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Promote friendship and deepen cooperation – Visit to the National Exhibition of the 6th China International Import Expo_News Channel_CCTV Network (

Promote friendship and deepen cooperation – Visit to the National Exhibition of the 6th China International Import Expo_News Channel_CCTV Network (
Promote friendship and deepen cooperation – Visit to the National Exhibition of the 6th China International Import Expo_News Channel_CCTV Network (

Hall 5.2 of the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), where the National Exhibition of the Sixth China International Import Expo is held.

In the national exhibition, the unique national pavilions and exhibition furnishings are wonderfully presented. There is a dignified and grand “national style” here, as well as a colorful and lively “firework atmosphere” and “national style”. Guest exhibitors from five continents enhance friendship and deepen cooperation during economic and trade negotiations and cultural exchanges.

  A window to show progress

On November 6, in front of the China Pavilion of the National Exhibition Center of the International Import Expo, people took photos to “check in.” With the theme of “New Achievements in Chinese Modernization Provide New Opportunities for the World”, the exhibition area of ​​the China Pavilion has increased to 2,500 square meters, the largest ever. From the Chinese space station to the C919 aircraft, from large liquefied natural gas carriers to the first domestic large-scale cruise ship “Aida·Modu”, the models are equipped with a variety of imaging technologies and professional explanations. The audience is immersed in them and truly feels the influence of China. development achievements.

Laksana from Pakistan is an international student studying in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. It is her first time to visit the CIIE. She said: “The exhibits in the China Pavilion are so rich, which fully reflect the urban development and scientific and technological achievements. I have a deeper understanding of China.” understanding.”

In the China Pavilion, the Digital Great Wall naked-eye 3D holographic projection exhibition created by Tencent uses photo scanning modeling, cloud gaming and other technologies to achieve millimeter-level high-precision, immersive and interactive digital restoration of the largest cultural heritage, which can achieve the picture Interact with people in real time. The exhibitions of well-known companies such as Huawei and ZTE integrated many cutting-edge technological achievements, attracting praise from the audience.

Serbia is one of the guest countries of honor at the 6th CIIE. The exterior decoration of the Serbian Pavilion is full of modernity. The floral fragrance, canopy and green plants inside the pavilion, combined with lights and music, make people fall into a quiet and leisurely state.

This year the German Pavilion brings together 2 official institutions and 7 companies, focusing on displaying the latest achievements and application cases in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, Industry 4.0, medical health and other fields.

  A market of shared opportunities

On the morning of the 6th, a cheerful drumbeat sounded. Exhibitors and staff from Honduras played tambourines, sang and danced, and interacted enthusiastically with exhibitors and audiences from various countries from time to time… Honduras, which officially established diplomatic relations with China in March this year, was one of the guest countries of the sixth CIIE, attracting many look.

Fragrant coffee beans, mellow gin… In the Honduras Pavilion, there is a dazzling array of specialty products from the other side of the Pacific. “The products we exhibit come from fishery, coffee, wine, tourism and other fields, with a total of 25 companies.” Honduras Foreign Minister Reina said, “On the first day of the opening, we have signed contracts with fishery purchasers and received orders. Participate in the CIIE Yes, it is a major opportunity for Honduras. We hope that our high-quality specialty products will be loved by Chinese consumers.”

On the booth of the Mali Pavilion, the beautifully packaged agricultural products such as sesame seeds, hibiscus flowers, pumpkin seeds, etc. are very attractive, and buyers come up to consult and negotiate from time to time. “Sesame is our main agricultural product at this exhibition. Malian sesame has good quality, high oil content and is suitable for oil extraction.” Exhibitor Famakan Dembele said, “Benefiting from the joint construction of the ‘Belt and Road’, Malian sesame can be more It is easy to enter the Chinese market and we are confident about the sales prospects.”

“The CIIE has brought more orders to Polish companies and also brought investment from Chinese companies. We will not miss such a good open cooperation platform.” said You Deliang, chief representative of the Polish Investment and Trade Bureau in China.

  A platform for friendship

Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Putan Wijayachai visited the Thailand Pavilion on the afternoon of the 5th. His action of personally cooking Tom Yum soup and eating fragrant rice attracted many mobile phone cameras. The scene of cooking and drinking soup was broadcast in real time by the audience, triggering The screen was full of “envy” and “hungry” messages… Putan was smiling and communicating with many viewers in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

“The CIIE provides an equal display platform and exchange opportunities for all countries, allowing people from all countries to obtain tangible benefits and injecting more positive energy into world peace and development.” Mkhize, head of export affairs at the South African Department of Trade and Industry explain.

In addition to participating in national exhibitions, many countries have opened booths in corporate exhibition areas. In the food and agricultural products exhibition area, Denmark, New Zealand, Thailand, etc. all have concentrated exhibition areas for domestic enterprises set up by official agencies. Among them, Denmark displayed many foods familiar to Chinese consumers, such as dairy products, cookies, etc. The sweetness filling the air and the smiling faces at the entrance of the food were both beautiful enough. Ma Lei, the Danish ambassador to China, said that in the past five years, more than 200 Danish companies have participated in the CIIE, and companies from the two countries have continued to in-depth cooperation and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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