ye. According to inquiries, it was found that Dean Ye Moumou was selected as the “Most Beautiful Female Struggler” by the Xiangyang Women’s Federation in 2022. The Xiangyang Women’s Federation responded to Lizhi News and stated that they had immediately revoked the honor of the dean named Ye.

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The dean who sold birth certificates was arrested, and he once claimed to be“What we committed was a capital crime.”

On November 6, Shangguan Zhengyi, an anti-trafficking volunteer, publicly reported that Ye Youzhi, the director of Jianqiao Hospital in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, took the lead in colluding with online intermediaries and used online platforms to openly sell birth certificates and babies, which attracted the attention of the entire network.

Shangguan Zhengyi said that after more than a year of undercover work, he learned that the director of Jianqiao Hospital in Xiangyang, Hubei Province had been selling birth certificates (including discharge and delivery medical records, etc.) and vaccine books for nearly 100,000 yuan for a long time in order to buy children to clear their identities. The gang also sells babies, with male and female babies priced at more than 100,000 yuan, covering more than 10 provinces across the country. The amount is staggering. At the same time, he also discovered that the gang also sold fake birth certificates and had settled in various places to launder the identities of children involved in abduction.

Picture of Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital/Shangguan Zhengyi

On November 7, the Xiangyang Municipal Health Commission announced that the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital involved has been suspended for rectification, the relevant responsible persons have been controlled, and the hospital director has been subject to criminal coercive measures and is under investigation. The special work team has interviewed the reporter to obtain relevant materials, and the relevant issues are under further investigation and verification.

It is worth noting that Ye Youzhi, who was just named “the most beautiful female struggler” by Xiangyang City, was detained more than ten years ago for illegally identifying the gender of a fetus and inducing labor. It has been more than six years since her Jianqiao Hospital was established, and it has been fined many times for using staff who have not obtained professional technical qualifications for medical testing to perform testing work, and for conducting diagnostic and treatment activities outside the registered practice location without authorization.

Volunteers expose hospital director selling birth certificates

On November 7, Shangguan Zhengyi told China News Weekly that he had been working undercover for the organization for more than a year before he obtained evidence of the gang’s entire online criminal chain of selling babies and selling birth certificates.

At first, Shangguan Zhengyi communicated with the gang on the Internet and gained trust. These intermediary social platforms publicly release birth certificate application information and identify customers whose “adopted” children are unable to register for household registration. After contact, the agency said that the price of applying for a birth certificate is about 60,000 yuan. In order to ensure authenticity, the other party also sent some cases of successful medical birth certificates and successful settlement in Sichuan, Yunnan, Hebei, Shaanxi and other places.

Shangguan Zhengyi discovered that the above-mentioned birth medical certificates were all forged, and the verified ones included certificates pretending to be from a hospital in Yuxi, Hunan and Yunnan. “The other party said that this cheap one is difficult to operate, and then introduced Jianqiao Hospital in Xiangyang, Hubei , saying that we can directly cooperate with the dean.”

The director of Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital colluded with an intermediary to sell birth certificates/Shangguan Zhengyi

The price at Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital is higher. You need to pay 96,000 yuan, and the hospital will follow the “normal” production process and handle a full set of true information such as filing, prenatal check-up, hospitalization, delivery, and discharge. After being discharged from the hospital two days after the “birth”, the customer can take the purchased child to the hospital to collect foot blood (foot blood is collected after the birth of a newborn), and then apply for a birth certificate. The entire process can be completed in up to 7 days. At the same time, the hospital provides a national version of the vaccination book, and follows the “real” birth process of “vaccination”, printing hepatitis B and BCG vaccine injection records, injection dates, vaccine manufacturers and vaccine batch numbers.

Later, the agency also sent relevant information about their successful application at Jianqiao Hospital in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, which also included the seventh edition of the birth medical certificate that was newly launched on April 1 this year. Shangguan Zhengyi inquired and learned that these certificates are true and valid. “At this time, I also want to contact the people behind them to see how they operate.”

To this end, Shangguan Zhengyi met with the intermediary offline and took video evidence. In the video, a female agency said that she had helped clients who adopted children in Sichuan, Hunan and other places successfully apply for birth certificates, and the cost ranged from tens of thousands of yuan. “You can do it without bringing the baby, the director added. I paid 10,000 yuan. She (the dean) is safe and reliable, you can rest assured.”

“Now that the investigation is so strict, we know that it is wrong to break the law. As long as the hospital has a good backer, we will definitely introduce it to him. If we don’t know the hospital, I will not introduce you to it, nor will I let my neighbor friends go.”

Shangguan Zhengyi told China News Weekly that the intermediary gang has members in many places. For example, intermediaries in Yunnan, as the lowest level, mainly identify customers through online platforms. The intermediary in Shandong serves as an intermediary. While soliciting business, it is responsible for contacting the staff of the Medical Insurance Office of Jianqiao Hospital, who is the daughter-in-law of the director Ye Youzhi, and finally contacts Ye Youzhi directly.

In September this year, after a period of contact, Shangguan Zhengyi made up a piece of information about adopting a child, and met Ye Youzhi, the director of Jianqiao Hospital, on the recommendation of an agency. Ye Youzhi said frankly that resolving the household registration matter is extremely risky. “What we are committing is a capital crime. The state does not pursue ordinary people, but institutions and individuals.”

Ye Youzhi introduced the detailed operating procedures of the hospital, saying that it can handle prenatal check-up, hospitalization, delivery information, and finally obtain a true and valid birth certificate. She also mentioned that birth certificates issued in Xiangyang are processed and settled in other places. If the local police station finds abnormalities, they will often send a letter to the health department of the place where the certificate was issued for verification. This will lead to a bad impression of the hospital and cause panic among medical staff. To this end, she provided some coping skills to the family members, and also provided experience in subsequent household registration procedures, such as what to do if the blood types of parents and adopted children are different.


File photo taken by Shangguan Zhengyi at Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital/Shangguan Zhengyi

In addition to selling real birth certificates, Shangguan Zhengyi also mentioned on his personal social platform that Ye Youzhi, the director of Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital, colluded with online intermediaries to sell babies for more than 100,000 yuan. “The hospital mainly does surrogacy, and issuing birth certificates is just a side job. Its offline network intermediary said that they not only sell babies, but also buy babies. If there are pregnant college students around you who don’t want children, you can introduce them to them and they can help find a buyer. “.

Shangguan Zhengyi revealed online that in September this year, Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital sold a baby girl for 118,000 yuan, and successfully obtained a household registration in Sichuan through the birth certificate and other complete information they obtained at the hospital. In mid-October, the gang sold another baby girl to a customer in Guangdong for 140,000 yuan, and also provided a full set of hospital delivery and birth certificates.

The agent contacted by Shangguan Zhengyi offline also mentioned the above situation, “Girls cost 130,000, plus production expenses, nutrition expenses and so on. They are children that others don’t want, female students, etc. Anyone who wants to go there can just bring their ID card… …Won’t get caught.”

According to local reports, the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital involved has been suspended for rectification, the relevant responsible persons have been controlled, and the hospital director has been subject to criminal coercive measures and is under investigation. The work team has interviewed the whistleblower and obtained relevant materials. Relevant issues are under further investigation and verification.

The hospital involved has been fined at least 8 times in the 6 years since its establishment.

It is understood that Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital was formerly known as Xiangyang 102 Hospital, which was first restructured and established by the Hubei Industrial Group Staff Hospital (referred to as the Staff Hospital).

Tianyancha information shows that Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in health, and its business scope includes medical services, medical beauty services, etc. The company’s registered capital is 8.75 million yuan, exceeding 95% of its peers in Hubei Province.

Ye Youzhi is the legal representative, executive director and manager of the company. He also holds 80% of the company’s shares and is the actual controller. In April this year, Jianqiao Hospital also established a Chenhouxiang branch. In addition, Ye Youzhi also has two maternal and infant care companies under his name.

China News Weekly noted that in recent years, Ye Youzhi has attended many events as the vice president of the Xiangyang Women Entrepreneurs Association. In December 2022, she was also named “The Most Beautiful Female Struggler” in Xiangyang.

Despite this, Ye Youzhi’s misdeeds many years ago were also exposed in this incident. In November 2010, Hubei local media Chutian Metropolis Daily reported that Ye Youzhi was detained for illegally identifying the gender of the fetus.

The above report mentioned that in 1990, Ye Youzhi graduated from Yunyang Medical College (now Hubei Medical College) and later worked in a local hospital. In 2003, she contracted the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital. At the end of 2009, the hospital terminated the contract.

Ye Youzhi had thoughts about terminating the contract, so she often brought patients to her home for medical treatment. At the same time, she felt that fetal gender identification and labor induction surgeries were very profitable, so she purchased portable B-ultrasound equipment. In addition, she also takes advantage of opportunities such as further education and study to reveal to people she may come into contact with the “features” of her family clinic: it can perform fetal gender identification and induction of labor.

At that time, Ye Youzhi had two houses, one of which was near the hospital where she worked. She could bring patients who went to the hospital to see her at home at any time. She explained that in order to avoid risks, all the people she hired were called “Dr. Luo” to the outside world. Her portable B-ultrasound equipment and labor-inducing drugs were placed in her bedroom to avoid being discovered by outsiders.

In 2010, after Ye Youzhi was arrested, she wrote a letter of repentance. In her letter of repentance, she stated that she was confused and embarked on a criminal path, which tarnished her image as an angel in white. But she said that she loves the profession of doctor very much. Her only request is that she hopes to retain her medical qualifications so that she can change her ways and save lives in the future.

Facts have proved that Ye Youzhi has not changed her ways. The Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital she founded has been subject to administrative penalties many times in the six years since its establishment.


The hospital has been fined several times in the 6 years since its establishment. Picture/Screenshot of the official website of Xiangyang Health Commission

On the official website of the Xiangyang Municipal Health Commission, there are more than 8 public notices on the administrative penalties of Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital, including the use of staff who have not obtained professional and technical qualifications for medical testing to engage in testing work and issue reports, and the use of unchanged practice locations. The nurse who went through the formalities was engaged in disinfection operations, failed to fill in the surgical informed consent form, preoperative discussion records and other medical documents as required, and conducted diagnostic and treatment activities outside the registered practice location without authorization, etc.

In addition, the hospital has also been involved in several civil cases, most of which were “medical damage liability disputes.”

The director involved was controlled and the hospital was closed for rectification

Shangguan Zhengyi told China News Weekly that on November 6, after obtaining relevant evidence, he went to the Xiangyang Municipal Health Commission in Hubei Province to report the situation, but was told by staff that he could not meet with relevant leaders. Later, he went to Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital, hoping to persuade Ye Youzhi and other members to surrender, truthfully confess their illegal and criminal activities, cooperate with relevant departments to find the children involved in the abduction and trafficking, and strive for leniency. However, Ye Youzhi did not come forward, and his accomplices were not willing to surrender.

That night, Shangguan Zhengyi exposed these situations on his personal social platform, which subsequently attracted social attention. On the morning of November 7, he went to the Xiangyang Municipal Public Security Bureau and provided more evidence on the birth certificate trafficking case to Li Xinqiao, deputy mayor of Xiangyang City and director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. “The police said they would attach great importance to it, escalate the investigation, and strictly enforce Strike.”

Shangguan Zhengyi also said that since such crimes will leave a mark, the intermediary team related to Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital will also be investigated and dealt with.

On the afternoon of November 7, the Xiangyang Municipal Health Commission issued a situation report in response to media reports that “Xiangyang Jianqiao Hospital openly sells birth certificates and sells babies.” The report stated that on the evening of November 6, a special work team stationed at the hospital involved, interviewed relevant personnel overnight, and sealed relevant information for further verification.

A staff member of the Xiangyang Municipal Health Commission told China News Weekly that they will continue to report details of the case in the future. “We will investigate as soon as possible, do our best, and investigate seriously.”


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