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Hunan sincerely invites “best partners” at the CIIE to accelerate the promotion of the big health industry – Sanxiang Vientiane – Hunan Online

Hunan sincerely invites “best partners” at the CIIE to accelerate the promotion of the big health industry – Sanxiang Vientiane – Hunan Online
Hunan sincerely invites “best partners” at the CIIE to accelerate the promotion of the big health industry – Sanxiang Vientiane – Hunan Online

Hunan sincerely invites “best partners” at the CIIE

We will accelerate the promotion of the comprehensive health industry and invite the majority of business enterprises in Shanghai and Hunan to return to their hometowns to start businesses.

The world’s first quantum spectrum angiography system was photographed at the Siemens booth in the medical device and pharmaceutical and health care exhibition area of ​​the 6th China International Import Expo.Photo/Xinhua News Agency

According to Hunan Satellite TV, the 6th China International Import Expo is being held in Shanghai. A total of 154 countries, regions and international organizations are participating in this exhibition. The number of Fortune 500 and industry leading companies participating in the exhibition has reached 289, exceeding the previous level. Many new products will make their Asian and Chinese debuts at the CIIE.

A total of 1,887 business units and 4,965 people registered to participate in the event in Hunan, attracting many domestic and foreign companies to discuss cooperation.

Siemens plans to cooperate closely with CRRC in Zhuzhou

Like professional table tennis players, table tennis coaching robots can also hit high-quality topspin and backspin balls. The eighth-generation table tennis coaching robot designed and produced by Omron, a world-renowned automation control and electronic equipment manufacturer, is in Shanghai. Celebrating its world debut. According to the staff, this robot uses two-way voice communication to communicate training ideas with users, intelligently plan sparring plans, and improve users’ sports performance.

German industrial giant Siemens will comprehensively demonstrate its innovative solutions and application results in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent infrastructure, and intelligent transportation this year. Hunan is currently actively promoting the development of industries in the direction of intelligence and greening. The person in charge of Siemens said that the company’s business portfolio is highly consistent with Hunan’s strategic direction.

Maud, CEO of Siemens Mobility Greater China, said: “We plan to work closely with our partner CRRC in Zhuzhou to further develop and innovate our traction systems, which can significantly increase equipment availability, reliability and production life cycle. .”

Hunan introduces three international exhibition companies

The exhibition industry is a barometer of economic development. On the 6th, during the China International Import Expo, Hunan held a convention and exhibition project (Shanghai) investment promotion meeting in Shanghai, and signed contracts to introduce three international convention and exhibition companies, including Italy’s Bologna Exhibition and Germany’s Stuttgart Messe Group.

Song Hansi, president of the Asia-Pacific region of Germany’s Stuttgart Messe Group, said in an interview: “In the future, we will hold an educational exhibition in Changsha. We will further improve the exhibition industry in Hunan and Changsha through cooperation.”

In the first three quarters of this year, Hunan’s convention and exhibition industry held more than 900 events in total. There were a large number of exhibitions, but the number of high-quality exhibitions was insufficient, and there was an even greater shortage of high-quality convention and exhibition companies. According to the Provincial Department of Commerce, Hunan will increase support for the convention and exhibition industry and strive to focus on cultivating 100 convention and exhibition companies within five years.

Zhou Yue, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, said in an interview: “In the future, we must strengthen the construction of software and the cultivation of talents to provide better services for our exhibitions.”

Shanghai’s technology and talents “will be brought to Hunan”

On the afternoon of the 6th, the 2023 Hunan-Yangtze River Delta Region Health Industry Hunan Business Forum was held in Shanghai. Hunan will focus on the establishment of the National Medical Center in Changsha, accelerate the promotion of the big health industry, and invite the majority of business enterprises in Shanghai and Hunan to return to their hometowns to start businesses.

Xie Donghai, President of the Hunan Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, said: “Hunan has many advantages. Hunan’s medical schools and hospitals have a good foundation in all aspects. At the same time, Shanghai also has many high-tech and good talents. We must also introduce them to Go to Hunan.”

At present, there are more than 4 million Hunan businessmen worldwide, and the industry covers 180 countries and regions around the world. In the first three quarters of this year, Hunan merchants returned a total of 410.56 billion yuan in funds, a year-on-year increase of 25%.

Wang Zhongzheng, chairman of Shanghai China Military Investment Group, said in an interview: “We, China Military Group, provide 10 million free start-up funds for our big health’s regular investment promotion all year round, as well as the operation of our big health industry research institute, and accurately Provide some support for Hunan to provide services.”

Hunan Trading Group launches “buy, buy, buy” mode

On the afternoon of the 6th, the Hunan and Overseas Business Association Investment and Procurement Matchmaking Meeting was held in Shanghai. Hunan Agricultural Group signed a large purchase order for agricultural products worth over 300 million US dollars, and put cashews and cocoa from Cote d’Ivoire, peanuts from Guinea, etc. into the “shopping cart” “.

At the meeting, Hunan also released the “2023 Characteristic and Advantageous Industrial Chain Investment Information Booklet”, covering 9 industrial chains such as construction machinery and rail transit equipment. French electrical giant Schneider and CRRC Times Electric reached a cooperation intention. The two parties will cooperate in photovoltaic equipment Strengthen cooperation in the industrial field.

Hu Jin, deputy general manager of Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric, said in an interview: “The amount of our intention to cooperate is about 100 million yuan. Focusing on the equipment industry chain cluster, we will further explore cooperation opportunities with more foreign friends and partners. ”

In recent years, Hunan has increased its opening up to the outside world, and its economic and trade “circle of friends” has spread to 227 countries and regions around the world. Its imports and exports have grown at an average annual rate of 25.2% in the past five years, ranking first in the country.

Yang Aiyun, president of the Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said: “We want to use various international business associations to play their role as a bridge, so that more foreign-invested foreign companies will have more opportunities and more ways to learn about Hunan and choose Hunan.”


Yueyang Trading Group signed the first batch of 3 projects

According to Yueyang Daily, welcoming guests from five continents is a plan to benefit the world. On November 6, the on-site purchasing intention signing ceremony of the Yueyang Trading Group of the Sixth China International Import Expo was held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). Three key purchaser companies signed purchasing intention agreements with some supplier partners. Li Zhi, deputy secretary of the Yueyang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, Wei Shuping, deputy mayor, Liu Zhi, secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Economic and Technological Development Zone, and Sun Zhicheng, secretary-general of the municipal government, attended and witnessed the signing.

After precise preliminary inspections and multiple rounds of negotiations, the China-India agricultural product procurement supply chain project, the Hunan-Russia A7 aluminum ingot direct flight supply chain project, and the China supply and marketing of grain, oil and grain storage, logistics and processing projects were successfully signed on-site.

At the signing ceremony, Li Zhi introduced Yueyang’s market conditions and excellent location advantages in detail. He hopes that India Om Agricultural Export Co., Ltd. will give full play to its leading role as “India’s largest cotton exporter” and provide better and more convenient procurement channels for cotton enterprises in Yueyang City; Russia’s Nikos Corporation will rely on its resource advantages and logistics advantages to effectively reduce Yueyang’s cotton prices. The procurement costs and production costs of relevant enterprises in the city; China Grain and Oil Supply Co., Ltd. and Yueyang seek common development to help Yueyang accelerate the construction of a modern grain industry system.

“As long as both parties of the three projects are irrigated and cultivated carefully, the seeds of cooperation sown here today will surely bloom into beautiful flowers, and Yueyang’s high-quality development will surely bear fruitful fruits tomorrow.” Li Zhi said that Yueyang City will We always adhere to the concept of “project first, service first”, use the best policies, best services, and fastest efficiency to create an excellent environment for the three companies to expand their business in Yue, and make every effort to promote the implementation of the cooperation agreement.

At the scene, Li Zhi led the Yueyang trading delegation to the booth of Changkang Industrial, a Yueyang exhibitor in the Hunan Pavilion, to participate in cultural exchange and display activities.

Changsha Yuhua District signed multiple projects

Xiaoxiang Morning News reported that on November 5, during the Sixth China International Import Expo, the Changsha Open Economy and National Import Trade Promotion Innovation Demonstration Zone Promotion Conference was held in Shanghai, and 10 projects were signed on site.

At the promotion meeting, representatives of six procurement projects, including wireless communication module procurement project, milk-based nutritional powder procurement project, copper concentrate procurement project, wafer procurement project, household appliances project, green coffee beans and coffee beer, came to the stage to sign contracts to expand high-quality products import. Feiliks Hunan District project, cross-border e-commerce new retail project, French Eaton Group AUBRET meat brand intention cooperation project, ITC (International Trade Center) supports 4 projects of enterprise import exhibition and sales, in cooperation with the Yuhua District People’s Government and the district’s Red Star, Gaoqiao’s two major markets have signed a contract to establish import business in Yuhua District, provide integrated supply chain solutions, and establish an innovative and empowering import and export cross-border e-commerce supply chain that integrates cargo logistics, information flow, and capital flow. Comprehensive service platform to jointly explore the construction of bonded warehouses.

During the CIIE last year, Yuhua District was approved as the only national import trade promotion innovation demonstration zone in Hunan Province, adding a new national business card to the open economy. Over the past year, the total import trade volume of Yuhua District has increased by nearly 50% year-on-year. The demonstration zone focuses on building four projects, namely the African Non-Resource Products Distribution and Trading Center, the Central Imported Fruit Distribution and Trading Center, the Hunan Imported Cold Chain Distribution and Trading Center, and the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo Permanent Exhibition Hall.

Currently, Yuhua District is formulating a series of policies to build a national import trade promotion innovation demonstration zone, which will provide services for enterprises investing in Yuhua from aspects such as cultivating the import industry, expanding high-quality imports, optimizing the import business environment, and encouraging innovation and integration of business formats. Provide policy support and service guarantee.

Source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

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