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The whole process of people’s democracy in Chongqing | Jiulongpo District: Old mailboxes rejuvenate with new connotations in the new era – Internet reporter –

The whole process of people’s democracy in Chongqing | Jiulongpo District: Old mailboxes rejuvenate with new connotations in the new era – Internet reporter –
The whole process of people’s democracy in Chongqing | Jiulongpo District: Old mailboxes rejuvenate with new connotations in the new era – Internet reporter –
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In order to demonstrate the vitality and fresh creativity of our city in the practice of democracy, starting from today, focuses on the hot exploration at the grassroots level and launches a series of reports on the “Practice of People’s Democracy in Chongqing throughout the process” to highlight the superiority of the People’s Congress system and demonstrate Chongqing’s democratic practice is grounded, popular, and inspiring, and fulfills its original aspiration and mission of putting the people first.

The “No. 1 Mailbox” is located at the entrance of Minzhu New Village.Photo by reporter Zhao Zidong

Hualong Net News (Reporter Zhao Zidong) Mailbox, a word with a sense of the times, has a new connotation of the new era in Jiulongpo Democratic Village, Chongqing.

Recently, a landscape pool has been added outside the community canteen of Minzhu Village. This small pool originated from the suggestions collected in “Mailbox No. 1”. It turns out that Chen Darong, a resident in his 70s, dropped a suggestion into the mailbox in March this year, hoping that the democratic village would add more greening and gardening. After receiving the suggestions, Jiulongpo District People’s Congress representative Liu Chaotong and the Jiulong Urban Renewal Company communicated with the designer team based on listening to public opinion and on-site research to optimize the update plan and follow up the construction simultaneously. Now, the exquisite greening and gardening landscape in the Minzhu Village area has become a popular photo-taking spot for residents and tourists.

Jiulongpo Democratic Village is the family area of ​​the former Chongqing Construction Plant in Xiejiawan. In 2021, Jiulongpo District was selected as one of the first batch of urban renewal pilot cities in the country. As a key municipal project, the urban renewal project of the Democratic Village area was listed as the “No. 1 Project” of urban renewal in Jiulongpo District.

During the implementation of urban renewal, the Jiulongpo District People’s Congress Standing Committee decided to build a full-process people’s democracy practice station here to allow residents to participate in urban planning, design, construction, and operation throughout the process.

The most eye-catching thing about the practice station is the newly designed “No. 1 Mailbox” at the entrance. It inherits the original No. 1 mailbox of Chongqing Construction Plant. Now it has become a beautiful scenery in the process of democratic construction in the new era.

On September 1, 1953, Chongqing Construction Plant became the main user of Chongqing’s No. 1 mailbox, and was the only company in Chongqing’s history to use one-digit mailboxes. Over the years, veteran employees and residents have used it to convey information, express wishes, and make suggestions. It has become more emotional with habit.

Now, residents can report problems to “Mailbox No. 1” in three ways at any time other than the representative’s fixed duty day (every Tuesday): First, an offline delivery of “Mailbox No. 1” is set up at the entrance of the practice station. The second is to enable online scanning of QR codes and one-click delivery on mobile phones; the third is to report problems through community grid workers. Residents scan the code to report problems to the grid workers. The grid workers, as the postmen of the community’s sentiments, will collect The questions received are summarized and sent to “mailbox No. 1”.

Up to now, the “Mailbox No. 1” of the practice station has received thousands of suggestions from party members in the area, many of which have been properly resolved. It can be said that “Mailbox No. 1” has been built into an important channel for residents to participate in community governance, fully demonstrating and stimulating the enthusiasm and creativity of the people to practice the whole process of people’s democracy.

For example, in response to the problem that residents are unable to dry clothes because they do not have balconies, a convenient clothes drying pole was added to provide a place for drying clothes; in response to people’s requests for convenience such as getting keys and mending clothes, a “Benefiting Craftsman’s Workshop” was created to provide residents with repairs and replacements. One-stop convenient services such as opening, opening and seaming; in view of the shortcomings of narrow roads and mixed traffic of people and vehicles in the area, the original 300 parking lots were increased to 600 to solve the problem of parking difficulties for residents in the area.

The reporter learned that with the first trial of the whole-process people’s democracy practice station in Xiejiawan Subdistrict Democratic Village, the first batch of 17 practice stations in Jiulongpo District were all completed and put into use in September. The practice site will play the six major functions of “gathering, alliance, discussion, supervision, promotion and intelligence” to realize the “normalization” of the statutory functions of the National People’s Congress, reach the grassroots and the people’s nearest “one-stop” participation in the whole process of people’s democratic practice Organic combination.

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