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“Thousands of Students Enter Suqian” Suqian, Jiangsu Province strives to create a new ecology of young talents – Xinhuanet Yangtze River Delta Channel

“Thousands of Students Enter Suqian” Suqian, Jiangsu Province strives to create a new ecology of young talents – Xinhuanet Yangtze River Delta Channel
“Thousands of Students Enter Suqian” Suqian, Jiangsu Province strives to create a new ecology of young talents – Xinhuanet Yangtze River Delta Channel

On November 5, the 2023 “Thousands of Students Go to Suqian” series of activities was officially launched in Suqian, Jiangsu. More than 2,400 young talents from 20 universities across the country jointly embarked on the 2023 “Thousands of Students Entering Suqian” experience journey and job search journey.

2023 “Thousands of Students Entering Suqian” Series Activities Launching Ceremony

Young talents are the most energetic and creative group. In recent years, Suqian has focused on gathering young talents, vigorously implemented the strategy of strengthening the city with talents in the new era, deepened the talent-led service development “Five Alliances and Five Powers” action, and focused on creating a regional talent highland, allowing young talents to take the leading role in development and innovation. main character. The “Thousands of Students Entering Suqian” series of activities is an innovative plan for Suqian’s talent work. It invites college students to Suqian for on-site visits, in-depth experience, and docking negotiations. It transforms from “walking into campus recruitment” to “inviting to the city to experience” and continuously amplifies ” The brand effect of “Moving to Suqian to Create the Future” reflects Suqian’s sincerity in loving talents and its determination to attract talents.

“The atmosphere of building dreams is full of sincerity in seeking talents.” Liu Hao, deputy secretary of the Suqian Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, said in his speech that in recent years, Suqian has introduced a “real money” policy and built a “showcase of talent” “The development stage has created a livable environment where “you can’t miss Shu” and provided considerate services that “near you and you will be happy from afar”. The city’s total human resources reach 723,000, an increase of 54% in three years. The ecological environment here is good, travel is very convenient, there is more happiness and less pressure, and there are cutting-edge perspectives, so personal growth will be faster.

Zhong Xiaobing, deputy mayor of Suqian City, gave a city promotion. He introduced that Suqian has integrated resources from all parties and launched “16 Talent Collaboration Points” around the entire life cycle of talent innovation and entrepreneurship, including the internship period, career selection period, start-up period, growth period, maturity period, and development period, to provide the most powerful tool for talent development. support. Among them, in the talent start-up period, a full-process innovation and entrepreneurship incubation chain of “maker space + incubator + accelerator + industrial park” will be created, and support for talent projects of up to 3 million yuan and science and technology projects of 1 million yuan will be provided.

It is reported that the “Thousands of Students Go to Suqian” activity adopts the “1+5+9” model, that is, 1 launching ceremony, 5 overseas talent recruitment work bureaus responsible for 5 area universities, 9 counties (functional areas) The section connects with 9 universities and carries out a series of special activities to attract talents in an orderly manner.

At the launch ceremony, college students who have started businesses and found jobs in Suqian made exchange speeches. The Suqian Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League released the “Youth Youth is in Suqian” talent check-in line. Student representatives jointly launched the 2023 “Thousands of Students Entering Suqian” series of activities.

Suqian’s talent work brand “Qian Suqian” not only has the dialectic of “coming and going”, but also has the meaning of “holding hands with Suqian”. In the special recruitment event, more than 140 school hospitals, state-owned enterprises, listed companies, financial institutions, etc. provided more than 6,000 high-quality positions with an average monthly salary of more than 6,000 yuan.

Talents and cities “go in both directions” and achieve mutual success. Suqian is creating a new ecology of talents from near and far. In the future, Suqian will continue to sincerely love talents, cultivate talents with care, attract talents with all their heart, and use talents with care, and be a good “innovation partner” and “logistics waiter”. (Shen Xuan)

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