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Li Keqiang’s death brought out a special department that frightened senior party officials | Former Prime Minister of the Chinese Communist Party | Li Keqiang | Cremation | Chinese Communist authorities | Crisis | 1964 | Public complaints | Cause of death | Public doubts

Li Keqiang’s death brought out a special department that frightened senior party officials | Former Prime Minister of the Chinese Communist Party | Li Keqiang | Cremation | Chinese Communist authorities | Crisis | 1964 | Public complaints | Cause of death | Public doubts
Li Keqiang’s death brought out a special department that frightened senior party officials | Former Prime Minister of the Chinese Communist Party | Li Keqiang | Cremation | Chinese Communist authorities | Crisis | 1964 | Public complaints | Cause of death | Public doubts

[Voice of Hope November 5, 2023](Interview and report by our reporter Wang Xiao)

The body of former Chinese Premier Li Keqiang was cremated on November 2. The official cause of death was a sudden heart attack, but the public did not buy it and doubts continued to this day.

Hu Ping, honorary editor-in-chief of “Beijing Spring” magazine, told Voice of Hope: It is not impossible that Li Keqiang died of a sudden heart attack, but the chance is very small. At 68 years old, as a retired veteran of the Communist Party of China, he enjoys the best medical treatment in China and even the world. If he has a heart attack, his bodyguards will deal with it in time. And if he has a heart disease, it is impossible not to carry emergency medicine with him.

Former Xinhua News Agency reporter Gu Wanming published an open letter in the name of a party member on October 30, demanding “to find out the cause of Li Keqiang’s death and give an explanation to the people across the country.”

Hu Ping believes: “The authorities will definitely not conduct an inspection. It’s very simple. First, if there is a problem, wouldn’t it be troublesome during the inspection?! Second, the inspection itself is tantamount to admitting that there is something puzzling about the death process. It will definitely Deny this. So this also makes people more suspicious! Because his death is indeed too surprising. If it is really natural, he died of illness, but the onset was very sudden, and people did not pay much attention at the time, etc., then It would tell us the real situation and then dispel everyone’s doubts! It would help eliminate this doubt. But it did not do this. Of course it will not conduct an autopsy. Doing an autopsy would be equivalent to admitting that there is something wrong with it. All these things Taken together, they will only strengthen, but not weaken, people’s suspicions about Li Keqiang’s death.”

Wang Juntao, a Peking University alumnus of Li Keqiang and a Chinese political scholar living in the United States, told The Epoch Times that he believed Li Keqiang had indeed violated Xi Jinping’s taboo and was tortured to death. Wang Juntao pointed out that “all senior central cadres are under house arrest, and their secretaries, guards, correspondents, drivers, cooks, and orderlies are all spies. They are better than residential surveillance in that they have ample space, but they have to register whoever they see or not.” , because security needs to be arranged. But in the end, security is not really to ensure safety, it becomes a specification.” This means that security becomes a means of control.

“Nikkei Asian Review” recently quoted news that retired CCP elders had a private gathering before the Beidaihe Conference, during which Zeng Qinghong, Chi Haotian, and Zhang Dejiang teamed up to “force the palace” on Xi Jinping, and the driving force behind this incident was Li Keqiang.

Li Yuanhua, a former associate professor at Capital Normal University in Beijing, told Voice of Hope that the so-called Beidaihe Conference actually expressed the dissatisfaction of the CCP elders. “They protect the party but not Xi. They place their hope on Li Keqiang succeeding Xi after he survives the opposition. This has become a major hidden danger for Xi. Xi Jinping actually felt threatened by the so-called Li Keqiang during this process. , is the kind of legend that was said before about Li taking power under Xi. This cannot come from Li Keqiang. Because when Li Keqiang was in office, he was not at the same level as Xi Jinping. If it was possible for the two of them ten years ago, after Xi took power ten years later, Li Keqiang simply does not have this ability, nor does he have the idea to replace Xi. His political views are inconsistent with Xi’s, and everyone can see it. So I say that his murderous cause is the voice within the Communist Party that wants to replace Xi. , and then continue to give them opportunities for corruption. Regardless of whether this kind of voice is Li Keqiang’s own wish, under Xi’s dictatorship, it has brought disaster to Li Keqiang’s life. This is why everyone feels that he died. I don’t know why, but my death was sudden, and it was an external cause.”

Gao Guangjun, a former lecturer at China Public Security University, said in the “Elite Forum” that around 2018, Xi Jinping established a special department called the “Operations Bureau of the Central Military Commission.” One of the basic and only tasks of this action bureau is assassination and kidnapping. This action bureau has made some officials within the Chinese Communist Party tremble with fear and despair. In recent years, the sudden death of senior officials within the Chinese Communist Party has occurred frequently.

Li Yuanhua said: “The Special Operations Bureau is a special operation outside the judiciary. It has the highest power of life and death. It actually threatens people within the CCP and also breaks the rules of the CCP. Because the CCP engaged in assassinations in its early days. Not only did they assassinate other people, they also assassinated their own people, including the bureaus that Zhou Enlai, Chen Yun, and Kang Sheng set up in Shanghai at that time. That was to assassinate their own comrades! Later, when they arrived in Yan’an, the CCP began to change, that is, It is said that this method is not safe and threatening to each other, and everyone agrees not to take the path of assassination, which is to criticize and criticize the political struggle. Xi Jinping actually agrees with the former Soviet Union’s method during Stalin’s period, and people within the party were assassinated. (After 3) If the Communist Party does not fall, if Li Keqiang is Xi Jinping, he will be the second Xi Jinping. This was not the case before Xi Jinping came to power. Even with the totalitarianism of the Communist Party, when he sat in the highest position of the party , He must seize power so that he can live and extend the life of the evil party. In fact, Li Keqiang is not much different from Xi Jinping in essence. Hu Jintao said that ideology allows us to learn from North Korea, and North Korea is successful. So People like them have that kind of virtue when they reach that position. Because the Communist Party’s system only allows such people. You can only engage in the horror of the underworld of the Communist Party. And the Communist Party has always seemed willing to make a so-called prime minister appear to be good. , (the latter) is so friendly to the people, one has a black face, and the other has a white face. This is one of its ruling strategies and methods.”

The “April Five-Year Plan” incident in 1976 after the death of former Premier Zhou Enlai, and the “June 4th” Tiananmen Incident in 1989 after the death of former General Secretary of the Communist Party of China Hu Yaobang. These two large-scale demonstrations and protests by citizens and students centered in Beijing and spread across many provinces and cities in China. Although they were eventually violently suppressed by the CCP authorities, they greatly shook the political stability of the CCP.

After Li Keqiang’s death, colleges and universities in Beijing, Tianjin, and Hebei banned students from leaving school. The CCP authorities have monitored the Internet to an unprecedented extent. They use real-name registration for mobile phones and Internet accounts. Internet police monitor public opinion day and night, and social platforms block and ban accounts all the time.

In order to avoid repeating the same mistakes as the Tiananmen Square incident on June 4, the Chinese Communist authorities used various means to prohibit or restrict students and citizens from mourning Li Keqiang.

Li Yuanhua said: “The large number of people’s condolences is not so much a tribute to Li Keqiang, but rather a dissatisfaction with the current government, dissatisfaction with the current economic situation, international situation, including people’s livelihood. Li Keqiang’s death is used by everyone to express this wish. . Then the Chinese Communist Party can also feel this public resentment.”

Hu Ping believes that although Li Keqiang’s body has been cremated, the crisis for the Beijing authorities has not passed yet. The mourning for Li Keqiang is similar to the mourning for Zhou Enlai in 1976 and the mourning for Hu Yaobang in 1989.

He said: “In the first few days of the 1989 Incident, we were still mourning Hu Yaobang, but later we obviously changed our slogan and wanted freedom and democracy, and we clearly put forward this idea; we were also mourning Zhou Enlai. At the beginning, around January 8 , that is to commemorate Zhou Enlai, but on April 5th, it is to directly criticize the Gang of Four, and it escalates! First of all, it has some basic emotions, various emotions, and then as long as the number of participants reaches a certain size, they will interact with each other The infection will increase, and then it will become more and more obvious in nature of resistance. So far, we have seen the direction of people’s hearts. Mourning Li Keqiang is not just about mourning Li Keqiang, but actually expressing the people’s dissatisfaction with reality. , dissatisfaction with Xi Jinping. This signal has been clearly shown. So even if it ends today, it is already a national opinion poll and survey. Most Chinese people do not like the rule of the Communist Party. Not satisfied. I think this signal is very clear now!”

Editor in charge: Lin Li

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