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Hundreds of peasant paintings on display in Shuicheng, Guizhou outline colorful ethnic life

Hundreds of peasant paintings on display in Shuicheng, Guizhou outline colorful ethnic life
Hundreds of peasant paintings on display in Shuicheng, Guizhou outline colorful ethnic life

Audiences visit the exhibition of peasant paintings in Shuicheng, Guizhou.Photo by Liu Meiling

“My favorite work is “Warm Sun”. The picture is very rich and vivid, reflecting the scene of the working people’s harvest. It makes us want to understand the unique artistic and cultural heritage of the people in Shuicheng even more.” said Luo Wenshan, a first-year student at Guiyang No. 5 Middle School.

On the 1st, an exhibition of Guizhou Shuicheng farmers’ paintings with the theme of “Healthy Water City Painting Gathers Beauty” was held at the Guizhou Art Museum, with 100 water city farmers’ paintings on display. The exhibition includes four chapters: The Secret New Water City, Colorful National Style, New Pictures of the Plateau, and New Journey to Dream. Through the unique perspective of the farmer painters and the deformation and exaggeration of expression techniques, the unique artistic style of farmers’ paintings in Shuicheng is displayed and expresses the farmers’ feelings. The painter’s rich life insights depict the Shuicheng people’s yearning and pursuit of a better life. The exhibition will last until November 17.

“They apply details of life into paintings, inspiring us to observe life, focus on our own lives, and create our own paintings.” Luo Wenshan, who has been studying sketching for three years, participated in extracurricular practices organized by the school to visit the exhibition , the first time I came into contact with Shuicheng peasant paintings, I was deeply impressed.

“Different from the professional courses received in school, their use of colors is very bold, and there is no obvious relationship between light and dark, but people can intuitively feel the sense of volume, picture, and space.” Speaking of farmers with rich colors The painting gave Song Ruihan, a freshman in Guiyang No. 5 Middle School, a new look.

According to Dong Cheng, the author of Shuicheng peasant paintings, each artist of Shuicheng peasant paintings has a distinctive personal style and characteristics in creation.

“This is also one of the main reasons why farmers’ paintings in Shuicheng are colorful and distinctive.” Dong Cheng said that learning farmers’ paintings has diversified his life and he has benefited a lot.

According to reports, Shuicheng Peasant Painting has been developing since its formation in 1983, drawing on artistic nutrients such as batik, paper-cutting, and ethnic costumes. It has been exhibited in Beijing, Paris, France, and other places, and nearly 400 works have been exhibited nationwide and in Guizhou Province. , won awards, and hundreds of works have been collected by units and individuals such as the China Folk Art Museum. Shuicheng District was therefore named the “Hometown of Chinese Modern Folk Paintings” and “The Hometown of Chinese Folk Culture and Art” by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

“The 100 paintings of farmers in Shuicheng on display include both fine masterpieces by old painters who have been sharpening their swords for ten years, and young painters who have just begun to practice painting. There are both realistic depictions of reality and longing for the future.” Qiu Junbing, deputy secretary of the Shuicheng District Committee of Liupanshui City, said, “Paint what you like, and paint what looks good.” This has created the bold and exaggerated artistic beauty of Shuicheng peasant paintings. The painting themes exuding the fragrance of earth highlight the beauty of life in Shuicheng peasant paintings.

In recent years, Shuicheng District has closely focused on building the Shuicheng farmer painting brand, deeply exploring the advantages of national and folk cultural resources, providing spiritual motivation for farmers and creating material wealth. Shuicheng District supports and helps established private enterprises and establishes state-owned cultural industry companies to provide Shuicheng farmer painters with a broader platform for learning, communication, display and sales. Actively explore and establish an industrial chain of peasant paintings that integrates production, supply and sales, cultivate and select outstanding talents, establish and improve a reward mechanism, increase the creative enthusiasm of painters, improve the social and economic benefits of peasant paintings, and fully promote the development of peasant paintings in Shuicheng , great prosperity, promote the use of culture to shape tourism, use tourism to highlight culture, integrate culture and tourism, and comprehensively enhance the county’s cultural soft power.

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