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Nan’an District has invested a total of more than 12 million yuan to restore the original color of the creek and make the old street full of tourists – Correspondent –


Hualong News (Correspondent Zhou Kunpeng) Qingshui Creek in Nan’an District is a first-class tributary of the Yangtze River. In order to completely solve the problem of sewage flowing into the river from Qingshui Creek, Nan’an District has invested a total of more than 12 million yuan, adding treatment facilities at the source, transforming mis-mixing junctions, and building a new sewage pipe network. If we take multiple measures at the same time, we still need a stream of clear water.

Qingshui Creek after treatment.Photo provided by Nan’an District Ecological Environment Bureau and published by

The total area of ​​the Qingshui River basin is 2.43k㎡, and the main river length is 3.56km. It originates from the Haichang Caribbean area of ​​Nanshan Street, flows through Lianhua Village, Tushan Town, turns into a box culvert near the Baoen Tower of Juelin Temple, and crosses Bayu Longmen Hao Old Street, where “Longmen Haoyue” is one of the twelve scenic spots, merges into the Yangtze River.

Previously, due to problems such as the direct discharge of sewage into the river from the rural settlements in the upper reaches of Qingshui Creek, the misconnection of rainwater and sewage in the built-up areas downstream, and the discharge of slurry water from construction projects along the line, sewage along the line was mixed into Qingshui Creek, thus causing damage to the ecological environment of the Yangtze River. .

It is understood that in the process of solving the problem, Nan’an District focused on source water control and set up an integrated sewage treatment facility with a daily processing capacity of 300m³ at the source of Qingshui Creek to basically solve the water pollution problem in the upstream Haichang Caribbean area and supervise the construction units. The original construction water inflow treatment facilities were renovated and upgraded, and a “nine-level sedimentation + oil separation + flocculation and filter pressure” treatment method was adopted to treat tunnel construction water inflows up to 1000m³ per day.

Qingshui Creek after treatment.Photo provided by Nan’an District Ecological Environment Bureau and published by

At the same time, we have made up for the shortcomings in water delivery and promoted normal water protection. We have built a 3.5km drainage pipe network, including 3km in rural areas. Domestic sewage from more than 200 rural residents along the line has been collected, and the rainwater and sewage mixing junctions in the Laojie area have been transformed. 14 At the site, more than 100 cubic meters of silt were removed, and clean water and sewage went their own way. Establish a closed-loop management working mechanism of “inspection-feedback-processing”, clarify the responsible units and responsible persons for management and protection, and strengthen daily inspections along Qingshui Creek and daily operation and maintenance management of source integrated treatment facilities. Strive for a central fund budget of 6.25 million yuan, actively promote the standardized construction of key sewage outlets into rivers, and strive to build a “digital water management” smart governance system.

In addition, landscape facilities such as a trail around the stream, a viewing platform, and a river-crossing promenade were built in Xiahaoli Old Street, and more than 20 merchants were introduced to coordinate the promotion of the “five water sharing” of water environment, water resources, water ecology, water safety, and water culture. “Governance”, comprehensively improve water quality, help integrate ecological environmental protection and cultural tourism development in old streets, and create a new model for transforming “lucid waters and lush mountains” into “golden and silver mountains”.

Rural and urban domestic sewage and construction wastewater along Qingshui Creek have been effectively collected and treated, and the terminal interceptor weir has been removed. The water quality at the mouth of the river has been stabilized at Class V and above, reducing the burden on the drainage pipe network in the central city by about 10,000 tons/day, and reducing rainy days to the greatest extent. With a capacity of about 60,000 tons per day, the improvement goal of “less clean water entering the pipe and no sewage entering the river” has been achieved.

Nowadays, the clear landscape has formed a natural landscape waterfall in Longmenhao Old Street. The beautiful and poetic picture of “small bridges and flowing water and people’s houses” has been reappeared, and the old street has been visited by tourists and received rave reviews.


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