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Admissions Brochure for MBA Cooperation between Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Tiffin University in the United States[Zifang Education Education Zifang]_Course_Professional_Management


Original title: Admissions Brochure for MBA Cooperation between Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Tiffin University in the United States[Zifang Education Zifang]

Founded in 1888, Tiffin University is a higher education institution widely recognized around the world. Its campuses are adjacent to major cities such as Washington, New York, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. It is rare to find a study environment that is close to the bustling yet quiet. It offers first-class undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs in the humanities, social sciences and sciences, business administration, and criminal law. The school offers students a variety of majors, including communications, arts and sciences, business management, criminology, MBA arts management, education, history, public services, psychology, management, sports management, etc. In 2018, Tiffin was rated as one of the safest college towns in the United States by Safewise, ranking 18th in the United States. Tiffin University is located in Tiffin, a city in the Midwestern United States. It has always been known as the Oak State. The Tiffin campus is located on the shores of Sandusky Lake, lined with trees, beautiful and quiet.

Tiffin University in the United States is a university certified by the Ministry of Education of China, a partner of the Ministry of Education’s Overseas Study Service Center-Scottish Qualifications Management Committee, and a partner institution of the National Study Abroad Fund.

Beijing University of Chemical Technology is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, a key construction institution of China’s National 211 Project and 985 Project Advantageous Discipline Innovation Platform, and a world-class discipline construction university. The Education and Training Center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology is directly managed by the school and is a study abroad center that conducts domestic non-academic courses with foreign universities. The graduate course offered this time with Tiffin University in the United States is a direct program jointly customized by the center and Tiffin University for master’s students who want to pursue further studies in the United States.

3. Through train mode

1. Training model:

Instructions for education

●A, take 12 credits of Tiffin University business courses (taught in Chinese and English) and professional IELTS courses at the West Campus of Beijing University of Chemical Technology

●B, take 24 credits of remaining courses at Tiffin University

●C, with passing grades, Tiffin University awards a Master of Business Administration degree

2. Admission requirements for second-year courses at Tiffin University:

1. Passed the professional courses of Beijing University of Chemical Technology

2. The total IELTS score is required to be no less than 6 or TOEFL 79 (if the language is not up to standard, you can apply to the Tiffin University Language Center to take additional language courses and then enter professional courses)

Instructions for education

4. MBA professional direction


Healthcare Administration

Human Resource Management

International Business Concentration

Leadership & Chang

Marketing Major(Marketing)

5. Enrollment objects

1. College degree (graduated certificate), undergraduate and senior students;

2. College and undergraduate academic performance should be no less than GPA 2.4

6. Advantages of direct classes

1. Cost advantage

1. The tuition fee for a master’s degree at Tiffin University in the United States is US$12,600 per year (approximately RMB 85,000), which is the same as the tuition fee for domestic students in the United States. Compared with other similar majors in the United States, the tuition fee is about 2/3 lower.

2. Through the direct class, you can study language transition in China and directly enter professional courses taught in Chinese and English. The credits of professional courses can be transferred up to 12 credits (36 credits in total). The direct class is more cost-effective and can save money than directly studying in the United States. The time and financial costs of studying and living abroad

3. Students admitted to the direct program will receive scholarships ranging from US$1,500 to US$4,000 to offset their tuition fees in the United States, depending on their GPA.

2. Teaching advantages

Relying on the high-quality educational resources of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, we create a modular teaching model to provide high-quality courses for academic advancement, ensure the quality of domestic courses, and smoothly transfer domestic credits to connect with foreign courses. The 12 domestic credits are bilingual teaching in Chinese and English, and are matched with domestic professional IELTS courses, so that the learning can be smoothly connected.

3. Advantages of improving academic qualifications

Chinese junior college graduates can directly apply for this direct program. Because the direct program is a direct cooperation between schools, previous undergraduate seniors and current senior students do not need GMAT and GRE to apply directly. Tiffin is a formal university recognized by the Ministry of Education of China. The diplomas obtained are all certified by the Ministry of Education of China and internationally. Returning to China enjoys the treatment of international students; the direct class accepts applications from domestic junior college (required to obtain a junior college diploma), undergraduate and senior students. , the admission requirements are relatively loose.

7. Charging standards

1. Tuition fee for stage courses at Beijing University of Chemical Technology is RMB 54,800 per year

(Professional IELTS courses and credit transfer and administration fees)

The accommodation fee at the West Campus of Beijing University of Chemical Technology is 6,000/year. Other tuition and miscellaneous fees are charged according to school regulations.

2. Tiffin University course fee is US$12,600 (approximately RMB 85,000)

24-credit professional course fee

3. The visa application fee for the United States is RMB 3,000.

4. Study abroad service fee: free of charge

8. Application method

application time:

From now on, until the quota is filled. The direct class will review the qualifications of registered students and select the best for admission.

Application information:

Graduation certificate, degree certificate (electronic version of the original), front and back of ID card (electronic version of the original), and proof of enrollment (electronic version) required for senior students.Return to Sohu to see more

The article is in Chinese


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