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Meet in Beijing to taste Qilu! From November 10th to 12th, enjoy “Hospitable Shandong and Good Shandong Products”_Domestic News_Hunan Red Network News Channel


Meet in Beijing and taste Qilu. The “Hospitable Shandong and Good Shandong Products” 2023 Beijing promotion event will be held at the Beijing Exhibition Hall from November 10th to 12th.

With the theme of “Hospitable Shandong and Good Shandong Products”, this event includes an opening ceremony, special promotion meeting, achievement display, experiential exhibition and small drama performance, etc., through immersive promotion and open exhibition format, it focuses on displaying “Hospitable Shandong” The results of the brand construction of “Good Products from Shandong”, through international exhibition and exchange activities, allow Chinese and foreign guests to experience Shandong’s hospitality and the prosperity of good products at close range.

The opening ceremony of the event will be held on the morning of November 10th. The event will promote Shandong as a whole through the integration of video display and live performances, guest interaction, holographic projection and other digital technologies, allowing Chinese and foreign guests to immerse themselves in the charm of “Hospitable Shandong and Good Shandong”, and further Strengthen economic and trade exchanges and seek common cause development.





Focusing on the theme, four special promotion sessions will be held in Hall 2 of the Beijing Exhibition Center at different times.

A trip to Shandong, a lifelong love for Shandong

On the afternoon of the 10th, a special cultural and tourism promotion conference titled “Travel Qilu and Enjoy Winter Fun” was held to release winter-themed products and promote winter cultural and tourism resources, fully demonstrating the charm of “Hospitable Shandong”.

Time-honored brand, embracing the new national trend

On the morning of the 11th, a special promotion meeting for “Hui Xiang Time-honored Brands” focused on promoting some famous and high-quality products of “time-honored brands” and polished the golden sign of Shandong’s “time-honored brands”.

Good product, made in Shandong

On the afternoon of the 11th, a special promotion meeting for “Good Products Depend on Quality” focused on promoting the representative products of “Good Products from Shandong” and demonstrated the achievements of Shandong’s high-quality development.

A feast of “farm” love

On the morning of the 12th, a special promotion meeting for “Qilu Lingxiu Brand Agricultural Products” focused on promoting Shandong’s characteristic agricultural products and launched the promotion of national agricultural quality brands.


In Hall 2 of the Beijing Exhibition Center, a small drama performance will be held after each promotion meeting.

“Hospitable Shandong welcomes you”

On the afternoon of November 10th, new folk music ensemble, five-music opera “The Second Girl Returns to Her Mother’s Home”, Shandong Qinshu “”Internet Celebrity” Aunt Visits Shandong”, Shandong Bangzi Opera “Jin Yuan”, national trend Beijing song “Shandong in Cultural Relics”, Situational drama “Follow the Communist Party” and song and dance “Love Each Other”.

Kindly and politely

On the morning of November 11th, there will be singing and dancing “The Honest Shandong People”, five-note opera “The Second Girl Returns to Her Mother’s Home”, the song “Autumn Colors of the Mountains and Seas”, Shandong Bangzi Opera “Jin Yuan”, the song “This Side of Water and Soil, This Side of People”, and scene shorts. The play “Follow the Communist Party” and Liu Zi’s play “The Golden Age of Pear Garden”.

Qifeng and Luyun see inheritance

On the afternoon of November 11, dance “Landscape Painting Shandong”, two-stringed opera “Rooster’s Birthday”, magic “Variety of Good Things”, Shandong Bangzi “Vegetable Romance”, song “Ma Dabao Walking in the Snow”, Liuqin Opera “Primary Heart” , the song “Our New Era”.

A “Harvest Symphony”

On the morning of November 12th, the song and dance “On the Field of Hope”, the two-string opera “Rooster’s Birthday”, rap/hip-hop/band “Sing for Rural Revitalization”, Shandong Bangzi “Vegetable Romance”, Shandong Allegro “Haopin” “Shandong Joy”, Liuqin opera “Original Heart”, and the song “Start Again”.


At the site of this promotion event, nine major display and sales areas were simultaneously set up, open to the public in Halls 1, 2, 3, 9, 11, and 12 of the Beijing Exhibition Hall and the outdoor square, integrating immersive experience, online live broadcast, and e-commerce purchasing. Integrated, allowing guests to have a happy shopping, satisfied purchase, and experience the passion of Shandong in a one-stop way that can be seen, eaten and taken away.

An important weapon of the country, made “intelligently” in Shandong

The “Modern Manufacturing” exhibition area on the east side of Hall 1 and the outdoor square adopts the form of “exhibition panels + physical objects + models” to focus on displaying Shandong’s representative intelligent manufacturing products and demonstrating Shandong’s high-quality development results.


Create a new benchmark for cultural “two innovations”

The Southwest Regional Cultural “Two Innovations” Achievements Exhibition Area in Hall 2 displays the exploration process, major achievements and landmark results of Shandong’s cultural “Two Innovations” in the past ten years, and selects the top 100 “Shandong Handmade” products and outstanding handmade products for display and sale. , a close and three-dimensional display of the importance of “Shandong hand-made” to culture, industry and life.


Using books as a medium to inherit Chinese culture

The “Scholarly Shandong” exhibition area in the southeast area of ​​Hall 2 has selected more than a hundred new and excellent works published in Shandong. It presents Shandong’s new achievements in theme publishing and cultural “two creations” from multiple angles and themes, with different styles and excitement. , to promote Shandong and Shandong quality products to the people in the capital.


National agriculture looks at Shandong

The “Rural Revitalization Qilu Model” high-quality characteristic agricultural products exhibition area in Hall 3 focuses on promoting common prosperity, focusing on regional public brands of agricultural products, highlighting the advantageous industries of “local, special, and produced”, and exhibiting and selling well-known agricultural product corporate brands, characteristic high-quality agricultural products, and geographical indications Agricultural products, etc.


An appointment in Shandong

The “Hospitable Shandong” boutique cultural tourism exhibition area in Hall 9 displays and sells the “Shandong Handmade·Selected 100” selected products, Shandong characteristic cultural tourism products, including tourist food, cultural and creative products and special digital cultural tourism products, with the help of VR, AR, virtual Reality and other digital means demonstrate the new look of Shandong’s cultural tourism in an immersive, multi-dimensional and in-depth way.


A dazzling array of delicacies, enjoy your meal

The “Good Products and Beautiful Products” exhibition area in Hall 11 displays and sells representative products of “Good Products Shandong”, focusing on high-end “smart” consumer goods.


Let your taste buds be soaked with the flavor of Shandong

The “Taste of Hometown” exhibition area in Hall 12 displays and sells special snacks and dishes of Shandong Province in the form of on-site production, physical display, tasting experience, etc., and conducts online live broadcast activities in 16 cities in Shandong.


Eat delicious food, visit the market, and enjoy intangible cultural heritage

The “Shandong Handmade” and “Delicious Agricultural Products” markets on the west side of the outdoor square bring Shandong specialty agricultural products and creative handmade products and other high-quality products, displaying the beauty of Qilu’s intangible cultural heritage and rich and colorful traditional crafts.


During the event, you can scan the QR code to place an order for your favorite products through Haopin Shandong Lepai Mall and Qilu Agricultural Supermarket-Shandong Agricultural and Sideline Products Display and Trading Platform.

At 13:00 on November 10, the “Hospitable Shandong and Good Shandong Products” 2023 Beijing promotion event is open to the public.

Opening hours on November 10: 13:00-17:00.

Opening hours from November 11th to 12th: 9:00-17:00.

Welcome to visit and experience, and enjoy the “Hospitality of Shandong and the Good Shandong”!



Scan the QR code to enter “Qilu Agricultural Supermarket—Shandong Agricultural and Sideline Products Display and Trading Platform”


Scan the QR code to enter “Haopin Shandong Lepai Mall”

(Reported by Dazhong Daily client reporter Zhang Yimeng)

The article is in Chinese

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