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China Daily, November 8. On November 4, 2023, the China Sports Lottery Cup 2023 Beijing Sports Traditional School Aerobics Competition kicked off at the Beijing Ditan Gymnasium. This competition is jointly sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, hosted by the Beijing Aerobics and Sports Dance Association, and supported by the Beijing Sports Lottery Management Center. The competition aims to promote the popularization and development of aerobics, actively explore and promote new measures for the integrated development of sports and education in Beijing, and comprehensively promote the promotion of campus sports and recess sports in Beijing.

This competition consists of 8 categories and 44 competition events, attracting 92 school teams and more than 1,300 people from various districts in Beijing to sign up. The competition scene was very lively, and the contestants showed the charm of aerobics with their graceful postures and superb skills. They wore bright costumes, danced with dynamic music, and moved their flexible bodies. Every movement showed their talents and training results, and demonstrated their superb technical level.

Yan Leyi, who is in fourth grade this year, has been practicing aerobics for nearly three years. In her opinion, aerobics not only improved her self-confidence, but also allowed her to make many new good friends. She was very happy to be able to participate in the competition this time. She said: “My parents are very supportive of me participating in the competition, and my classmates are also very envious of me. Therefore, for me, being able to participate in this competition is not only an exercise, but also a An experience worth remembering and happy.”

Liu Wei, a third-grade student from the Guangwai Campus of Beijing No. 1 Experimental Primary School, actively participates in aerobics practice. Not only does the teacher give them guidance during training, but their parents also support their aerobics practice. She said: “Although participating in the competition this time is a little bit… Nervous, but when we stepped onto the field, everyone put their nervousness behind them. All they could think about was doing every move well and striving for better results. By participating in this competition, not only did the team better unite, but everyone also had With more competition experience, I believe everyone will achieve better results in the future.” Huang Wanqing, who is also from the school, said happily: “For being able to participate in the competition this time, we would like to thank the school and parents for their support, as well as the event organization. The hard work of the participants has given us a platform to showcase ourselves.”


It is worth mentioning that in order to ensure the fairness and justice of the competition, the referee panel of the competition is composed of 39 professional referees. They judge based on the difficulty of the players’ movements, skills and performance level. At the same time, in order to ensure that the contestants can give full play to their technical skills, the organizing committee has comprehensively upgraded the competition venues and facilities, and strives to build an environment for Beijing aerobics enthusiasts and campus teenagers to enhance friendship, grow happily, learn from each other, and improve together. High-quality communication platform.

Healthy, beautiful, and infinite youth. When the exciting and cheerful music played, the players’ movements full of tension and passion, their uniform turns, jumps and other difficult technical skills, and their formations that changed with the ups and downs of the music, all highlighted the sports of Beijing’s campus youth. Enthusiasm and vitality.


“This event is one of the practical activities for Beijing to deeply implement the “Outline for Building a Powerful Sports Nation” and the “Implementation Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Sports and Education to Promote the Healthy Development of Adolescents”. It has greatly popularized and promoted aerobics in Beijing. The development and comprehensive implementation have promoted the promotion of campus sports and recess sports in Beijing.” Wang Qiang, executive deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Aerobics and Sports Dance Association, said: “We have been committed to promoting the development of various dance sports. Aerobics is one of the most important events. We hope that through quality events, we can inspire more people to participate in aerobics and let more people enjoy the fun of exercise.”


The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau said that the Beijing Sports Traditional School Aerobics Competition not only provides a platform for primary and secondary school students in Beijing to communicate and compete, but also increases the enthusiasm of primary and secondary school students to participate in aerobics and creates a positive, healthy and upward atmosphere. sports culture atmosphere. At the same time, the competition also provided a boost to the standardized and orderly development of youth aerobics projects in Beijing. In the future, Beijing will also launch a series of youth sports events to further encourage young people to participate in sports, enrich their after-school life, promote the improvement of students’ physical health and sports literacy, and help promote the high-quality development of youth sports in Beijing.

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