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New Hainan Client, Nanhai Net News on November 8 (Reporter Wang Hongxu) November 8 is the “Beginning of Winter” among the twenty-four solar terms, which means that it has now entered a good time for human body replenishment. On the morning of the 8th, the ninth Hainan Province “Prescription Festival” officially opened at the Hainan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

On November 8, the ninth Hainan Province “Painting Festival” opened.Photo by reporter Wang Hongxu

During the “Ointment Festival”, the Hainan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s ointment clinic will arrange for national youth Qihuang scholar Cheng Yawei, Hainan Province’s famous TCM doctor Dai Haiqing and other ointment experts to visit, and timely invite traditional Chinese medicine master Xu Jingshi, traditional Chinese medicine master Wang Xinlu, Guangdong Province’s famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor Yang Zhimin, Wang Yiqin, a famous Chinese medicine doctor in Shanghai, Shi Weiqun, a famous Chinese medicine doctor in Zhejiang Province, Zhang Guoliang, a famous Chinese medicine doctor in Anhui Province, Li Xianglin, a famous Chinese medicine doctor in Shanxi Province, and other famous ointment experts from all over the country came to the Hainan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to check pulses and prescribe ointments based on syndrome differentiation on the spot to provide winter tonics for the general public. Provide personalized and high-quality traditional Chinese medicine services. At the same time, TCM medical institutions in various cities and counties in Hainan Province will also hold “Ointment Festival” activities simultaneously, and organize experts to visit and prescribe ointments, so that the grassroots people can take ointments and supplement them “at their doorstep”.

Traditional Chinese medicine theory believes that in autumn and winter, as the temperature gradually drops, the body’s heat dissipation increases, and the gastrointestinal absorption function is relatively stronger than in other seasons. Appropriate supplements at this time can better play the role of tonics, so it is a good time to take supplements and maintain health. As for tonic in autumn and winter, it is better to use ointment.

“In today’s society, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of life, and ointments are welcomed by the masses.” Cai Min, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hainan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that since 2015, Hainan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has vigorously publicized and promoted ointments. The method of treating diseases and maintaining health according to the local conditions and the time is very popular among the people; during this year’s 9th Paste Festival, the Hainan Paste Alliance will gather the power of many famous pasture practitioners, inherit the essence of their pastes, and make the pastes more popular. Benefiting tens of millions of families and serving public health.

The Treatment and Prevention Center of Hainan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine fully drew on the experience of taking ointments for nourishment in winter across the country and absorbed the strengths of various ointment theories. It developed a series of four-season nourishing ointments that are in line with the characteristics of Hainan’s region, season, and population, and took the lead in establishing a series of ointments. The “Hainan Ointment Alliance” promotes the TCM health-preserving method of taking ointments and tonics in autumn and winter to reach the grassroots level, and gradually achieve full coverage in the province. In addition, the Hainan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the Ointment Professional Committee as an academic platform to hold provincial and national academic ointment training courses every year. Through theoretical training and clinical teaching by famous teachers, it has trained more than a hundred ointment talents for the whole province of Hainan. With the joint efforts of the ointment alliance units across the province, more than 10 grassroots ointment free clinics and more than 20 various forms of health science and cultural publicity are held every year, continuously promoting the development of Hainan ointment technology and health care culture.

On November 8, the ninth Hainan Province “Prescription Festival” opened, with Chinese medicine practitioners prescribing free prescriptions for citizens.Photo by reporter Wang Hongxu

Li Zhongjun, member of the Party Committee of the Hainan Provincial Health Commission and deputy director of the Provincial Medical Reform Office, said that Hainan Province has made great progress in traditional Chinese medicine in recent years. The effectiveness of the construction of the Hainan Ointment Alliance must be firmly established from “using” to “passing on”. “To the concepts of “getting stronger” and “going out”, we will work hard on the inheritance of experience and talent training, so that the affix will continue to radiate new vitality in the new era and promote the vigorous development of Hainan’s abbreviation business.

It is understood that the traditional Chinese medicine service system in Hainan Province has been continuously improved in recent years, achieving full coverage of county-level traditional Chinese medicine hospitals, 100% of community health service centers, 99.6% of township health centers, 92% of community health service stations and 73% of the province’s traditional Chinese medicine service system. Village clinics can provide urban and rural residents with simple, convenient, low-cost, and proven traditional Chinese medicine services.


Li Xianglin, a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor in Shanxi Province, checked the pulse of citizens.Photo by reporter Wang Hongxu

  Experts say ointment prescription: one person and one person to treat according to syndrome differentiation

What are the requirements for supplementing ointments? Listen to the advice of experts in traditional Chinese medicine.

Lin Tiandong, a master of traditional Chinese medicine, said: “The Paste Festival has been held continuously, and I have participated in almost every session. The pastry is the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. It can be used by one person, based on syndrome differentiation, and plays an important role in preventing and treating diseases.”

Zhang Guoliang, a famous TCM doctor in Anhui Province, said: “TCM advocates ‘treating the disease before it’s too late’. Through the continuous practice of TCM diagnosis and treatment, it has been found that the ointment has a long-lasting effect and is better than balancing yin and yang. It helps restore the stability of the human body’s internal environment and enhances the body’s resistance.” Strength, etc., in order to achieve the purpose of curing diseases and strengthening the body.”

Li Xianglin, a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor in Shanxi Province, said: “Nourishment by ointment is an advantage and feature of traditional Chinese medicine. The Hainan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has held the ointment festival for nine consecutive years to continuously promote the concept of health preservation and health for all. It is a very good project.”

Dai Haiqing, a famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor in Hainan Province and director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Hainan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, said: “Today’s white-collar workers and young people have a lot of work pressure and often stay up late. If you use some ointments to treat them, they will easily accept them.”

Cheng Yawei, the National Youth Qihuang Scholar and Director of the Treatment and Prevention Center of Hainan Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said: “The ointment is a very useful dosage form in the treatment of chronic diseases and sub-health. Our ointment clinic is open year-round. We want to pass the ointment festival.” activities to let the public know more about traditional Chinese medicine.” Copyright Statement:
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