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Tell China’s stories well, “Good Journalists Tell Good Stories” 2023 China Journalists’ Day special program will be broadcast on

Tell China’s stories well, “Good Journalists Tell Good Stories” 2023 China Journalists’ Day special program will be broadcast on
Tell China’s stories well, “Good Journalists Tell Good Stories” 2023 China Journalists’ Day special program will be broadcast on

Good journalists tell good stories and tell good stories about China. On the occasion of the 24th China Journalists’ Day, “Good Journalists Tell Good Stories” 2023 Chinese Journalists, hosted by the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Cyberspace Administration, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and the China Journalists Association, and co-organized by China Central Radio and Television The festival special program will be broadcast on the CCTV Comprehensive Channel (CCTV-1) at 20:00 on November 8.

In the special program, ten good reporters from all over the country, including Sha Chen, Wei Lei, Jiang Tong, Tian Jiajia, Zhang Ping, Niu Yuqi, He Jieqiong, You Kai, Cheng Bingbing, Gao Wencheng, etc., shared their interview processes with the audience, and sincerely Feelings, telling the story of their interviews and records of the Chinese people embarking on a new journey and building a new era of success.

  Walking with the times, telling the story of China’s progress

Record the great era and tell the story of China well. “Good Reporters Tell Good Stories” has entered its 10th year. In this year’s special program, the reporters brought news stories that were of the same frequency as the times, as well as a review of China’s past and present voices. Ten stories with different materials and different perspectives reunite the audience with the vivid narration by reporters.

In the factory where the great power is important, journalist Wei Lei from the Zhuhai Media Group in Guangdong Province focused on the new achievements of the country’s development and recounted the past of countless scientific researchers who worked hard day and night to overcome difficulties behind the country’s new aviation achievements; in the granary of a major agricultural province, Hebei Radio and television reporter Jiang Tong focused on the grassroots story of “asking for food from saline-alkali lands” and sincerely invited the audience to experience the frustration, perseverance and emotion of agricultural science and technology personnel.

At the news anchor’s podium, Sha Chen, a reporter from China Central Radio and Television Station, used his experience of watching news programs when he was young as a reference to talk about his testimony and thoughts on multiple news events. On the front line of flood fighting and rescue operations, Niu Yuqi, a reporter from Harbin Daily in Heilongjiang Province, has continued to track and report the touching stories of the people’s soldiers in flood fighting and rescue operations, sharing them with the audience and telling the story of China’s power passed down from generation to generation. The vastness of China has been passed down for thousands of years. Cheng Bingbing, a reporter from Henan Radio and Television Station, pays attention to archaeological excavations and uses reports to give historical warmth. She tells the audience the difficult but romantic story behind the forty-year excavation of the thousand-year-old bridge.

  Make progress with the people and demonstrate the progress of the great era

There is no day when the Chinese stories in the hot land are not new and exciting. In the program “Good Reporters Tell Good Stories”, Tian Jiajia, a reporter from Guizhou Radio and Television Station, focused on the sports events “Village BA” and “Village Super League” in Guizhou’s rural areas, explaining how the popular rural leagues can transform large traffic into positive results through breaking the circle of communication. Energy makes small events evolve into big joyous events. Zhang Ping, a reporter from Dandong Radio and Television Station in Liaoning Province, evoked the memory of every Chinese person by describing his personal interviews with veterans of the volunteer army to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea. A happy life is so simple, but for the arrival of happiness, how many people are carrying a heavy burden, and each of us has not forgotten it in our hearts.

The narration of Chinese stories includes not only cultural and sports phenomena and precious interviews, but also Chinese projects and international reputation. You Kai, a reporter from the China Railway Construction Newspaper, shared his views and feelings about China’s projects in the program. China’s high-speed railway has overcome many obstacles and overcome various difficulties, and has achieved world-leading acceleration; He Jieqiong, a reporter from the People’s Daily, shared his She shared her practical experience in international communication with everyone, the pride of China’s achievements, and the power of China’s stories. She interpreted this pride and love in the program; Gao Wencheng, a reporter from Xinhua News Agency, slowly explained her persistence in the international public opinion field and told the world The experience of expressing China’s attitude and conveying China’s voice has infected more audiences.

Whether it is the current story or the memories of the past, they are all integrated and multi-faceted Chinese stories. Each story is a mark of this era. Together they are the epitome of China’s forge ahead. Good Chinese stories are actually all around us. When the stories of each of us are blended together, these trickles form the majestic China. Rivers, lakes and seas.

This year is the tenth year of the program “Good Reporters Tell Good Stories”, and we will go all out for this ten-year commitment. At 20:00 on November 8, CCTV-1’s “Good Reporters Tell Good Stories” 2023 China Journalists’ Day special program will meet you on time.

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