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Go straight to the CIIE and look at China’s market opportunities from the gravity of the CIIE_ Oriental Fortune Network

Go straight to the CIIE and look at China’s market opportunities from the gravity of the CIIE_ Oriental Fortune Network
Go straight to the CIIE and look at China’s market opportunities from the gravity of the CIIE_ Oriental Fortune Network

In late autumn in Shanghai, the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) is crowded with people and business opportunities are surging. On November 5, the 6th China InternationalImport ExpoThe CIIE (referred to as the “CIIE”) opened. Guests from 154 countries, regions and international organizations attended the annual CIIE. At the CIIE site, exhibitors and guests interviewed by reporters all said that through data, they saw that the CIIE promise of “getting better and better” was fulfilled as promised, and they felt the vitality and vitality of the Chinese market. opportunity.

At the enterprise exhibition of the CIIE, more than 3,400 companies from 128 countries and regions gathered together, bringing more than 400 new products, new technologies, and new services.Among them, there are 289 Fortune 500 companies and industry leading companies, the world’s top 15 vehicle brands, the top 10 industrial electrical companies, the top 10medical instrumentsEnterprises, three major mining giants, four major grain merchants, and five major shipping companies gathered to showcase global industry development trends and cutting-edge achievements.

Walking to the technical equipment exhibition area where high-end equipment and advanced technologies are gathered, the first thing that caught the reporter’s eyes was Honeywell’s 500-square-meter booth. “From more than 50 square meters in the first exhibition to the current 500 square meters, the area of ​​Honeywell’s booth, which has participated in the exhibition for six consecutive years, has expanded nearly 10 times.” The person in charge of the booth told reporters that this year Honeywell concentrated on exhibiting a A series of sustainable and digital innovative technologies and products, including the world’s first new product – intelligent building energy management system (BeMS), which is completely targeted atChinese architectureDeveloped to meet the energy management needs of the market.

Nearby is Schneider Electric’s specially designed booth with a green background. As an “old friend” of the CIIE for six years, this year Schneider Electric comprehensively demonstrated the results of the “China Center” strategy and the world’s leading digital technology. “With the help of the CIIE, a world-class open platform, this year we will comprehensively display digital technology, green ecology, carbon reduction capabilities, etc. through zero-carbon application scenarios covering 14 major industries and an upgraded version of the ‘zero-carbon city’ image, and join hands to Partners from all walks of life come together to commit to high-quality development,” said Yin Zheng, executive vice president of Schneider Electric and president of China and East Asia.

Not only has the equipment manufacturing field attracted the deployment and development of multinational companies, but the ever-upgrading Chinese consumer market and medical and health needs are also favored by foreign-funded enterprises. They will bring new products and technologies to the CIIE and hope to further open up the Chinese market through the CIIE. .

In the medical field, GE Healthcare focuses onprecision medicinesmart medical care and other aspects, it has brought nearly 30 unbounded innovations that integrate global resources and Chinese wisdom, 10 of which were first exhibited in China; Roche Diagnostics has brought a number of world-leadingin vitro diagnosticsproducts, of which 4 new products for hospital laboratories were first launched in China. They also showcased the latest achievements in the field of digitalization, involving 11 digital products launched in 5 major application fields;AbbottFocusing on displaying diversified innovation results, the world’s leading life technologies will be showcased for the first time, including the world’s leading wearable sensing technology –AbbottThe instant glucose monitoring system allows diabetic patients to say goodbye to the pain of fingertip blood collection.

In the field of health and nutrition,HerbalifeIt has brought more than 40 overseas best-selling products in more than 20 categories, including global innovations in the three categories of weight management, target nutrition, and sports nutrition, among which 5 “HerbalifeV” series of plant-based products are exhibited for the first time in China.

In the field of technology, Samsung has brought display,smart homeCore cutting-edge technologies and products in other fields. Among them, the small folding screen mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 attracted many buyers and visitors.

In addition to these, there is also an automobile exhibition area that gathers the top fifteen automobile brands in the world.gatheringA food exhibition area for global organic and healthy “local specialties”, creating a world brand gathering place, a global new product launch place and an international trend-leading consumer goods exhibition area…new energyAutomobiles, high-tech beauty products, high-quality food, etc. will successively make their global debut, Asia debut, and China debut in the next few days.

It is the active participation of these multinational companies that has contributed to the improvement in the quality and quantity of exhibitions at this CIIE. Data shows that the exhibition area of ​​corporate exhibitions reached a new high, reaching 367,000 square meters, and the area of ​​specially designed booths accounted for nearly 95%. The number of Fortune 500 companies, industry leading companies and innovative small and medium-sized enterprises participating in the exhibition is the largest ever.

When exploring the attraction of the CIIE, exhibitors expressed that the CIIE is a high-level and open platform through which companies from all over the world can better share the opportunities in China’s large market. Yao Guoliang, general manager of Roche Diagnostics China, said that by participating in the CIIE for six consecutive years, Roche will exhibit the world’s latest products every year. Thanks to the CIIE platform, these innovative products have received widespread attention and accelerated their implementation in the Chinese market.

HerbalifeGuo Mu, President of China and Global Senior Vice President, said that the CIIE allows companies to fully feel China’s determination to proactively expand opening up. The CIIE has brought many opportunities to Herbalife’s sustainable development in China and provided important assistance in promoting the implementation of innovative products. “This year, we look forward to leveraging the huge attention from the CIIE to let more people know about the company’s high-quality products and comprehensive health concepts based on science.”

Data also shows that as a platform to promote high-level opening up, the CIIE has become an excellent platform for foreign companies to tap into the potential of China’s vast market. The first five CIIEs showcased more than 2,000 representative new products, new technologies, and new services for the first time, with a cumulative intended transaction volume of nearly US$350 billion. At the same time, China continues to promote high-quality development, continues to release the dividends of opening up, and further strengthens the determination of multinational companies to deeply explore the Chinese market.

Looking forward to future development, Yu Feng, President of Honeywell China, told reporters that China has a very large domestic market, a complete industrial system, and a good technological innovation environment, which is very attractive to foreign investment. At the same time, China continues to release higher-level measures to open up to the outside world to support foreign-funded enterprises to develop in China. “These have boosted the confidence of foreign-funded companies, including Honeywell, in doing business in China. Honeywell is optimistic about the long-term development of China’s economy.”

Zhang Yihao, Global Executive Vice President of GE Healthcare, President and CEO of China, is also optimistic about China’s innovation environment, saying that it will take root in China’s good innovation soil, integrate global innovation elements with greater efforts, and continue to increase investment in China.

Tao Kuangchun, Chairman of KPMG Asia Pacific and China, said that China has established multiple new high-level and high-quality import promotion platforms and issued a series of policy documents to expand market opening, demonstrating its determination to continue to comprehensively expand reform and opening up and share China’s market opportunities with the world. , providing a strong guarantee for promoting world economic recovery.

(Source of article: Economic Information Daily)

Source of article: Economic Information Daily

Original title: A direct look at the China International Import Expo and China’s market opportunities from the gravity of the International Import Expo

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