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2023 China Employee Competitive Egg-Breaking Championship in Tianmen-Sports-China Engineering Network


Original title: 2023 China Employee Competitive Egg-Breaking Championship will be held in Tianjin

Workers Daily-China Industry Network reporter Liu Bing

On the 5th, Hengyuanxiang’s 2023 (First) China Employees’ Competitive Egg-Breaking Championship Tianjin Station and “Yaoji Poker Cup” Tianjin Competitive Card-Breaking Classic were grandly opened at the Tianjin Poker Sports Training Base.

This game is the 12th sub-station of the championship. It is jointly sponsored by the China Enterprise Sports Association and the Tianjin Competitive Two-on-One Poker Sports Association; it is guided by the Tianjin Sports Competition and Social Sports Affairs Center and the Dongli District Culture, Tourism and Sports Bureau Unit; China Enterprise Sports Association Egg-Whispering Committee and Zhiyingtianxia (Tianjin) Sports Industry Development Co., Ltd. co-organize the event; Hengyuanxiang Group and Yaoji Poker provide the overall title and sub-title sponsorship.

Nearly 80 pairs of players from Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Anhui and other places gathered together to compete in card games and enjoy the unique fun of egg-cracking.

As a high-quality intellectual sport, egg-breaking has not only become popular across the country in recent years, but also appeared on the stage of the National Intellectual Games for the first time not long ago. It is expected to become another poker-type competitive event after bridge. With the guidance and support of the Tianjin Municipal Sports Bureau, the Federation of Trade Unions, the Social Sports Center and other relevant units, the Tianjin Competitive Two-on-One Poker Sports Association seized the opportunity and acted promptly, from participating in the national egg-breaking referee training class to organizing local From training referees to hosting the national egg-cracking competition to applying for and sending teams to participate in the National Intelligentsia Games (egg-cracking) competition and achieving good results, the work was proactive and efficient with remarkable results, making the egg-cracking sport take root in Tianjin. Germination also puts Tianjin’s egg-cracking sport at the forefront of the country.

Liu Chunyang, secretary-general of the association, said: “We are applying for the establishment of the Tianjin Competitive Card Cracking Association, which will be responsible for the events and training of the egg-cracking sport. At the same time, in view of the fact that the participants in the egg-cracking sport are older, we have reached an agreement with the Nankai University Chess and Card Club. Through cooperation, we will focus on promoting the egg-cracking project among young people in the future, and also cultivate reserve forces for the brand-cracking movement in Tianjin.”

Chang Liangcai, president of the association, said: “Egg-cracking can enrich employees’ spare time life, improve their intelligence and brains, and cultivate their sentiments. It is very suitable for popularization in Tianjin. The association will do all kinds of work in the future to continue to support the development and growth of the project in Tianjin. Help.”

Zhang Xinliang, a local player in Tianjin, said: “I have only been exposed to egg-breaking for a short time, and I have played more Landlords. In comparison, egg-breaking feels more complicated. It requires high logic and overall view of the cards, and I also have to consider the needs of my teammates.” The card types are different, but it’s more fun to play and you’ll feel more accomplished when you win.”

“I didn’t expect that egg-cracking can be turned into such a formal sports event. The atmosphere was very lively and I felt the fun of egg-cracking up close.” After the first round of competition, Liu Rong, secretary-general of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, said excitedly: “Myself and My teammates hit 10 and won the game. This is already a long performance for me. I just participated in the game and I am very satisfied.”


After six rounds of fierce competition, Xu Quanfa/Qin Jie won the championship, Yan Hongbing/Xu Jianquan won the runner-up, and Geng Bing/Zhang Peng won the third runner-up.

The China Employee Competitive Egg-Breaking Championship is an intellectual sports event created by the China Enterprise Sports Association. It is also the earliest national egg-cracking event with the most sites, the widest coverage, the largest scale of participation, and the most influential event. It aims to pass the brand event Promote the popularization and development of egg-cracking sports across the country, advocate healthy egg-cracking sports habits, and promote the mental health of employees.

According to the regulations, the top eight players will qualify for the national finals of the championship. At the same time, the top 30% of contestants will receive egg-cracking master points and master-level qualifications certified by the China Enterprise Sports Association’s egg-cracking committee and announced on the “Yidong Sports” App. After this stop, the championship will move south to Jiangsu and Jinling.

(Worker Daily client, November 6)

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