Henan business owner who was persecuted by the CCP declared to sever ties with the CCP | Female Entrepreneur | Li Naiqi | Withdrew from the Group

Henan business owner who was persecuted by the CCP declared to sever ties with the CCP | Female Entrepreneur | Li Naiqi | Withdrew from the Group
Henan business owner who was persecuted by the CCP declared to sever ties with the CCP | Female Entrepreneur | Li Naiqi | Withdrew from the Group

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, November 07, 2023]Li Naiqi, a female foreign trade entrepreneur from Henan Province in mainland China, was interrogated and monitored by the CCP for promoting democratic concepts. Recently, she publicly announced her withdrawal from the Chinese Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers, and completely severed ties with the Communist Party.

Li Naiqi, a foreign trade entrepreneur from Henan Province in China, once had two WeChat accounts used to promote democratic concepts. One account was the group leader, and the other was used for forwarding.

Li Naiqi: “Within two months, my group was blocked 11 times by the Chinese Communist Party, and every time it was blocked, I had to re-establish it. After re-establishing it, I would re-invite friends to the group. , and including being on it every day, I am basically on it 24 hours a day, and I keep retweeting it.”

In September 2017, CCP police came to her home and wanted to take her away. When the police were not paying attention, she deleted the WeChat ID on her phone, but was still taken to the Public Security Bureau for interrogation.

Li Naiqi: “He (the police) said, do you think we don’t know what you said or did on WeChat? Let me tell you, we are in the background and you are in everything. , we can all see it clearly, don’t think about what you kept secret, what your privacy is, it doesn’t exist at all, I tell you it doesn’t exist here.”

After a 24-hour interrogation, the police released Li Naiqi and asked her to report every morning and evening. After a while, she even discovered that she had been monitored by the Chinese Communist Party.

Li Naiqi: “When we were gathering in the teahouse, we would see state security agents sneaking out. I didn’t notice it at first, but people who were partying with us discovered it, many times.”

In June 2019, she came to the United States to attend her son’s graduation ceremony, which coincided with the anti-extradition movement in Hong Kong. Therefore, she made a speech in support of Hong Kong in her WeChat Moments, but WeChat was blocked again.

After returning to China in July of the same year, the Chinese Communist authorities required her to list her properties, cars, bank cards and other assets and submit them to the police station.

Li Naiqi: “I had no choice but to write a list to them. After that, I felt very uncomfortable every day. I felt very depressed. During that time, I often saw a psychiatrist. I just felt that I was in a very bad mood. I felt that if I struggled all my life, I would be beaten. They take away everything from you, and I really feel like it.”

Li Naiqi took advantage of her son’s birthday in November 2019 to come to the United States again. She admitted that she often participated in the anti-communist activities of the pro-democracy movement in the United States, which made her feel happy and made her feel the importance of freedom of speech.

Now, she clearly recognizes the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which relies on violence and lies to maintain power, and has announced that she will sever ties with CCP-related organizations.

Li Naiqi: “My name is Li Naiqi. Because I was deceived by the Communist Party when I was young, I joined the Youth League and the Youth League. Now I know and understand a lot of the evil nature of the CCP, including the many bad things it has done. Now I voluntarily quit the Young Pioneers and Youth League. The Communist Youth League completely breaks with the Communist Party.”

NTDTV reporter Zhicheng reports in Los Angeles

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