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Beijing’s first district-school cooperation innovation zone is settled in Chaoyang Beigong Dashan Hewangu Innovation Zone and construction begins

Beijing’s first district-school cooperation innovation zone is settled in Chaoyang Beigong Dashan Hewangu Innovation Zone and construction begins
Beijing’s first district-school cooperation innovation zone is settled in Chaoyang Beigong Dashan Hewangu Innovation Zone and construction begins

Original title: Beijing’s first district-school cooperation innovation zone settles in Chaoyang

News from this newspaper (intern reporter He Rui) The city’s first university-environment innovation zone jointly built by the district government and universities has settled in Chaoyang District. Recently, the Beijing University of Technology Dashan River Valley Innovation Zone, jointly built by Chaoyang District and Beijing University of Technology, started construction. The innovation zone will focus on the construction of “artificial intelligence + industrial park”, promote the integration of talent chain, innovation chain and industrial chain, and strive to create an artificial intelligence industry gathering place in the southern part of Chaoyang District that serves Beijing and has international influence.

The BIT Dashan River Valley Innovation Zone is centered on the Pingyuan Campus of BIT and radiates to Jiulong Mountain, Shili River to Xizhihe, Baiziwan, Happy Valley and other areas in the south of Chaoyang District, through the core areas of universities, leading science and technology parks and industrial parks. The “three districts” are linked to build a new ecosystem of innovative cooperation with government coordination, enterprise leadership, universities taking the lead, and social participation.

In the construction of the innovation zone, Beijing University of Technology serves as the core area, providing source innovation and original technology; the pioneer science and technology park is the intermediate carrier of “one hospital, one park” technology transfer, focusing on innovation results and business incubation; the industrial park is the future in Chaoyang District The “artificial intelligence +” industrial demonstration zone constructed in the south will introduce enterprises such as Beijing Enterprises Group, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Alibaba to promote product development, market promotion and application.

The Pioneer Science and Technology Park includes the Industrial Development Research Institute and the National University Science and Technology Park “one hospital, one park”. Here, scientific and technological innovation achievements will rely on cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, intelligent robots and intelligent equipment, “artificial intelligence + medical engineering intersection”, and new generation The construction of innovation centers such as information technology has moved from laboratories to industrialization. The Industrial Development Research Institute mainly supports the source innovation and original technology verification of universities, providing common technology platforms, high-end testing and laboratory processing platforms and fund subsidies; the National University Science and Technology Park is an incubator for innovative technology enterprises, cultivating talents through scientific and technological services and technology transfer. etc., to help the maturation and application of innovative scientific and technological achievements.

In order to support the city’s construction of the first district-school cooperation innovation zone, Chaoyang District has also issued the “Supporting Opinions of the Chaoyang District People’s Government on Promoting the Construction of Beigong Dashan River Valley Innovation Zone”, including promoting the construction of Beikong University’s Science and Technology Innovation District, supporting Beikong University Construction of the Chaoyang Science and Technology Achievements Transformation Base of Gongda, supporting the construction of a high-level scientific and technological innovation platform, setting up a special fund for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, creating a high-quality science and technology cultural integration district, strengthening services for outstanding scientific and technological talents, promoting the construction of an integration base for industry, education and research, and supporting the organization of international high-end science and technology Innovative brand activities, priority support for outstanding scientific research teams and alumni enterprises to land in Chaoyang, support for college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, etc., stimulate and release innovation resources in universities.

In the future, Beigong Dashan Hewangu Innovation Zone will take the lead in smoothing the scientific and technological innovation chain, improving the scientific and technological financial service system, and deepening the reform of systems and mechanisms to form replicable and popularizable results and create a cornerstone of the construction of Beijing International Science and Technology Innovation Center. A “golden business card”.

(Editors: Meng Zhu, Bao Congying)

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