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29-year-old female coach Huang Haiyang became famous because of her baby face. Personal profile-Minnan Net


[29-year-old female coach became famous because of her baby face]Nanning, Guangxi, recently, at the first National Student (Youth) Games, the post-90s beauty coach Huang Haiyang led the team to win 4 national gold medals in one day, and her appearance is as good as With both strength and strength, she quickly became popular. Netizens praised her: “She is beautiful and sassy!” “Is she really not a student?”…

Huang Haiyang has been studying skills sports for 23 years and has won many domestic and international awards. Regarding his unexpected appearance in the industry, Huang Haiyang said: Strength is very important, and I hope everyone will pay more attention to skills sports.

Huang Haiyang’s personal profile

Public information shows that Huang Haiyang, female, was born in 1994. She has won many awards including the 2008 National Skills and Cheerleading Championships Women’s Doubles Championship, the 2010 National Skills Championships Women’s Doubles Championship and many other awards. She is now the skills coach of Guangxi Sports School .

Huang Haiyang was frail and sickly as a child, so he began to participate in technical events at the age of 5 and a half. While strengthening his body, he also explored his sports potential and achieved many successes in the competition. In order to continue her love and dream, she set foot on a new track in 2018 and started her coaching career.

According to reports, on October 24, 12 events competed in the finals of the skills competition of the first National Student (Youth) Games. The Guangxi Nanning team was unstoppable, winning in the women’s synchronized all-around group B, the men’s synchronized all-around group B, and the large collective group A. Won the championship one after another and won 7 gold medals in one fell swoop. Among them, the team led by Huang Haiyang won 4 gold medals in a row.

A post-90s coach, with a group of post-00s players, created a different spark, attracting praise from netizens. All this is due to Huang Haiyang’s teaching, careful guidance, research and exploration in daily training. Project rules, technical characteristics, and scientific grasp of the training process.

Huang Haiyang said that maybe because he is closer in age to the team members, he will have more common topics with everyone, and he will be more consistent with them in the selection of the set of music or some ideas.

Talking about becoming popular online, Huang Haiyang said that his youthful appearance may be related to his long-term persistence in sports. Appearance is one aspect, but I think strength is more important. I still hope to pay attention to the sport itself, pay attention to technical events, or return to me. Our own job is to select and train more outstanding athletes.

Introduction to skill sports

Skill sports, acrobatic gymnastics in English, mainly focus on somersaults, balances, throwing and catching, etc. On this basis, sports competitions of certain shapes are completed.

There are 7 events including men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles, women’s triples, and men’s quadruples. There is no music accompaniment for the first set of actions of the 4 men, while the remaining events have music accompaniment.

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