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Yinghui: Inspiration from Li Keqiang’s sudden death | Li Keqiang’s death | Li Keqiang’s death | Xi Jinping

Yinghui: Inspiration from Li Keqiang’s sudden death | Li Keqiang’s death | Li Keqiang’s death | Xi Jinping
Yinghui: Inspiration from Li Keqiang’s sudden death | Li Keqiang’s death | Li Keqiang’s death | Xi Jinping

The CCP’s arrogant mentality of despising gods and Buddhas and fighting against heaven and earth has not only brought endless man-made and natural disasters to the Chinese people, but has also led the CCP itself to the road of no return to eventual destruction by God. The picture shows December 1, 2022, Tiananmen Square in Beijing. (Noel Celis/AFP)

[The Epoch Times, November 05, 2023]As Li Keqiang’s body was cremated on November 2, his sudden death caused an international sensation. People in several regions in the country mourned and expressed their frustration and helplessness in life. will return to peace. But the impact of this incident will never end, and people should also draw inspiration from it.

First of all, Xi Jinping and the CCP are not winners. A series of responses from the Central Committee of Xi Jinping and many doubts surrounding the death of Li Keqiang have made people more aware of the horror of the CCP and exposed the cruelty of the CCP. As the leader of the CCP, Xi Jinping will be even more lonely in the world, because the CCP is the representative of evil. And whether Li Keqiang was harmed by Xi Jinping because of his bow and discord with Xi Jinping, Xi Jinping cannot confess; Li Keqiang’s death cannot solve Xi Jinping’s fear problem.

Interpretation of prophecies and the protection of the royal family have also occurred in the past dynasties, such as “the one who destroyed Qin was Hu Ye” during the reign of Qin Shihuang. Qin Shihuang built the Great Wall to prevent barbarian invasions. In fact, this “Hu” is not a Hu person, but the second son of the First Emperor, Hu Hai. Qin died at the hands of Hu Hai.

Chai Rong, Emperor Shizong of the Later Zhou Dynasty, sent troops to fight once and was defeated. On his way back to Beijing, there was a three-foot-long wooden board among his documents, which read: Check the world under the rule of law. He was very angry. After returning to Beijing, he dismissed the original inspector (chief of the Imperial Guard) and appointed Zhao Kuangyin as the new inspector. As a result, Zhao Kuangyin, the “inspector”, ruled the world. In fact, it is not as good as God. Indiscriminate killing and abuse of power will only lead to desolation of life, deprivation of the people’s livelihood, and aggravation of the ruler’s sins and disasters.

The right path in the world is subject to vicissitudes of life. If you gain the right path, you will get many help, but if you lose the right path, you will get little help. There is an iron plate prediction: four black birds flew over the mountain peaks and flew to the Yin Valley. The white-feathered birds followed, but they hit the cliff and blood splattered. Then the white-feathered bird changes its course, does not follow the path of the four black birds, does not follow the four black birds to fly to the valley of darkness, comply with God’s will, and disintegrate the CCP, then avoid the cliffs, the future is bright, and there will be bright flowers and willows in every village. Where can there be blood-sprinkled cliffs? Woolen cloth!

As the saying goes: Water can carry a boat, but it can also capsize it; he who wins the hearts of the people wins the world. We have always regarded the people as God, and public opinion is God’s will. Now 420 million people have withdrawn from the CCP team. This is God’s will. Disintegrating the CCP is the real best policy. This is the only way out for the white-feathered bird. .

Secondly, officials at all levels, especially high-ranking officials, cannot protect themselves regardless of whether they are treated with respect or not. Li Keqiang, the Prime Minister of a country, only tells a few truths and does two practical things, but he is not treated with respect. He is marginalized, restricted, suppressed and humiliated everywhere. If this is the case for the prime minister of a country, in comparison, what kind of destiny can the officials of the Chinese Communist Party have? Even if there are newly appointed Foreign Minister Qin Gang and Defense Minister Li Shangfu, what will happen to them? The CCP system is evil and the CCP is the devil. Officials of the CCP know it all too well. The CCP has reached a point of no return. Abandon the CCP. Only by abandoning the CCP can we give ourselves and our families a future. What kind of future has Li Keqiang brought to himself and his wife and daughter? It’s worth thinking twice!

In addition, China’s leek, the prime minister of a country, is still like this! People, don’t have any illusions. The CCP has been under dictatorship for more than 70 years. By the end of the Cultural Revolution, more than 80 million people have died abnormally and innocent lives have been lost. The evil CCP will never put down its sickle and ax. The suppression of the student uprising in 2011, the brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Xinjiang and Tibet, the mysterious disappearance of young people, and the harvesting of organs from living people are outrageous. Data shows that more than 100 million people have died as a result of the persecution by the CCP. Then to the extreme epidemic prevention of the new crown epidemic, the all-out surveillance of the Chinese people, the abuse of power in the housing market and the economy, “600 million people have a monthly income of less than 1,000 yuan.” This was before the epidemic, and now the people know what they are, but We also need to know that all this is “given” by the “mother” of the Chinese Communist Party! People in the Western civilized world without the CCP enjoy a life of freedom, equality and no fear!

Leeks, leeks are the target of the CCP’s harvest. Why do Chinese people who are suffering so much act as security guards and volunteers to protect the stability of the CCP’s power? ! Compatriots, if you are a member of the public security, armed police, special forces, national security, the military, etc., you have to work in order to survive, but when you go to maintain stability and persecute petitioners, dissidents, and people who express their suffering (not for the CCP) When you like your own volunteers, or the Chinese people who protest, you have to think that their suffering is also the suffering that your relatives and friends will encounter. Their suffering may be your suffering in the past, present, or future! You have to “raise your gun an inch” and you have to protect them! They are taxpayers and the real owners of this country, and they are the ones you want to protect and should protect! In fact, it is your sacred duty to protect the safety of people’s lives and property, not to protect the stability of the CCP’s ruling power! Ordinary Chinese people should not be bewitched by the CCP to expose, report, and persecute compatriots who oppose the CCP! They are China’s hope!

China is not the CCP, and patriotism is not patriotism. Without the CCP, there would be happiness.

Editor in charge: Gao Yi

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