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Ecological dividends benefit people’s livelihood! “This is Hubei” external communication activity Jingchuxing walks into Zhuxi_Panorama Hubei_Social Vientiane_Shiyan Qinchu Net Shiyan News Portal Shiyan Mainstream News Media


Original title: Ecological dividends benefit people’s livelihood! “This is Hubei” external communication activity Jing Chuxing walks into Zhuxi

Look at the green mountains and enjoy a city rich in oxygen; the mountains and rivers are innovative, and you can stay healthy in Zhuxi. Entering Zhuxi County, Shiyan City, as far as the eye can see, you will see lakes and mountains, tea mountains, rice seas, poetic countryside… an ecological and beautiful picture of livability and workability is slowly unfolding. On November 2, the Jingchuxing research team of the “This is Hubei” external communication campaign visited Shiziya Village in the county to explore the path of beautiful rural construction in Zhuxi.

The trees are lush, the roads are clean and tidy, and the houses are well-proportioned. Shiziya Village is located in Shuangzhu Forest Farm in Zhuxi County. The total area of ​​the village is 30,400 acres, of which 12,000 acres are forest land. Jiao Yihua, a first-level researcher at the Cyberspace Administration of Hubei Provincial Committee and first secretary of Shishiya Village, said that the soil in the village is suitable for growing crops such as rice, corn, and peanuts, as well as economic forest trees such as nanmu and lacquer. In recent years, through selection, training and cultivation, Shishiya Village has built a nanmu demonstration forest of 1,200 acres, becoming the only nanmu national forest germplasm resource bank in the country, and also the country’s main nanmu resource sharing platform and teaching and research base. The unique resource endowment has become an important support for Shiziya Village to develop the collective economy and create a beautiful countryside.

“Everyone’s affairs are discussed by everyone, and everyone’s affairs are done together.” Yu Zhichun, director of the Shiziya Village branch in Shuanglin Zhuchang, introduced that Shiziya Village takes party building as the guide and strives to build a “rural revitalization demonstration village + digital village + “Nanmu Characteristic Town Integration Demonstration Village” relies on the four-level organizational system of “forest farm party branch + village party branch + party group + party member central household” to highlight the dominant position of the masses, give play to the dominant role of the masses, and stimulate the villagers’ sense of “ownership”. Form a governance pattern in which villagers actively participate, pool their efforts, and work together to build and share, and jointly create a model village with Nanmu characteristics. At the same time, relying on the digital rural platform created by the village working team, Shishiya Village explores the establishment of a service management model of “Internet + Party Building + Government Services + Grid Management” and strives to carry out digital management of the whole village.

“The digital rural platform not only allows rural governance to keep pace with the development of the times, but also allows village resources to be moved to the cloud, mobile phones to become ‘new farm tools’, data to become ‘new agricultural materials’, and live broadcasts to become ‘new farm work’, making villagers satisfied While going out to handle various affairs, you can fully enjoy digital ‘welfare’.” Ye Yushan, a member of the village-based working team, said that since the launch of the digital rural construction pilot, the village-based working team has actively leveraged the advantages of digital platform construction and took the lead in Shiziya Village. The digital rural construction pilot project in Zhuxi County was launched. After visiting each village to understand the situation in the village, the village team established a digital rural platform and carried out timely operation and maintenance. It grasped the villagers’ basic household information such as clothing, food, housing and transportation at the first time, and accurately improved village-level governance capabilities and level, providing “digital” guarantee for joint creation.

Digital rural construction has become a new starting point for rural revitalization. In order to let the villagers live a good life, the village working team made full use of the digital rural platform and put the rich nanmu germplasm resource library in Shishiya Village on the supply and marketing platform, creating a road to wealth suitable for Shiziya Village. “By creating new online poverty alleviation models such as ‘media + targeted poverty alleviation’ and ‘short video, live broadcast + poverty alleviation’, we will carry out special poverty alleviation activities such as ‘online + offline’ and use short videos and live broadcasts to convert traffic into online transactions of agricultural products. Let agricultural products go out of rural villages and enter thousands of households through the Internet.” Jiao Yihua said that with the joint efforts of policy-driven, farm-village linkage, and overall promotion, Shishiya Village is working hard to paint a happy picture of beautiful mountains and clear waters, beautiful villages and prosperous people. Contribute to writing a new chapter of happy countryside in Zhuxi County.

Relevant comrades in charge of Zhuxi County introduced that relying on ecological green resources, Zhuxi adheres to the goals of establishing an ecological county and a tourism-friendly county, actively explores the transformation channel of “two mountains”, adheres to the “win-win” of revitalizing forests and enriching people, and through selection, training and cultivation Through methods such as “nanmu”, “forest + tea”, “forest + medicine”, “forest + fungi”, “tea + tourism”, etc., a development pattern of one village, one product, one field, one specialty, and one township, one main industry has been formed. , so that ecological dividends can benefit people’s livelihood to a greater extent. (Yao Kunsen)

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