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We have heavy responsibilities on our shoulders to build great achievements, protect the environment and create great achievements – Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel


Over the years, Inner Mongolia Forest Industry Group has adhered to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought, deeply implemented the “Two Mountains Theory”, and prioritized ecology and green development. In accelerating the high-quality development process of the management and protection of Inner Mongolia’s Daxinganling, Inner Mongolia’s Daxinganling The Aviation Forestry Bureau has established a comprehensive management system covering aviation patrol, reconnaissance, command, firefighting, aircraft landing, rope (sliding) descent, bucket, net, basket, decontamination, transportation of supplies, transportation, first aid, search and rescue, flood control, aviation special service handling and a new set of “multi-functional, multi-disaster” integrated emergency rescue models such as drone intelligent remote sensing monitoring, exploring a new way to integrate forest fire prevention and multi-disaster emergency rescue.

  Militarized management promotes rapid and effective emergency response

At the scene of Manguilin Level 3 Terminal, a group of special service commandos were in high spirits, standing with their heads held high, ready for training. Li Huawei, the first squad leader of the Special Service Commando, knelt on his right knee, held the rope in his right hand, and quickly completed the rope throwing action. Connecting the buckle, opening the rope controller, connecting the rope controller, exiting the cabin, releasing the rope controller and sliding down, the whole set of rope descent actions was successfully completed in less than 1 minute.

According to the special service commando leader Lu Kun, the special service commandos need to complete the task within 20 minutes from accepting the mission to boarding the plane with necessary equipment and supplies. According to the original semi-circular direct opening method of the 40-meter rope slide at the height of the trees in the forest, team members can use the downhill equipment to quickly descend to the ground. It only takes 20 minutes for each group of team members to complete the landing, and it only takes 3 to 5 minutes to complete the downhill descent.

The root cause of the rapid and effective emergency response is that the special service commando team implements militarized management according to combat units. The average age of the team members is 28 years old, all of them are demobilized military personnel. They are stationed at their respective airports 24 hours a day during the flight to prepare for combat operations. When anchored in an emergency, you can soar in the blue sky. As the country’s first aviation special service commando team, 30 special service members and 300 joint commando members attack in batches according to key points and defeat each one when the disaster strikes. Over the years, they have created the remarkable achievement of “zero accidents” in safe production for more than 2,200 consecutive days.

Achievements come from the courage to explore unknown areas and the long-term persistence in honing a variety of skills.

Facing the unfamiliar field of aviation forest protection, in order to achieve the goal of “ground-air coordinated operations and optimal connection between people and equipment”, the special service commando team optimized the formation of two combat reinforcement classes and a communications class, and selected the best to form an emergency rapid response sharp knife class. Research An “Emergency Dispatch Plan” was formulated with motorized responses, programmed processes, militarized operations, and diversified tactics. Based on actual combat, we summarized and explored a complete set of forest fire prevention air-to-ground tactics and helicopter rope descent technology to fill the gap. The gap between the aviation ranger and the open space has been cleared.

Different from ordinary fire-fighting teams, the key problem of the special service commando team is rapid positioning and rapid disposal. It requires the special service team members to be proficient in using and maintaining various types of fire-fighting equipment and mastering the fire-fighting equipment on the basis of accurate knowledge of meteorology, traffic and communications. A number of practical skills including sliding down, developing airborne landing sites, implementing airborne fire extinguishing, bucket and bag fire extinguishing, etc. To this end, when the team was first established in 2017, the special service commando team developed a high-intensity, practical, and guaranteed training plan, including equipment, flight, and gliding tests. In actual combat and exercises, the special service team members were fast, mobile, and capable. The capable and versatile combat awareness and capabilities have been tempered and improved.

After years of efforts, the Daxinganling Aviation Forestry Bureau has formed an aviation forestry system of “one bureau, two stations, and three points” in the aviation protection network of the Greater Khingan Mountains’ 90,000 square kilometers of patrol areas and 3,468 kilometers of patrol routes. The three-dimensional combat mode of air-ground integration and team integration of aviation forest protection explores a new model of forest protection, full defense, full attack, and immediate results to protect the ecological security barrier in the north of the motherland and the safety of people’s lives and property.

  Forest guards have the responsibility to participate in fire prevention and extinguishing campaigns and have made many military exploits

It has set sail thousands of times and put out thousands of fires. From spring to winter, in the tempering year after year, the special service commando team’s “one against ten” and “inspection and attack in one” manned aerial patrols are normalized to ensure the precise delivery and rapid firefighting of elite troops in forest fire rescue. The special service commando team is on duty 24 hours a day from April to October. It enters Wenkutu for forward garrison in mid-April every year. On June 20, it goes to the northern virgin forest area for forward combat readiness. According to the overall trends and patterns of climate and lightning fires, Conduct continuous patrols in key forest areas.

Since the establishment of the team, the special service commando team has carried out a total of 693 downhill operations, and has opened 42 field landing sites (100 meters × 80 meters) for M-26TC heavy helicopters and 22 field landing sites (80 meters × 60 meters) for M-171 large helicopters. , participated in fighting 65 forest fires, including 16 independent forest fire fighting, 49 joint fire fighting, 1 person was rescued by skiing, and 124 people were rescued by air.


Flying in the forest area, staying safe for thousands of miles. The special service commandos adhere to the belief of guarding the green, silently guard the northern Xinjiang, and show their true qualities as men in the fire. Since the establishment of the special service commando team, it has created a situation where 14 people fought continuously for three days and three nights, opened up three field landing sites for M-26 heavy-duty helicopters, and extinguished three forest fires; nine team members fought for 12 hours to open up M-26 heavy-lift helicopters. Remarkable performance in extinguishing 39 hectares of forest fire by air landing in the wild.

Since the beginning of summer this year, due to the continuous drought and lack of rain in the forest area, high temperature weather has occurred frequently in some areas, especially in the northern Aaron Mountain, Mangui, Genhe and other places with high altitude and open terrain, and the special alpine vegetation on the ground, the pine forest, has low water content and oil content. It is high and has a thick layer of decay on the ground surface, which makes it easy to burn after a lightning strike. At 11:32 on August 6, a manned helicopter patrol of the Daxinganling Aviation Forestry Bureau of Inner Mongolia discovered a smoke spot in the Talangkong Forest Farm of the Alongshan Forestry Company. Since then, 14 incidents have occurred in the northern primeval forest areas such as Alongshan and Mangui. A forest fire broke out. The disaster situation is the order. In view of the fact that the terrain of the fire site is relatively complex, with high mountains and steep slopes, and pine trees all over, making the firefighting conditions extremely difficult. The special service commandos bravely rushed to the front, dispatched urgently, walked toward the fire, and went to fight the fire as soon as possible. They used helicopter buckets to extinguish the fire. After seven days and seven nights of hard work, the entire line was encircled at 8:16 on August 12. 15 forest lightning fires were extinguished successively without any casualties or losses of important facilities. The fire fighting achieved a comprehensive victory. . Under the condition of no rainfall in the entire fire field, a typical battle was created that relied on rapid human response and scientific fighting of lightning-strike forest fires that broke out at multiple points.

Fire is ruthless, but there is love in the world. During the days and nights guarding the vast forest, the special service commandos developed a deep friendship as teammates, leaving behind one vivid story after another that will never be forgotten.

From July 11 to 13, 2019, multiple lightning fires broke out in the Daxinganling forest area. The team members rushed to the fire scene with only one day’s supplies to put out the fire. When they arrived at the third fire scene, only a bottle of water and a bottle of canned fruit were left. . Captain Lu Kun took out mineral water to quench the thirst of the 14 hungry team members. Look at me and look at you. No one was willing to drink. After one round, he only drank half of a bottle of water. Due to severe physical exhaustion due to lack of water, the team members fell down and then got up, supporting each other and struggling to rush to the fire scene. Holding back the tears that came to his eyes, Lu Kun choked and said: “Hurry up, everyone, there is water ahead.” After a few minutes, he shouted again: “There is really water ahead.” Hearing the captain’s voice, the team members It was as if they saw the sweet river water. Although they looked at the plum blossoms to quench their thirst, the team members were shocked and continued to stagger to the fire rescue scene with all their strength, relying on their tenacious willpower to put out the fire.

Wang Zengqiang, the second squad leader of the commando team, recalled that on June 2, 2018, he was preparing to hold an engagement ceremony at home when he suddenly received an order from the team leader saying that a fire was discovered and he needed to return to work immediately. Wang Qiangqiang said: “I am a veteran. If there is a fire in the forest, I will go to war.” When he said this, his fiancée not only did not complain, but showed understanding and support. Wang Qiangqiang felt really warm. This matter also This further strengthened his belief in defeating the Fire Demon.


According to Zhang Guangwei, the deputy captain of the special service commando team, the team members are as close as brothers. They don’t talk much but they are friendly to each other. In the face of disasters, they have an innate sense of responsibility to love Lin as their family. They move forward bravely and bravely. We must shoulder our mission, play a role in fire prevention and other emergency rescue battles, work hard, and use practical actions to be a good forest ranger and protect the green forest.

Drawing a blueprint to make integrated emergency rescue the new normal

Through exploration and practice, the special service commandos have accumulated rich practical experience in forest fire prevention and extinguishing, and have become the backbone of forest fire prevention and extinguishing in the Greater Khingan Mountains forest area. The new method of air-ground integrated fire prevention and extinguishing written on their behalf, The new measures have left a mark in the history of aviation forest protection in China.

From the 550-meter earth runway when it was first established in 1966, to two fully functional airports with Genhelin Level 1 and Manguilin Level 3; from visual calculation and navigation to intelligent navigation; from single fire extinguishing to large, medium and small comprehensive tactical warfare The application of legal three-dimensional fire prevention and extinguishing; from the promulgation of the country’s first “National Aviation Forest Guard Station Management Measures” to the development, promotion and application of nine fire protection forest fire extinguishing technologies in practice, through vigorously promoting the reform of the emergency system, the aviation forest ranger’s emergency support capabilities have been continuously improved. It has trained more than 300 abseil team members for Inner Mongolia Forest Industry Group, and exported and trained 60 abseil team members to Guangdong Provincial Technical Service, pioneering market-oriented emergency rescue mutual aid.

New era, major emergencies, new challenges. At present, the Daxinganling Aviation Forestry Protection Bureau of Inner Mongolia Forest Industry Group has realized the transformation from “fire prevention and extinguishing, single function” to “all disasters, major emergency response”, with “fine decoration” as the guarantee, “fine use” as the key, and “fine construction” as the guarantee. “As the goal, fire protection is combined with “station and team integration”. The rapid response capability and fire extinguishing level of forest firefighting in Daxinganling, Inner Mongolia have been greatly improved and won many honors.72b26c6204.jpg

In 2020, the special service commando’s deeds of volleying to protect the greenery were listed by the State Forestry and Grassland Administration as one of the twelve advanced deeds of practicing Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization thought. The special service commando team has won the 7th “Inner Mongolia Youth May Fourth Medal Collective”, “Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Youth Safety Production Demonstration Post”, “Hulunbuir National Unity and Progress Model Unit”, “Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Key State-owned Forest Administration Forest Fire Prevention and Extinguishing Advanced Collective”, “Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Youth Safety Production Demonstration Post” “Advanced Team Section for Forest Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting in the Daxinganling Forest Region” and other honors. Captain Lu Kun and deputy captain Zhang Guangwei won the honorary title of National Forest Fire Prevention Advanced Individual, team member Chai Ruixi won the honorary title of “National Outstanding Co-education Member”, and team member Zhu Jingyu won the “May 1st” Labor Medal of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Draw a new blueprint and forge ahead on a new journey. Inner Mongolia Forest Industry Group will focus on the “five major tasks” assigned to Inner Mongolia by General Secretary Xi Jinping and the two major events of building a model autonomous region in an all-round way, continue to deeply implement the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, and thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s efforts to strengthen the In the spirit of the important speech delivered at the symposium on comprehensive desertification prevention and control and promotion of the construction of key ecological projects such as the “Three Norths”, high-level, high-quality, and high-standard advancement of the integrated construction of the aviation forest protection system, “investing heavy troops” and “employing elite troops”, and striving to build a multi- Occasionally and multi-functional emergency rescue technology power draws an “ecological picture” of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, and contributes forestry engineering power to build a green ecological barrier in the northern part of the motherland! (Reporter Wang Linxi Photography: Yang Kun)

Original title: A heavy responsibility rests on our shoulders to achieve great achievements in protecting the environment in the sky – A record of the Inner Mongolia Daxinganling Aviation Forest Protection Special Service Commando Team

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