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It is the right time to strive for youth in the prosperous age – written on the occasion of the opening of the First National Student (Youth) Games


Xinhua News Agency, Nanning, November 5Title: Youth is in the prime of life and it is the right time to strive for success

  ——Written on the occasion of the opening of the First National Student (Youth) Games

Xinhua News Agency reporters Huang Haoming, Lu Xianting, Ji Jiadong

Youthful faces meet youthful games, and the war drum of youth is beating in the verdant “China Green City” Nanning. On the 5th, the first National Student (Youth) Games opened in Nanning, Guangxi. More than 20,000 young athletes have embarked on the track of youth, chasing their dreams and working hard.

  This is the scene of the opening ceremony of the first National Student (Youth) Games taken on November 5.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Hu Xingyu

From the City Games to the Youth Games, and then to the merger with the Student Games, the Youth League is an important measure to promote the reform and development of youth and school sports in the new era, enhance the physical fitness of teenagers and students, and promote the cultivation of competitive sports reserve talents. It is an important measure to test the results of the integration of sports and education. It is an important platform and is of great significance to accelerating the construction of a powerful country in education and sports.

  High morale arouses on the youth track

“Chasing dreams and youth in the new era are more exciting”! Starting from July this year, some competitions of the Youth League have been held in various places. Athletes competed fiercely on the field with full enthusiasm and high morale, showing their youthful style. Many of them have already made their mark in international and domestic competitions, and some have competed in the Chengdu Universiade, Hangzhou Asian Games, and then came to the Youth League.

Many good results have been achieved in the competitions that have been held. In the fin swimming competition, Guangxi Nanning team athlete Yao Huali surpassed the world youth record in the women’s 100-meter instrument swimming with a time of 35.42 seconds. “Winning the gold medal in the 100-meter equipment swimming was expected, but it was quite unexpected to exceed the record.” Yao Huali said.

 On November 4, Nanjing player Gao Ziyan competed in the women’s break dancing preliminaries of the First National Student (Youth) Games.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Ailin

It takes ten years to sharpen a sword, and it takes one day to test its edge. The holding of the Youth League will show the high-spirited spirit of young people in the new era. Wuhan team diver Yan Xin won two gold medals and one silver medal here. From being introduced to diving at the age of 7 to making his debut in the domestic competition at the age of 17, Yan Xin is full of longing for the future. “The next step is to do the details of the movements well, increase the difficulty of the movements, work hard towards the national team, stand on a higher stage and win the championship!”

On the field, the athletes are heroic and energetic; outside the field, the volunteers “Little Green Mango” sweat and contribute silently. Volunteer service is a beautiful scenery at the Youth League. In order to ensure the smooth progress of all the work of the Youth Association, Guangxi recruited 16,500 volunteers from 32 universities to serve in the first Youth Association in accordance with the “library-school docking” working model. They carried forward the voluntary spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress” with practical actions and showed the style of “little green mango”, making this youth game more full and exciting.


Many “Little Green Mangs” have already been engaged in busy volunteer service work. Huang Jiaqin, a sophomore student from Guangxi Construction Vocational and Technical College, and his friends participated in the reception of the Taekwondo referee team. “Although I was busy until after 10 o’clock in the evening, I didn’t feel tired at all. This volunteer service will become a very precious memory in my college life.” She said.

  A sports event that is “participated by all and shared by all”

This Youth League is the first competitive national comprehensive sports meeting hosted by Guangxi. For the first “big test”, Guangxi adheres to the idea of ​​”all people participate and all people share” in organizing games, and arranges events in 14 districts and cities, aiming to drive the development of sports in the region, so that the pulling effect of the events and the post-match use of the venues can benefit More cities and towns will better serve national fitness and the public, and further stimulate more people’s enthusiasm for participating in physical exercise.

The Santang Sports Training and Competition Base located in Santang Town, Xingning District, Nanning City is one of the newly built competition venues for this year’s Youth League. The modern stadium complex with the design concept of “terraces” is located in the suburbs of the city, filling the gap in supporting facilities of surrounding sports venues.


  Santang Sports Training and Competition Base

“Before the construction of the venue, post-match use was considered. After the Youth Conference, it will undertake the training tasks of the national team and local teams, while providing a good place for sports and leisure for the surrounding people, and creating a vibrant gathering place for the city.” This year’s Youth Conference Lu Xuejie, leader of the venue construction team of the Venue Work Department of the Executive Committee and director of the Major Event Project Coordination and Promotion Office of the Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, said.

This Youth League involves a total of 48 competition venues. According to the principle of “use it, don’t repair it, repair it, don’t build it, rent it, don’t buy it”, most of the venues have been renovated and renovated. In Beihai, the construction of football parks, sailing piers, and national southern water sports bases is accelerating, and “sports + tourism” has become a new engine for integrated development; the Guposhan Football Base in Hezhou City is the football stadium of the Youth Association, which is surrounded by green mountains and occupies an area of The football base covering an area of ​​about 2,000 acres was transformed from the comprehensive treatment of abandoned tailings ponds to achieve win-win ecological, economic and social benefits…

All localities have carefully organized event preparations, carried out various mass cultural and sports activities, and strived to create unique youth competition venues for the hosting of youth conferences, injecting new momentum into high-quality economic and social development.


 On October 28, contestants competed in the men’s mountain bike cross-country race of the First National Student (Youth) Games.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Boan

In the early stage of the mountain bike competition, 75 athletes from 14 cities across the country gathered at the competition venue at the Baping Wetland Forest Health Tourism Scenic Area in Nandan County. The viewing areas on both sides of the track were filled with people gathered from all directions. Many Nandan Baikuyao people wearing national costumes added color to the event.

“The Youth League brings vitality to the city and is deeply loved and supported by the masses. The national fitness craze has also started in Hechi. We hope that by providing first-class event services for athletes from all over the country and providing wonderful sports competitions to the citizens, Show everyone the charm of Nandan, Hechi.” said Tan Shanqi, director of Nandan County Culture, Radio, Television, Sports and Tourism Bureau.

  Use the “light of sports” to build a “powerful generation”

If young people are strong, China will be strong. This Youth Conference is a major competition and exchange for school sports work across the country. It is also a major display of youthful vitality and style of young students. It will greatly promote the development of campus sports activities and create a stronger atmosphere for young people to carry out extensive physical exercise.

Nanning No. 17 Middle School has a women’s football team. This group of 12 to 15-year-old children will be the “stars” of the Guangxi women’s football team in the next few years and carry the hope of revitalizing the Guangxi women’s football team. In September 2019, with the support of the Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, the Guangxi Football Association actively explored a sports and education integration model in which the sports department, education department and social youth training institutions jointly cultivate elite female football players. The company and other three parties cooperated and jointly established the Guangxi women’s football elite echelon.

Today, this “school team” is the main force in Guangxi’s women’s football competition in the Youth League, and has trained a number of “Pan Yanhong, a member of the Chinese futsal national women’s football team, and Lu Keyi and Huang Linting, who were selected for the U15 national women’s football training team.” Star of Hope”.


  On October 31, the third round of the volleyball college women’s group match of the First National Student (Youth) Games (Campus Group) was held in Qinzhou, Guangxi.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Ailin

The first Youth League made useful explorations in the competition regulations and divided the competition into campus group and open group. The campus group was further divided into university group and middle school group. The competition items were sports widely carried out in universities, middle schools and primary schools in China, such as Track and field, basketball, football, table tennis, etc.

Lu Yiwen, deputy director of the Sports Bureau of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, said that the Youth League is a useful exploration for China to deepen the integration of sports and education. The open group inherits more of the functions of the past city sports games and youth games to discover and cultivate talents; the campus group is based on campus sports. The popularization of sports focuses on cultivating moral character and promoting the spirit of Chinese sports. This is the direction to promote the healthy growth of young people and is also a manifestation of the continuous improvement and upgrading of China’s youth competition system.

So far, the open group has completed 198 events, and some events in the campus group have also been successfully completed. In the competition that has ended, the athletes showed a good mental state and a high level of competition. Some youth world records and Asian records were surpassed, and some national youth records were rewritten. Li Hui, Director of the Department of Youth and Youth of the State General Administration of Sports and Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the National Youth Association, believes that more “stars of tomorrow” will appear on the Guangxi arena and become the main force in future international competitions.

The first Youth League is about to open. The young athletes who take to the field will live up to their youthful struggle, release their youthful dreams and contribute their youthful power in the new era and new journey!

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