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Ke Jie “goes home” and leads Shenzhen to an away win over Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and both brothers win away games_TOM Sports


Ke Jie defeated Tan Xiao and led the Shenzhen Longhua team to defeat the Zhejiang Zheshang Securities team 3-1.

November 6,2023 Agile Clearwater Bay Cup China Go League A Fifth Round Regular SeasonPlayed at each team’s home court, the leader of the standings, Jiangsu Divine Beast Team, defeated Lhasa Team 3-0 at home and continued to lead (“Mi Yuting led the team to defeat Lhasa Zaolinwan Blessed Land Jiangsu Divine Beast Team triumphed again”); Shenzhen Longhua team won again in Lishui, the hometown of Ke Jie, the main player, turned away and defeated Zhejiang Zheshang Securities 3-1, rising from seventh in the previous round to fourth; the defending champion Supor Hangzhou team sealed Shanxi Yuangong Hongyi 4-0 in an away game and ranked second; Long The Yuanmingcheng Hangzhou team defeated the Shanghai Jianqiao College team 3-1 in an away game and moved up to third place; the Shanghai Qingyi team’s head coach Huang Mingyu was overturned by Minsheng team Liu Yuhang at the last moment, causing the Qingyi team to miss the first victory of the season.

Shenzhen Longhua team coach Ke Jie 9th Dan

Although the Shenzhen Longhua team was away from home this round, the home team Zhejiang Zheshang Securities played the game in Lishui, the hometown of Ke Jie, the head coach of the Shenzhen Longhua team, and held the “Guyan Painting Village Special”, which made the Shenzhen team feel like they were playing against the visitors. Returning to his hometown, Ke Jie naturally took on the role of captain against Zhejiang team Tan Xiao. Although Ke Jie, who was playing black in this game, was in a good situation, he was not too far ahead. It was not until Tan Xiao made two bad “point” moves in the lower right corner in the second half of the game that White finally ruined the balanced situation. Black’s chess behind was smooth sailing and he won the middle game.

Ke Jie

170 and 172 seem to be making real losses and ruining the situation.

Although the Shenzhen team’s foreign aid Pu Tinghuan did not play in this round, the Shenzhen team still won two games and lost one in the remaining three games: Shi Yue of the third fast chess team Shenzhen team defeated Zhejiang team’s fast chess player Zhang Tao, and Tao Xinran of the fourth Shenzhen team defeated Zhejiang team. Team Tong Mengcheng, the first Shenzhen team Chen Yusen lost to the Zhejiang team Xu Jiayang. The Shenzhen team scored 3 points 3-1 and jumped to fourth place in the standings.

Ke Jie

Gu Zihao (right), the top player in the rating and the leader of Shenzhen Nie Dao Go team, defeated Li Changxi of Jiajia Food Tianjin team

In this round of Sino-Korean chess matches, Chinese players had 2 wins and 3 losses: Gu Zihao defeated Li Changxi, Xie Ke defeated Park Jianhao, Chen Zhengxun lost to Shen Zhenzhen, Li Weiqing lost to Bian Xiangyi, and Tu Xiaoyu lost to Shen Minjun.

Ke Jie

Supor Hangzhou team coach Xie Ke (right) defeated Shanxi Yuangong Hongyi team Park Jianhao

The sixth round of the regular season of the 2023 Agile Clearwater Bay Cup China Go League A will be held at the home courts of each team on November 13. will continue to broadcast key games live. (Qujiang)

Ke Jie

Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank team coach Dang Yifei defeated Rizhao Shanhai Elephant team Fan Tingyu

Ke Jie

Shanghai Jianqiao College team Wang Xinghao lost to Longyuan Mingcheng Hangzhou team Ding Hao

Ke Jie

2023 Agile Clearwater Bay Cup fifth round results:

Shanghai Jianqiao College 1-3 Longyuan Mingcheng Hangzhou

One: Han Yizhou beats Xia Chenkun

Channel 2: Li Weiqing loses to Bian Xiangyi (host)

Santai: Wang Chuxuan lost to Jin Yucheng (fast)

Radio 4: Wang Xinghao lost to Ding Hao

Zhejiang Zheshang Securities 1-3 Shenzhen Longhua

One: Xu Jiayang beats Chen Yusen

Stage 2: Tan Xiao defeats Ke Jie (host)

Santai: Zhang Tao loses time and gets more (faster)

STV: Childhood dream comes true but Tao Xinran

Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank defeated Rizhao Shanhai Elephant 2-2

One: Tu Xiaoyu loses to Shen Minjun (fast)

Channel 2: Dang Yifei defeated Fan Tingyu (host)

Santai: Liao Yuanhe beats Yi Lingtao

Radio 4: Xie Hao loses to Jiang Weijie

Chongqing Yehu Go loses to Quzhou Lanke 2-2

One: He Yuhan beats Chen Yunong

Channel 2: Yang Dingxin and Chun Jiaxi (host)

Santai: Li Xiangyu loses to Jiang Qirun (fast)

Radio 4: Li Xuanhao beats Ding Shixiong

Shenzhen Nie Dao Go 3-1 Gaga Food Tianjin

One: Peng Liyao defeated Li Haotong (fast)

Taiwan 2: Gu Zihao defeated Li Changxi (host)

Santai: Sun Tengyu beats Tang Weixing

Radio 4: Yang Kaiwen beats Wang Zejin

Shanxi Yuangong Hongyi 0-4 Supor Hangzhou

One: Huang Jingyuan loses to Li Qincheng

Channel 2: Park Jianhao lost to Xie Ke (host)

Santai: Gu Lingyi laughs continuously (fast)

Radio 4: Chen Zhengxun loses to Shen Zhenzhen

Shanghai Qingyi beats Minsheng Visa Beijing 1-3

One: Li Zerui beats Chen Haoxin

Channel 2: Huang Mingyu lost to Liu Yuhang (host)

Santai: Qiao Zhijian loses to Hu Huhao (fast)

Radio 4: Chen Yichun loses to Fan Yin

Jiangsu Divine Beasts 3-1 Lhasa

One: Huang Yunsong bears Shen Peiran (fast)

Channel 2: Mi Yuting beats Chen Zijian (host)

Three Channels: Zhao Chenyu beats Chen Hao

Radio 4: Chen Xian wins Zhang Qiang

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