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Xiang Haitu takes a strong look at Guangdong | Gengmu Deep Blue sings the modern “ocean pastoral”_News Channel_China Youth Network


  CCTV news In Shantou, from shallow sea to deep sea, from “watching the sky and eating” to “efficient breeding”, marine ranches have developed rapidly; in Jiangmen, the “six-digit” business model includes seed cultivation, deep-sea breeding, intensive processing, equipment manufacturing, financial leasing services, and offshore wind power. The layout of the entire industrial chain of “one-in-one” modern marine ranch is accelerating; in Zhanjiang, the focus is on developing one fish, one shrimp, and one oyster, and vigorously building a blue granary…

Guangdong, with a coastline of more than 4,000 kilometers, asks for food from the sea, cultivates the sea, animal husbandry and fisheries, and plays a modern “ocean pastoral”.

Fishing boats sailing from Zhapo Fishing Port in Yangjiang

Recently, the large-scale Internet-themed publicity campaign “Looking to the Sea to See Guangdong Strongly”, directed by the Internet Communication Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Administration and sponsored by the Cyberspace Administration of Guangdong Provincial Committee, visited 14 coastal cities in Guangdong.

During the interview, the reporter found that the construction of “marine ranches” in many places in Guangdong and the exploration of a sustainable marine fishery production method that integrates optimization of the marine ecological environment, conservation of fishery resources and integrated development of industries have become “a key factor in promoting high-quality development of the local economy”. Blue Momentum”.

The No. 1 Central Document in 2023 clearly proposed the construction of a modern marine ranch. How Guangdong in the new era “requires food from the deep sea” and realizes the beautiful vision of modern marine ranch construction has become an excellent angle to tell the story of Guangdong’s “strengthening towards the sea”.

  Asking for “land” from the sea: equipment and technology promote the quality and upgrading of marine fisheries

The reporter saw at an aquaculture company in Huilai County that abalone fry, finished abalone and other varieties were being cultured in different ponds in different categories. Several abalones caught randomly by the staff were tightly attached to the iron plate, showing their strong vitality. From January to September this year, the company’s exported abalone and abalone fry brought an output value of more than 21.17 million yuan and about 1.27 million yuan respectively.

Real scene of new water tank in Chaozhou City

Real scene of new water tank in Chaozhou City

“But land restricts the continued expansion of production capacity. We are planning to ‘build the breeding pond into the sea’ because compared to land-based farming, three-dimensional deep-sea cages can be made into multiple layers. Although the cost has gone up, the production capacity will be more.” The person in charge of the company told reporters that through continuous upgrading of breeding technology and breeding equipment, the company’s abalone survival rate and output have been greater than before in recent years. It has applied to build a marine finished product breeding area and is accelerating the construction of modern fisheries and modern marine ranches.

Guangdong is already taking action on how to promote the construction of marine ranches.

In September this year, Guangdong issued “Several Measures to Accelerate the Transformation and Upgrading of Marine Fisheries to Promote the High-Quality Development of Modern Marine Ranches” and proposed that “for gravity cages with a water depth of more than 15 meters and truss cages with a water depth of more than 20 meters, and for breeding Platform, the sea area usage fee for the first five years can be exempted”, which aims to promote the green and ecological sustainable development of marine fisheries and expand the utilization space of the deep sea.

The reporter saw a reinforced gravity-type deepwater cage suspended above the sea at a marine ranch in Zhelin Bay, Raoping County, Chaozhou City. These new cages are made of environmentally friendly materials and are placed in the open sea. They are of great help to the protection of marine ecology and the improvement of aquaculture quality and efficiency. They can also enhance the wind and wave resistance by 40% compared with the previous fishing rafts.

“This year’s typhoon did not have a significant impact on our area.” Huang Qiabin, the person in charge of the company, said.

To develop high-quality deep-sea aquaculture, we need to take equipment as the foundation and digital as the soul to promote the transformation and upgrading of marine fisheries to informatization, intelligence, and modernization.

Set off by speedboat from Guishan Island in Zhuhai, and in about 20 minutes, you can see China’s first semi-submersible wave energy breeding tourism platform “Penghu”. It integrates wave energy power generation and solar power generation, and can achieve “Penghu” in the vast sea. “Free power”, and equipped with modern fishery production equipment such as automatic feeding, fish monitoring, water quality monitoring and live fish transmission, realizing mechanized and intelligent “sea grazing”, and singing a modern “ocean pastoral” in the modernization of the fishery industry.

  Asking for “blue core” from science and technology: Breeding scientific research platform empowers the seed industry to promote innovation

The seawater seed industry is the “chip” of marine aquaculture, and therefore a strategic and basic core industry for the development of modern marine ranching.

In recent years, Guangdong has implemented the “Deep Blue Seed Industry” project in depth, selected and bred a number of excellent new varieties suitable for deep sea breeding, supported the construction of national and provincial aquatic original breeding farms, built a modern marine ranch breeding innovation platform, and empowered with science and technology Construction of modern “marine ranch”.

“We have done a lot of experiments, explored new methods, and cultivated live biological feed – rotifers, to replace the previous traditional powdered feed. The newly hatched fry can eat nutritious feed at the first time, which greatly improves the quality of life.” Improved survival rate.” Lin Liquan, head of the Hengsheng Aquaculture Professional Cooperative in Yangxi County, Yangjiang City, said that for one kilogram of fish eggs, only a few hundred thousand seedlings can emerge using traditional feed, but seven or eight hundred thousand seedlings can emerge using new methods. , the quality and yield of fry have been significantly improved.

At present, Yangjiang has cultivated and expanded a large number of seawater seed incubation companies such as Hengsheng, Jinyuan and Haiyuan Aquatic Products. There are more than 1,000 companies (households) engaged in the hatchery production of seawater seedlings (fish fry, shrimp fry, clam fry) in the city. It produces 4.5 billion oyster seedlings, 5 billion shrimp seedlings, and 1.5 billion seawater fish seedlings, accounting for more than one-third of the province’s output.

In addition, to help develop more “blue chips”, Guangdong has built multiple modern marine ranch breeding innovation platforms: the first new disease-resistant white shrimp variety “Zhongxing No. 1” was successfully bred in Zhanjiang, which filled the domestic gap. The “863 Base” developed the Guangzhou Nansha Fishery Industrial Park for Nansha blue crabs, promoted the development of intelligent, digital, and information-based breeding equipment, and established the Southern Marine Science and Engineering Guangdong Provincial Laboratory with an innovative layout of demand-oriented industrial chains ( Zhuhai)…These innovation platforms make full use of the technical strength of scientific research institutes and universities to develop new varieties and constantly emerge new results.

Deeply plowing the blue sea, husbandry and fishing for the future. At present, the construction of marine ranches in Guangdong is accelerating, taking the three major industries as a path to explore and build a modern marine ranch industry chain from seed industry, breeding, equipment to intensive processing, making marine ranches an important part of the economic system, social system and ecological system. In part, it will give full play to its role in stimulating upstream and downstream industries and surrounding regional industries.

  Asking for industry from the market: multiple entities jointly build a modern marine ranch

How to “turn large and powerful” marine resources into a “new blue ocean” for marine economic development? The industry believes that in addition to the cultivation and trading of seafood, a prosperous fishery must also be guided by market demand and promote the gathering of a series of full-process industrial chains such as supporting seed industry research and development, equipment technology, fishery brands, and smart fisheries. Expand the space for industrial value-added and efficiency-increasing.

Jiangmen is a big fishing city. In 2022, Jiangmen City’s total fishery output value will be 25.171 billion yuan, ranking second in the province, and it is an indispensable “blue granary” in Guangdong. In February 2023, Jiangmen Ocean Group was established to lay out a “six-in-one” modern marine ranch industry chain including seedling cultivation, deep-sea breeding, intensive processing, equipment manufacturing, financial leasing services, and offshore wind power.

Real scene of Fishery Industrial Park in Nansha District, Guangzhou

Real scene of Fishery Industrial Park in Nansha District, Guangzhou

As another vivid example of industrial park construction, Guangzhou Nansha District Fishery Industrial Park relies on a large area of ​​contiguous saltwater resources to breed a wide variety of saltwater fish, shrimps and crabs. Up to now, 25 construction projects of Nansha District Fishery Industrial Park have been completed and accepted, with a total investment of 301 million yuan in construction funds, 205 million yuan of social capital investment, and 4,278 farmers. The total output value of the leading industries for the year was 817 million yuan.

The reporter learned that many places in Guangdong are gradually exploring the reform of diversified business entities and interest linkage mechanisms. For example, coastal cities such as Shenzhen, Zhanjiang, Zhuhai, Shanwei, Jiangmen, Yangjiang, and Chaozhou have successively established first-level development entities to attract investment from the market and through modernization The first-level development entities of marine ranches, chain owners, and large leading enterprises form an industrial development consortium to encourage fishermen to participate in the construction through independent operations, investment and equity participation, increase income and get rich through multiple channels, and jointly promote the construction of modern marine ranches. (Reporter Wei Xin Xu Jing)

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