Gathering hundreds of herbs to create a new landscape and inheriting the apricot forest reflects the original intention – written on the eve of the opening of the 2023 Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine


The development of traditional Chinese medicine cannot be separated from two major elements: “good medicine” and “good doctor”. Zhejiang is a major province of traditional Chinese medicine, with abundant resources of traditional Chinese medicine and numerous famous doctors from past dynasties. In recent years, Zhejiang has taken the construction of the comprehensive reform demonstration zone of traditional Chinese medicine as an opportunity to promote the transformation from a province of traditional Chinese medicine to a strong province of traditional Chinese medicine. The authentic medicinal materials in the mountains and plains, endless stories of traditional Chinese medicine, and the warmth of apricot groves in spring have become the basis for the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional Chinese medicine. Best footnote.

On November 10, the 2023 Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo and the 16th Pan’an Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo will open in Pan’an County, Jinhua City. Pan’an is the “hometown of Chinese medicinal materials”, the largest main production area of ​​Chinese medicinal materials and the most important distribution center of Chinese medicinal materials in Zhejiang Province. It is a “window” for the development of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang. On the eve of the “Pharmaceutical Expo”, let’s go into Pan’an and get a glimpse of “Zhejiang Medicine, Zhejiang Medicine and Zhejiang Road” based on the “changes in the medicine town”.

Zhejiang Fritillaria Base.

  Deep cultivation of good medicines, authentic medicinal materials continue to “out of the circle”

October and November every year are the busy farming season for Pan’an medicinal farmers. At the Fritillaria GAP demonstration base in Pantan Village, Lengshui Town, drug farmer Lu Bin is busy sowing Fritillaria fritillary. “In the past, we had no skills or experience in growing caladiums. Now technicians come every three to five to check, and every link has standards.”

“GAP” stands for “Good Manufacturing Practice for Traditional Chinese Medicinal Materials”. Zhejiang Fritillaria GAP Demonstration Base is Pan’an’s new “prescription” to promote the standardized production of Chinese medicinal materials and ensure the authenticity of medicinal materials. It covers an area of ​​about 300 acres and is based on the unified production base, unified seeds and seedlings, unified management measures, and unified technical procedures. , unified harvesting, processing, unified packaging, storage and transportation, with digital traceability as the core, to build a quality assurance system for authentic medicinal materials produced in Zhejiang.

“GAP for Chinese medicinal materials refers directly to high quality and low price, and puts more emphasis on the quality control and traceability of Chinese medicinal materials.” Wang Pan, deputy director of the Pan’an County Traditional Chinese Medicine Innovation and Development Research Institute, said that in the first half of the year, the content of active ingredients in the medicinal materials grown in the demonstration base was higher than that in non-GAP bases. Increased by 25%, the income of drug farmers increased by 10%.

The brain of the traditional Chinese medicine industry.

Focusing on the leap from “growing live medicine” to “growing good medicine”, the GAP demonstration base is not an exception. In 2022, Zhejiang will use Pan’an as a pilot to build a “Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Brain” to digitally empower the entire chain with precise services and full life cycle closed-loop management to ensure the quality of traditional Chinese medicine products.

The “Brain of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry” focuses on the four key areas of ecological cultivation, standardized processing, digital circulation, and full traceability. Through many scenarios such as online panoramic analysis, Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Supervision, Zhejiang Medicine Communication, Digital Drug Expo, technology services, financial services, and smart pharmacies, etc. , successfully achieved traceability of planting, standardized processing, and cloud trading.

Innovation in one place is shared by the whole province. In recent years, Zhejiang has continued to deepen digital reform and revitalize authentic medicinal materials. Up to now, the province has built a series of digital service platforms such as Pan’an “Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Brain”, Wuyi Shouxian Valley “Zhejiang Farmers Promote Wealth”, and Chun’an authentic medicinal materials full-process traceability platform, and “Pan’s Five Flavors” and “Qu Liu Flavors” have emerged. “Wenliuwei”, “Chunliuwei”, “Tongqiwei”, “Wuqiwei”, “Wubawei”, “Lijiuwei” and many other regional brands of “good medicine produced in Zhejiang”.

Song Hongpu, an orthopedic surgeon from Zhejiang Litongde Hospital, performs surgery at Pan’an County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

  Thick planting and good medicine, Qihuang Xinhuo has been passed down for thousands of years

Recently, the Emergency Department of Pan’an County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine successfully carried out the first intravenous thrombolysis treatment for acute cerebral infarction, marking an important breakthrough in the construction of the Stroke Prevention and Treatment Center of the County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This achievement is inseparable from the “mountain and sea cooperation” between Zhejiang Provincial Tongde Hospital and Pan’an.

In 2021, Pan’an County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine became the Pan’an branch of Zhejiang Provincial Tongde Hospital. Tongde Provincial Hospital sent 12 experts to Pan’an to provide assistance and guidance, and the two hospitals carried out comprehensive medical cooperation. In the past two years, Zhejiang Provincial Tongde Hospital has sent a total of 5 batches of 54 experts to Pan’an; it has built and put into use the Pan’an County Rehabilitation Center and the Pan’an County Treatment and Prevention Center; it has continuously improved the acupuncture and massage departments, rehabilitation departments, and orthopedics and traumatology departments. With the medical service capabilities of the five key trusteeship disciplines: Oncology, Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine, and Mental Health, Pan’an people’s sense of medical gain continues to improve.

He learned from Qi Huang and passed it on from generation to generation. Moving towards a new journey, Pan’an also focuses on cultivating high-level talents to create a “Pan’an Model” for the high-quality development of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang.

The opening ceremony of the 2nd China (Pan’an) Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competition.

In 2021, when the Pan’an “Pharmaceutical Expo” was upgraded to a provincial-level “Pharmaceutical Expo”, under the guidance of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pan’an created China (Pan’an) Entrepreneurship and Innovation Contest. Zhang Guangji, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and executive vice president of Zhejiang Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture, said that in the past two years, a total of 196 projects from many places across the country have participated in the competition. The third competition currently has 102 projects from 7 provinces and cities. Sign up.

From the sinking of provincial-level medical resources to innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, to the establishment of inheritance studios of national famous traditional Chinese medicine experts and famous senior traditional Chinese medicine experts in Zhejiang Province… Today, Pan’an is like a magnet, bursting out with strong attraction. Looking at Zhejiang, the cause of traditional Chinese medicine is in full swing: “One thing for traditional Chinese medicine prescription” to achieve prescription standardization; “Thousands of medicines to cultivate hundreds of medicines”, “Thousands of medicines to cultivate encyclopedia assistance”, “Thousands of hospitals to improve hundreds of hospitals to demonstrate”, “Thousands of doctors to cultivate hundreds of doctors” and other major projects were innovatively implemented; the top ten schools of “Zhejiang style traditional Chinese medicine” and 41 schools of local characteristic traditional Chinese medicine were systematically sorted out…

“Revitalizing Zhejiang’s production of good medicines and promoting Zhejiang traditional Chinese medicine” is becoming a consensus across Zhejiang. It is understood that the 2023 Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo is rich in content. The Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Government Reserve Bank, the Zhejiang Province Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Intellectual Property Alliance, the Chinese Medicinal Food Landmark City were awarded, the Zhejiang Province Mountainous Island County Traditional Chinese Medicine Development Alliance was established, and the Traditional Chinese Medicine Project Signing a contract, Pan’an County’s traditional Chinese medicine health care journey route was released, traditional Chinese medicine physical improvement experience hall opened, traditional Chinese medicine health product exhibition and sales, Jiangnan Medicine Town Forum, cross-strait · Zhejiang Medicine Search – Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural Exchange Conference, traditional Chinese medicine Exhibitions and promotions of comprehensive health products, consumer coupon shopping experience activities, and traditional Chinese medicine industry cooperation and docking conferences were held to fully promote the brand of “Zhejiang-produced good medicines and Zhejiang-style traditional Chinese medicine”.

A wisp of medicinal fragrance spans the ages. This is the story of Pan’an, the hometown of medicine, and it is also a microcosm of the development of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang. As the 2023 Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Expo draws closer, Zhejiang will set up a new stage for the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine. (Lu Xin/Wenpan’an County Integrated Media Center, Zhejiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhejiang Litongde Hospital/Photo provided)

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