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7 will renew their contracts + keep 3 foreign players, the first step of Guoan’s restructuring plan, Zhang Yuning will stay on the team to reinforce the 2 new players_Season_Veteran_Li Ke


Original title: 7 will renew their contracts + 3 foreign players will be retained. This is the first step in Guoan’s restructuring plan. Zhang Yuning will stay in the team to reinforce 2 new players.

7 will renew their contracts + 3 foreign players will be retained. This is the first step in Guoan’s restructuring plan. Zhang Yuning will stay in the team to reinforce the 2 new players.

From being full of confidence at the beginning of the season, making big signings, to changing coaches in the middle of the season, Beijing Guoan has had ups and downs this year, with many unplanned situations. For example, Zhang Yuning was looking forward to returning with full blood, but he missed almost 90% of the games. , which made it even more difficult for the team to attack in the first half of the season. In the second half of the season, head coach Suarez took office, and Abreu’s efficient goal rate allowed Beijing Guoan to finish sixth, only 2 points away from fourth. The difference is just one game away from reaching the goal.

According to the “Beijing Youth Daily” report, Beijing Guoan’s contract renewal work has basically been completed. Veteran Park Cheng has decided to retire. This is the first player of Beijing Guoan to leave the team this season. Beijing Guoan now has a clear attitude towards veterans and will not keep some veterans because of “favors”. Guoan has basically renewed the contracts of seven major players. International player Li Ke reached a contract extension in the middle of the season. After almost being reimbursed for two seasons, Li Ke played 22 times this year with a relatively high appearance rate.

Li Ke has recovered his form and returned to the national team. When healthy, Li Ke is one of the top midfielders in the country. After Park Sung retired, Li Ke became more important. Another midfielder, Gao Tianyi, also completed his contract extension, and veterans Zhang Chengdong and Hou Sen also successfully stayed on the team. Hou Sen not only gave up his jersey number at the beginning of the season, but also decided to give up his position. However, Han Jiaqi’s state was not stable enough. In the last few games of the season, veteran Hou Sen regained his main position and still played a key role in Guoan.

Another veteran, he has become a snake oil role, playing as a central defender many times this season, with good results. The contract renewals of the two most important players were also successfully reached, with Zhang Yuning and Yang Liyu all staying on the team. Beijing Guoan started operations relatively quickly. In fact, Guoan has been talking about contract renewal throughout the season. At the end of the season, most of the problems have been basically solved. The rest is the choice of foreign players. Adebenluo and Dablo will definitely not If you use it again, it has been confirmed that it is parallel import foreign aid.

Guoan has begun to prepare for the introduction of new foreign aid. The targets are mainly two positions, wingers and all-around midfielders. At the beginning of this season, Beijing Guoan’s signing plan was to configure a double midfielder to form a classic Guoan foreign aid combination, but in Desso The two players Sa and Ademi are not very successful. Guoan has three players in the midfield, Zhang Xizhe, Li Ke and Gao Tianyi. It is enough to introduce a foreign player who is biased towards offense. On the front line, there are Abreu and Zhang Yuning. , so there is no need for another foreign forward. A winger with speed and breakthrough ability is the most critical.


Beijing Guoan has scored 53 goals this season, and its offensive firepower ranks fourth in the Chinese Super League. Its overall offensive ability is good and in line with the team’s ranking. Only Abreu of Guoan has scored 12 goals in double digits. Jiang Xiangyou scored 9 goals and Wang Ziming scored 8 goals. Many of Wang Ziming’s goals were icing on the cake and did not play a role at critical moments. Guoan wants to qualify for the AFC Champions League next year. In addition to Abreu and Zhang Yuning, who need to score in double figures, and if one of the two imported foreign players can score in double figures, it will not be a big problem to enter the AFC Champions League.

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