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Urumqi, Xinjiang: Foreign trade at the port is booming, business in border towns is booming – Xinhuanet


Xinhua News Agency, Urumqi, November 7 Title: Urumqi, Xinjiang: Foreign trade at the port is booming and business in the border town is booming

Xinhua News Agency reporters Zhang Yu and Gou Lifeng

The pine nuts abundant in Pakistan are large, thin-skinned, and have slender kernels. Fresh pine nuts are not resistant to storage and require strict transportation conditions. “Thanks to the convenience of customs clearance at the Urumqi air port and the improvement of logistics turnover efficiency, the time for pine nuts to arrive at our supermarkets from the place of origin has been reduced from 20 days to less than five days.” Wang, General Manager of Xinjiang Branch of Southern Airlines Logistics Co., Ltd. Xu introduced.

In addition to pine nuts, imported foods such as Georgian red wine and Tajikistan cherries also “fly” into thousands of households through the Urumqi air port.

On November 5, customers purchased imported food at the Xiyu International Food City in Urumqi, Xinjiang.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Yu

As a central city in the core area of ​​the Silk Road Economic Belt, Urumqi connects Central Asia and Europe to the west and the central and eastern regions of my country to the east, with obvious location advantages. In recent years, Urumqi has continued to work hard to transform port hardware facilities, improve customs clearance facilitation, strengthen the construction of logistics hubs, and promote high-quality development of foreign trade.

Urumqi Air Port is a port officially opened by Urumqi City with state approval. At the construction site of the Urumqi Diwopu International Airport reconstruction and expansion project, the reporter saw that the interior of the T4 terminal was spacious and bright, and equipment installation and debugging was in progress. In the distance, workers were busy at the construction site of the flight area.

“The size of air passenger and cargo throughput depends on the number of runways and the distribution capacity of the terminal.” Shang Xiaogang, member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Urumqi Airport Group, pointed to the project planning diagram. In the past, Urumqi Diwopu International Airport had only one 4E-class runway. The construction of two new 4F-class runways can accommodate the take-off and landing of A380 aircraft. At the same time, the new 500,000-square-meter terminal building will greatly increase the airport’s carrying capacity.

“The airport project will be fully completed in 2024. After completion, it can achieve the goals of annual passenger throughput of 63 million, cargo and mail throughput of 750,000 tons, and annual aircraft takeoffs and landings of 451,000.” Shang Xiaogang said.

Perfume and jewelry, skin care and cosmetics, daily household products…walk into the Merrill Lynch Imported Bonded Product Experience Center in Urumqi. General trade goods and bonded goods are displayed simultaneously, and hundreds of imported goods are dazzling. “It’s really cheap! The original price was hundreds of yuan, but here it’s only 78 yuan.” A fellow reporter sighed and bought three bottles of skin care products on the spot.

“The store is only 30 to 40 kilometers away from the Urumqi Comprehensive Bonded Zone. After consumers place orders for bonded goods online, customs clears them in real time. Three to five minutes later, the goods leave the Comprehensive Bonded Zone. Express delivery is efficiently docked and delivered within 24 hours in the same city. Delivery is within three days in Xinjiang,” said Zaidullah Turson, chairman of Xinjiang Hechuangmeixin Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Relying on the Urumqi Comprehensive Bonded Zone, customs clearance facilitation services and policy support from government departments at all levels, the company has a good momentum of development. “Since January this year, there have been a total of 29,572 orders for bonded goods and 2,283 orders for general trade, with a total turnover of nearly 8 million yuan.” Zaidulla told reporters.

Kang Ying, deputy director of customs at Urumqi Diwopu Airport, introduced that the port actively promotes convenient customs clearance models such as “advance declaration”, “two-step declaration”, “self-declaration and self-payment” and “aggregated taxation”, continuously shortens the overall customs clearance time for enterprises, and carries out all-weather appointment customs clearance Serve.

On November 1, the China (Xinjiang) Free Trade Pilot Zone was officially unveiled, becoming my country’s first free trade pilot zone in the northwest border region. Zaidulla was very happy after seeing the news. “The free trade pilot zone will provide more convenient development space for enterprises’ border trade. The improvement of the logistics system and supporting facilities will further reduce enterprises’ logistics costs.” Zaidulla said, “I am particularly optimistic about the future development of Xinjiang.”

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