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“The legacy of the Monument of Watching – Liaoning’s “Six Places” Red Mark Theme Exhibition” has become a popular “check-in place” – Entertainment – China Industry Network

“The legacy of the Monument of Watching – Liaoning’s “Six Places” Red Mark Theme Exhibition” has become a popular “check-in place” – Entertainment – China Industry Network
“The legacy of the Monument of Watching – Liaoning’s “Six Places” Red Mark Theme Exhibition” has become a popular “check-in place” – Entertainment – China Industry Network

Original title: The exhibition attracted 430,000 visitors in one and a half months (title)

“The Watch Monument Passes on the Fire – Liaoning “Six Places” Red Mark Theme Exhibition” has become a popular “check-in place” (theme)

Shenyang Daily and Shenyang Daily all-media reporters Chen Fengjun and Xie Feiyan/Director of the article reporter Li Hao/Photo

“Unexpectedly, as of November 1, only one and a half months after its launch, “The Watching Monument – The Red Mark Theme Exhibition of Liaoning’s Six Places” has attracted 430,000 visitors, an average of almost 10,000 visitors per day. The response from the audience was particularly good.” When the reporter interviewed the “September 18th” History Museum on November 6, the curator Fan Lihong excitedly told the reporter about “Passing on the Flame of the Watching Monument – The “Six Places” Red Mark Theme Exhibition in Liaoning” Popularity.

Citizens watch the “Six Places in Liaoning Red Mark Theme Exhibition” at the “September 18th” History Museum in Shenyang.

The exhibition allows the audience to “see people, things and spirit”

From precious historical photos to rare cultural relics, from early revolutionary martyr certificates and medals to historical documents, the reporter saw that every exhibit and picture deeply attracted the attention of the audience. In the exhibition hall of more than 600 square meters, the entire exhibition is dominated by red and is divided into “the starting point of the Anti-Japanese War”, “the turning point of the Liberation War”, “the location of the national anthem of New China”, “the place where the war was fought to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea” and “the industrial foundation of the Republic of China” “The Birthplace of Lei Feng Spirit” has six parts. Each part elaborates on its rich connotation from three aspects. The exhibition fully embodies the value of the times of “seeing people, seeing things, and seeing spirit”.

Fan Lihong introduced that “The Watch Monument is Passed on – The Red Mark Theme Exhibition of “Six Places” in Liaoning” is the province’s first special exhibition with the theme of red culture in the “Six Places”. It was organized by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee and Liaoning Provincial Committee Sponsored by the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, co-organized by the Propaganda Department of the Shenyang Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Shenyang Municipal Culture, Tourism, Radio and Television Bureau, and hosted by the Shenyang “September 18th” History Museum. This exhibition deeply explores and focuses on reflecting the latest achievements of Liaoning, as a province rich in red resources, in the protection, research, utilization and display of red cultural resources in the “six places” in recent years. It displays nearly 300 precious photos, charts and nearly 100 physical objects. Among the exhibits, many precious historical pictures, historical materials and cultural relics are seen by the audience for the first time. Since its launch on September 18, the exhibition has received widespread attention and praise from the audience.

Audiences took photos in front of the main sculpture

“This is a main sculpture that we set up to show the red cultural connotation of the ‘Six Places’ in Liaoning with an artistic image. Its name is “Red Mark of the ‘Six Places’ in Liaoning’, which is very appropriate to the theme of the exhibition. As long as the audience enters the gate of the exhibition, they will immediately You can feel the shocking power of this sculpture.” Fan Lihong said: “Many visitors will be attracted by this sculpture and take photos as soon as they enter the exhibition hall.”

The reporter saw that this sculpture selected representative symbols and images of the red culture of the “Six Places”. For example, the “Starting Place of the Anti-Japanese War” selected the “Remaining Calendar” of the landmark Shenyang “September 18th” History Museum. “Monument”; “The Turning Point of the Liberation War” displays the image of People’s Liberation Army soldiers and tank elements; “The New China National Anthem Material Location” is the image of a volunteer soldier blowing the horn; “The Expedition Place to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea” shows the majestic appearance of the volunteers; “The Industrial Foundation of the Republic” is the image of a steel-making worker; “The Birthplace of Lei Feng Spirit” is the image of Lei Feng. The background of the entire sculpture also looks very majestic and impactful. Among the rolling mountains, the score of the “March of the Volunteers” emerges, giving people silent encouragement and a spiritual symbol of moving forward courageously.

Immersive check-in stimulates audience enthusiasm

The reporter found that inside and outside the exhibition hall, a “Walking in “Six Places”” digital multimedia experience area and a red “Six Places” check-in interactive area were specially set up for the audience. These gave the audience a strong emotional experience and visual shock, and could Guide the audience to learn more about the red culture of the “Six Places” during the interaction, and further stimulate the audience’s enthusiasm for the exhibition.

At the scene, the reporter saw two young people from Xinjiang taking 8 postcards specially designed for the exhibition to stamp and check in with their own hands. When all 8 check-in stamps were stamped, the two laughed happily. The staff told reporters: “Among the people who come to visit, many people stamp 8 check-in stamps on the postcards they buy on site every day, or on the notebooks they bring, as a souvenir of the visit. According to incomplete statistics, currently Tens of thousands of people have already checked in.” The reporter happily printed the eight check-in stamps on the postcards one by one.

Fan Lihong told reporters that not long ago, “The Monument of Watching – The Red Mark Theme Exhibition of “Six Places” in Liaoning” has been selected into the 2023 “Promote China’s Excellent Traditional Culture, Cultivate Socialist Core Values” themed exhibition promotion project.

It is understood that due to the increasing number of visitors, in response to the public’s request for exhibitions, the exhibition will last until March 2024. After the exhibition, a province-wide tour will be held to better promote the “Six Places” spirit and the “Six Places” red culture to spread widely and take root in Liaoning.

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