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Lixin Data: “Multiple Legs” Walking Serves the Construction of “New Digital Land-Sea Corridor”_Elderly Care_Enterprise_Wisdom


Original title: Lixin Data: “Multiple Legs” Walk to Serve the Construction of “New Digital Land-Sea Corridor”

How can an elderly person call for help in an emergency when he is alone at home? Have you turned off the gas when you go out? In Yubei District, Chongqing, through the smart elderly care platform developed by Lixin (Chongqing) Data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Flixin Data”), these issues can be fed back to family members or guardians in a timely manner.

This yearJuly,The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced the “Promotion Catalog of Smart Healthy and Elderly Care Products and Services” (2022 edition)》,Lixin DataHuinian Internet+Health science consulting servicesOn the list.

How does Lixin Data focus on its main business, extend its services to multiple fields, and even enter the international stage? Following the “Land-Sea Promise” national online media trip to Chongqing – the theme communication (Chongqing station) activity of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor, reporters walked into Lixin Data to understand the story behind it.

Not long ago, a thrilling scene occurred in the home of Chen Liangsu, who lives in the “Huixiang Linli 3000” community in Yubei District, Chongqing. The smoke alarm was triggered by cooking fumes. Community grid members immediately received the news and came to care about the elderly person’s condition.

It turns out that thanks to the monitoring service project designed by Lixin Data for the elderly with special difficulties, Chen Liangsu’s home was equipped with sensitive smart “eyes and noses”. When abnormal data occurs on the smart device terminal, the system will automatically make a voice call to the elderly or family members to confirm safety.

In Yubei, thanks to the use of mobile smart monitoring equipment, more and more elderly people living alone, like Chen Liangsu, are enjoying smart home health care services.

The theme communication of the New Western Land-Sea Corridor (Chongqing Station) came to Lixin Data.Photo courtesy of Lixin Data

It is understood that Lixin Data is the only professional institution in China with data collection capabilities across all channels (online, offline, CATI and big data). It has a three-dimensional, efficient and open intelligent information technology service system. The “Lixin Mystery Shopper System” developed by the company has been rated as “Chongqing High-tech Product”. The company was also recognized as a national specialized and innovative “little giant” enterprise in 2021.

In the process of development, the company has deeply cultivated its traditional business, explored room for growth, and keenly captured the people’s growing demand for elderly care. Elderly people living alone in cities especially hope to enjoy more precise elderly care services nearby. Based on its own advantages, Lixin Data has developed the Huinian Smart Health and Elderly Care Platform.

How is the health of your parents at home alone? Do you take your medicine on time every day? Did you turn off the gas when you went out? By opening the mobile phone software, family members or guardians can understand these issues at a glance.

Mobile Internet of Things+The end-to-end smart elderly care system based on artificial intelligence technology has been implemented in Xiantao Street, Yubei District, and is expected to be promoted citywide.Introduction from the person in charge of the company,The project alsoObtained a number of national, provincial and ministerial level honorary qualifications, and was jointly selected by eight ministries and commissions including the Central Cyberspace Administration of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the National Health Commission.National intelligent social governance (elderly care) characteristic experimental base.

Lixin Data has developed from a pure data company to a high-tech enterprise that walks on “multiple legs”.Photo courtesy of Lixin Data

Smart transformation

Equipping Singapore’s parks with “smart brains”

Jurong Lake National Park, SingaporeInside, the scenery is pleasant.Behind the beautiful scenery, the park’s smart management systemThe “brain” is functioning in an orderly manner.

On the one hand, the system canHelp park managers provide park traffic analysis, visitor data portraits, park event announcements and other content to achieve intelligent and information-based management of the park.

on the other hand,CanHelp tourists solvedon’t know how to playThe problemplan travel routes for them based on their identity and time, and provideIntelligent functions such as AR navigation and plant identification.

This renovation project started with2018——The Singapore National Parks Board is soliciting solutions for the intelligent transformation of Jurong Lake Park from around the world.Lixin Data andSingapore technology companiesSoftgrid’s joint solution wins.The project is inOfficially launched in 2019.

Smart health and elderly care platform.Photo courtesy of Lixin Data

Lixin Data mainly provides hardware and data analysis,digWaiting for service. Now this project has gradually expanded to the Singapore Zoo.“Introduced by the person in charge of the company,2017,Lixin Datawith Singapore technology companiesSoftgrid bonded.

Softgrid is SingaporeThe most representative innovative enterprise in the field of “elevator Internet”one. In the project,Softgrid just needed a company to provide data analysis and mining services, soI hit it off with Lixin Data.Cooperation began.

Today, Lixin Data also continues to provide strong data support and data supplement for Softgrid’s “Ladder Internet” business, maintaining a long-term and stable cooperative relationship.


Intelligent vehicle identification system.Photo courtesy of Lixin Data

Walking on “many legs”

Serving the construction of “Digital New Land-Sea Corridor”

Today, through the integration of technology, Lixin Data has transformed from a purely project-based company to a product-based company, developing into a high-tech enterprise that walks on “multiple legs” and encourages more employees to innovate and start businesses.

Yubei District actively leverages the advantages of the China-Singapore (Chongqing) dedicated international Internet data channel to support the construction of the “New Digital Land-Sea Corridor”. More and more high-tech enterprises, like Lixin Data, are emerging in this land…Return to Sohu to see more

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