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(Enter the port to see Xinjiang) Xinjiang Hot Spring Bogdal Village: The former pastoral village has become an “Internet celebrity”

China News Service, Xinjiang Hot Spring, November 7th (Xu Jinbo, Liu Xin) The villages are open to show their multi-ethnic characteristics, the asphalt roads are clean and tidy, leading from village to house, the same-height thatched houses are arranged neatly along the streets, and the traditional food and coffee and milk tea are fragrant. …On the 6th, the central media interview team “Enter the Port to See Xinjiang” came to Bogdar Village in Wenquan County, Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang, to appreciate this village that has transformed from a former pastoral village into a well-known “Internet celebrity” The unique charm of the tourist village.

Villagers of Bogdal Village welcome tourists into the village.Photo by Xu Jinbo

Bogdar Village means “behind the sacred mountain” in Mongolian. It is 2 kilometers away from Hot Spring County and is located in the upper reaches of the Bortala River. It is bordered by Bezhentao Mountain to the north and is surrounded by the National Wetland Park and the surrounding snow-capped mountains. It is a village made up of Kazakhs, The large multi-ethnic family composed of Mongolian, Han, Uyghur and other ethnic groups is dominated by the Mongolian descendants of the Chahar tribe who moved westward to guard the border 260 years ago.

According to reports, more than 10 years ago, Bogdal Village was still an unknown herdsman settlement village, with less than half of the registered population of 181 households and 457 people living here. Since 2021, government departments have actively explored the integrated development model of “industry + culture + tourism +” and invested more than 10 million yuan to highlight the culture of Karen (a border guard post established in the history of the Qing Dynasty) and create Karen culture here Theme village and Karen cultural experience area.

Characteristic houses in the village.Photo by Xu Jinbo

At the same time, we will upgrade on the original basis, continuously enrich the tourism format, extend the industrial chain, and accelerate the integrated development of tourism, culture, industry, etc. By building a new ethnic minority characteristic tourism economic entrepreneurial park, establishing a tourism cooperative, revitalizing idle houses to create characteristic B&Bs; combining local style, characteristic culture and modern tourism needs to build a rural revitalization museum, Fragrant Perilla Sightseeing Park, etc., to develop research experience and display tourism and other services; through “micro-renovation and fine improvement”, 13 farmhouses were renovated, and villagers opened specialty restaurants in their own courtyards; night leisure resources and cultural resources were explored, and colorful bonfire parties and artistic performances were held.


Located in Bogdar Village, Wenquan County, Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang.Photo by Xu Jinbo

In recent years, this former pastoral village has been awarded the title of “The Third Batch of Ethnic Minority Characteristic Villages in the Country”, “The Second Batch of National Rural Tourism Key Villages”, “National AAA Tourist Attraction”, “Autonomous Region Rural Revitalization Demonstration Village” and the first batch of It has won honorary titles such as the “Intangible Cultural Heritage Market” of the autonomous region and has become a well-known “Internet celebrity” tourist village. At present, there are 28 farming and animal husbandry households and 70 B&Bs in the village, which can receive more than 5,000 tourists a day.

On the same day, after a wonderful Karen culture and border defense performance, the central media interview team and foreign tourists entered this “Internet celebrity” tourist village to check in and experience the cultural and creative courtyard, rural bookstore, archery range, cafe, and bow and arrow experience hall , zoo and other cultural tourism projects, and taste barbecue, yogurt, handmade ice cream and other specialties.

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