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Qinghai cultivates and develops 25 provincial labor service brands-Finance-China Engineering Network

Qinghai cultivates and develops 25 provincial labor service brands-Finance-China Engineering Network
Qinghai cultivates and develops 25 provincial labor service brands-Finance-China Engineering Network

Original title: Qinghai cultivates and develops 25 provincial labor service brands

Workers Daily-China Industry Network reporter Xing Shengxiang

Recently, Qinghai held the fifth batch of provincial labor service brand selection activities, identifying Tu ethnic group embroidery, mutual help housekeeping, Riyue Mountain agricultural travelers, Guoluo dairy products, Yangpo silver and bronze processing, Menyuan fern and hemp, Tibetan carpet craftsmen, Ten labor service brands, including Datong Breeding Industry, Lingxiu Jianzha, and Yangtze Source Village Fingertip Skills, are among the fifth batch of labor service brands in Qinghai Province. Up to now, Qinghai has cultivated and developed 25 provincial-level labor service brands and 14 city-level and state-level labor service brands.

Among them, Huzhu Tu Autonomous County, Haidong City, Qinghai Province uses “Tu Pan Embroidery” under the production model of “company + workshop + embroidery household”, and has set up Qing embroidery workers in Weiyuan, Donggou, Danma, Shishi and other towns. There are 45 shops. After more than ten years of development, the embroidery team has grown from 117 to 5,530 today, lifting 533 households out of poverty and households at risk of poverty, and 1,632 embroidery households have long-term cooperation. At present, the Mutual Assistance Qingxiu Embroidery Cultural Center-Tu Nationality Pan Embroidery Incubation Base has been built, striving to cultivate thousands of embroidery girls and cultivate a billion-yuan industry.

In order to promote the employment and entrepreneurship of urban and rural workers, promote economic and social development and rural revitalization strategies, 18 departments including the Qinghai Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security issued the “Implementation Opinions on Labor Brand Construction in Qinghai Province” to cultivate emerging brands, develop existing brands, and strengthen leading brands. Brand and other measures actively rely on Qinghai Province’s advantageous and characteristic industries to guide and cultivate labor service brands to continue to grow bigger and stronger.

In recent years, Qinghai has formulated labor service brand development plans and construction plans in accordance with the goal of “strengthening existing ones, exploring potentials, and creating categories”, focusing on the development of modern organic agriculture, salt lake industry, clean energy and modern service industries, and strengthening the development of key industries. Focus on assisting counties in regional and rural revitalization to support the creation of distinctive labor service brands. Promote and improve the training mechanism for labor brand skilled talents, implement projects to improve the quality of employment services, adopt measures such as order-based, directional, shared employees, and counterpart support to build and absorb employment, promote cross-provincial and cross-regional labor collaboration, and establish and improve long-term and stable employment of labor brands Through channels, subsidies will be paid in a timely manner for those who organize and lead farmers and herdsmen to go to Haixi to pick wolfberries and other places to find employment.

At the same time, Qinghai recommends distinctive labor service brands to participate in domestic and foreign exhibition exchanges and project undertaking and docking activities, organizes labor service brand entrepreneurship and innovation, and vocational skills competitions, studies and formulates a resource library for key labor service brand construction projects, and promotes labor service brand “Top 100 Demonstration Enterprises” selection and reward activities , and provide special services such as skills (entrepreneurship) training, incubation and cultivation, financing and credit. Strengthen the coordinated development of the upstream and downstream industrial chains of specialty labor service brands such as “Qingla”, “Qingxiu” and “Qaidam Wolfberry”, support qualified labor service brands to register and apply for trademark patents, encourage labor service brand enterprises to carry out technological innovation and brand protection, and continue to create “Qingnong”, “Qingmu” and “Qinghai Ecological Tourism” have formed brand effects.

In addition, Qinghai gives full play to the policy guidance and driving role of the provincial labor service brand selection activities, continuously strengthens the labor service brand talent team, expands the labor service brand awareness and influence, and develops and cultivates a group of well-known labor services with Qinghai’s regional characteristics, outstanding skills, and industry leadership. Brand, encourage more workers to achieve employment, entrepreneurship, wealth and income by participating in the development of labor service brands. In the past three years, Qinghai has driven 1.26 million transferred jobs through labor service brands, with an average annual employment rate of 420,000, accounting for 38% of the total number of transferred jobs in the province. There are 9 labor service brands that have created more than 10,000 jobs.

In the future, Qinghai will pay close attention to market needs and industry needs, improve the identification and assessment evaluation methods of vocational skills, encourage various training institutions and vocational schools to carry out labor brand vocational skills training courses, and carry out targeted and multi-channel, multi-level and multi-form Accurate vocational skills training will continuously broaden the professional development path of labor service brand employees and continue to strengthen the labor service brand talent team.

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