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Amplify the spillover effect of the CIIE to convey Jiangsu’s “strong message of opening up”


After a year, the “CIIE” time has started again, and the 6th China International Import Expo officially kicked off on the 5th.

Focusing on the theme of “Sharing the Future in the New Era”, the Jiangsu trading delegation thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech on Jiangsu work, and implemented the spirit of “taking the lead in promoting Chinese-style modernization and writing a new chapter in Jiangsu’s modernization construction of ‘Strong, Rich, Beautiful and High'” “Chapter” requires that we do a solid job in all aspects of the Sixth CIIE and proactively serve the overall situation of the country’s external work.

Gather first-class products and share opportunities in China

The CIIE is the first national-level exhibition with the theme of import. Since it was held in 2018, it has successfully built a bridge for foreign companies to delve into the Chinese market and become an important window for China to open up to the outside world.

The Sixth China International Import Expo will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from November 5th to 10th, continuing to adhere to the theme of “Sharing the Future in the New Era”. It consists of national comprehensive exhibition, corporate and commercial exhibition, Hongqiao Forum, professional supporting activities and cultural exchange activities. This CIIE will welcome guests from 154 countries, regions and international organizations, and more than 3,400 companies will participate in the exhibition, which has fully returned to pre-epidemic levels. More than 100 executives from the global headquarters of Fortune 500 companies and industry leading companies have confirmed that they will come to China to participate in the CIIE, a record-breaking scale. The exhibition scale of the Enterprise Business Exhibition is larger, with an exhibition area of ​​approximately 367,000 square meters. It has six exhibition areas including food and agricultural products, automobiles, technical equipment, consumer goods, medical equipment and medicine and health care, and service trade, as well as an innovation incubation area, including 30 plate. A total of 11,000 units and 42,000 people were registered in the Jiangsu trading delegation for the Sixth CIIE.

With the starting point of further improving the effectiveness of participation, amplifying the spillover effect of the exhibition, and comprehensively demonstrating the good image of Jiangsu as an open province, our province’s import expo participation work has a high starting point, early start, and great results.

As a major open province and a major economic province, especially as an important part of the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu has the responsibility to do a good job in organizing and organizing participation in the CIIE. Our province will make good use of the CIIE, a national-level and international platform, to actively expand imports, deepen open cooperation, better serve the construction of a two-way hub with world cohesion, and contribute more Jiangsu strength to the overall openness and development of the country. At the same time, on the basis of the work of the previous five sessions, focusing on the work goals of “highlighting precision, focusing on quality, improving effectiveness, and staying at the forefront”, we will meticulously organize supporting activities to further improve the effectiveness of participation and continue to amplify the spillover effects of the CIIE. .

The Provincial Department of Commerce (Jiangsu Trade Mission Secretariat) held multiple special meetings to promote the implementation of various preparatory work, formulate the Jiangsu Trade Mission work plan, clarify goals and ideas, implement the division of responsibilities, refine work measures, and go all out to do a good job in the Import Expo Participate in work.

Enterprises have also made adequate preparations and there are many highlights. Since participating in the CIIE, Kärcher Germany has been taking root in Jiangsu and accelerating the localization process. At this CIIE, Germany’s Kärcher will bring five world premiere exhibits, two of which were independently developed and produced by Kärcher’s Jiangsu team based on the needs and pain points of Chinese consumers. “We hope that we can use the spillover effect of the CIIE to accelerate the introduction of these exhibits that condense Jiangsu’s strength to the Chinese market, and use Kärcher’s global sales network to sell to overseas markets, truly benefiting consumers around the world.” Kärcher Greater China President Tang Xiaodong said that in addition to achieving both publicity and sales, Kärcher Germany also hopes to use the CIIE platform to further realize its beautiful vision of “based on Jiangsu and radiating around the world”. It is worth mentioning that last year, Kärcher of Germany invested 100 million yuan to build a global R&D center in Suzhou Industrial Park, which was officially opened in August this year.

At this CIIE, the LEGO Group will use “Unleash the Super Power of Play” as its theme. The booth will bring an immersive LEGO play experience to the audience in an open space with a total area of ​​more than 400 square meters. “The Group will continue to launch new products globally. Its rich and diversified product portfolio, fun-filled building experience, and giant 3D LEGO brick model installation specially customized for this CIIE will illustrate the super power of play brought by the LEGO brand. “The relevant person in charge of Lego said that it encourages more people to break the rules through play, live in a more interesting way, and rediscover and release the super power of play.


Amplify the comprehensive effect and promote the transformation of exhibits into commodities

At this CIIE, the Jiangsu trading delegation focused on the “three highlights” and gave full play to the four major platform functions of the CIIE: international procurement, investment promotion, cultural exchanges, and open cooperation, and did a solid job in organizing trading delegations, inviting buyers, and promoting trade transactions. and other preparatory work to further amplify the comprehensive and spillover effects of the CIIE, promote more exhibits to become commodities, and exhibitors to become investors, strongly support the stabilization of foreign trade and foreign investment, promote high-level opening up, and make the CIIE “more and more successful” “Good” contribution to Jiangsu.

Highlight precise investment promotion and build an efficient and diversified investment promotion system. The secretariat of the trade delegation strengthened system linkage and line activation, and went to key sub-delegations such as Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Nantong, and Yancheng to supervise and guide the progress of the sixth CIIE. Two investment roadshows for the 6th CIIE were held in Kunshan and Jiangning respectively. A total of more than 200 provincial purchasers conducted in-depth negotiations and docking with exhibitors in the technical equipment and service trade exhibition area. Organized a number of enterprises from our province to go to Shanghai to participate in the pre-show supply and demand matchmaking meeting of the 6th China International Import Expo. In accordance with the requirements of precision, efforts were made to highlight the invitation of key import companies, and a total of more than 40 key units were recommended as important buyers of the 6th CIIE. Online training on the use of information system for professional visitors of the Sixth China International Import Expo was held to guide each branch group to effectively coordinate business organization and registration work. Sort out a precise list of investment promotion matters, invite key buyers to participate in the conference, and promote docking negotiations with small and medium-sized exhibitors. Pay attention to the role of market-oriented mechanisms, encourage and support professional organizations such as business associations to carry out market-oriented investment promotion, and improve the overall level and effectiveness of investment promotion.


Highlight the effectiveness of the brand and organize a variety of supporting activities. In accordance with the work requirements of producing high-quality products for on-site activities and colorful and diverse off-site activities, the Jiangsu Trading Group focuses on improving the branding and effectiveness of supporting activities in our province. At present, our province has decided to host a total of 17 supporting activities for the CIIE, which are at a higher level than last year. These include the Technology and Equipment Foreign-Invested Enterprises Roundtable and the 2023 Jiangsu Open Innovation Development International Consultation Conference jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, and the Digital Trade Innovation High-end Dialogue jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and the Global Trade in Services Alliance ( and the 6th China-Singapore Cooperation and Trade in Services Innovation Forum). The district and city trade delegation will also hold 15 supporting activities.

At the same time, the Jiangsu trading delegation will continue to select time-honored enterprises to participate in the cultural exchange activities of the 6th China International Import Expo this year, display the brand image and innovative products of Jiangsu time-honored enterprises to the world, and promote the innovative green development of Jiangsu time-honored enterprises, expand exchanges and cooperation, and develop international market. The theme of the site will be “Rivers and scenery are as beautiful as Su”. The exhibition area is divided into three sections: “Fingertip Splendid”, “Brilliant Craftsmanship” and “Su-style Life”. More than 110 trendy innovative products from 21 provincial and municipal time-honored enterprises across the province To participate in the exhibition, we will arrange interactive experiences and performances of intangible cultural heritage techniques such as brocade weaving, Suzhou embroidery, embroidery printing, filigree inlay, etc., and set up a digital display area to present the achievements of Jiangsu’s time-honored digital museum construction.

Highlight procurement transactions and give full play to the international procurement function of the CIIE. Procurement transactions are an important yardstick for measuring the effectiveness of the CIIE. The Jiangsu Trading Group timely forwarded and pushed information about exhibitors and exhibits of the 6th CIIE, carried out point-to-point surveys and mapped out the procurement needs of important buyers, organized enterprises to participate in a series of pre-show activities and online promotion meetings of the CIIE on many occasions, and organized various sub-groups to participate in the 6th CIIE. Online training for CIIE transaction statistics liaison officers will improve their familiarity with transaction statistics rules and systems and lay a solid foundation for transaction statistics work. Continuously refine the organization plan for participating in the conference and prepare a service manual for buyers to ensure that buyers can participate in the conference smoothly and negotiate effectively. Actively organize buyers, industrial parks, etc. to participate in trade and investment matchmaking meetings during the exhibition, strengthen investment docking, industry docking, and trade docking, and build communication bridges to serve local high-quality development.

The spillover effect of the CIIE is significant. In the past five CIIEs, Jiangsu has effectively utilized the four major platform functions of the CIIE, amplified the spillover effect of the CIIE, used global resources to promote high-quality development of the province, promoted exhibitors to become investors, and conscientiously implemented procurement organizations, supporting activities, and people-to-people and cultural exchanges. In terms of the number of professional buyers and the scale of intended transactions, Jiangsu ranks among the top in the country in terms of the number of professional buyers and the scale of intended transactions, fully demonstrating the good image of Jiangsu as an open province on the stage of the CIIE.


Seize the opportunities at your doorstep and open up the platform for win-win results

Previously, the Jiangsu Trade Group Secretariat strengthened system linkage and line interaction and held CIIE investment promotion roadshows, providing Jiangsu enterprises with an excellent opportunity to purchase high-quality products and introduce advanced technologies, which is conducive to promoting industrial transformation and upgrading and helping to form a better A resilient, more optimized, and closer industrial and supply chain.

On July 13, the province’s first investment promotion road show for the Sixth China International Import Expo was held in Kunshan. At the meeting, the investment promotion teams of each district and town took the initiative to connect with brand enterprises in the technical equipment exhibition area, and served the investment targets at the “doorstep”. They also cooperated with three Fortune 500 companies, Schneider Electric, Sumitomo Electric, and Qualcomm, as well as Fudiway and Tradome. , Signify and other 11 internationally renowned companies conducted in-depth negotiations on site. 120 Kunshan buyers including Suzhou Dewo Intelligent System Co., Ltd., Yiteng Electronic Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., and Timeco Environmental Instruments (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. accurately connected with partners and established preliminary business contacts.


In recent years, Kunshan has taken in-depth participation in the CIIE as an important measure to fully integrate into the higher-quality integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, actively seizing investment opportunities at the “doorstep”. Since the first CIIE in 2018, Kunshan has been established for five consecutive years. The trading sub-group and trading sub-group have organized a total of more than 5,300 enterprises and more than 23,500 professional visitors. The number of registered companies and professional visitors ranks among the top in Suzhou, maximizing the spillover effects of the CIIE.

On August 31, the Sixth China International Import Expo Investment Promotion Roadshow was held in Nanjing. This investment roadshow matched the demands of exhibitors in advance and organized precise docking negotiations. Local buyers in Jiangsu Province were able to fully communicate with exhibitors of technical equipment and service trade and explore space for cooperation. This move further enhanced exhibitors’ sense of gain and improved the effectiveness of the road show.


The relevant person in charge of the Nanjing Municipal Commerce Bureau introduced that this CIIE will change the format of holding a “promotion meeting” in previous years, and will take advantage of the 50th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the US-China Business Council, the Germany-China Economic Summit, the Singapore Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Taking the opportunity of delegations such as the Chinese Manufacturers Association and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University coming to Shanghai to participate in the conference, they organized and organized the docking and exchange meeting between Nanjing and US-funded enterprises (Shanghai) and the docking and exchange meeting between Nanjing and German-funded enterprises (Shanghai) in Nanjing. Organize 4 “high-level”, “precise” and “small-scale” economic and trade matching activities, including the Singapore-Nanjing Economic and Trade Exchange Matching Conference and the Jiangsu (Nanjing)-Hong Kong Economic and Trade Exchange Matching Conference, to strengthen exchanges and docking with the headquarters of overseas multinational companies. During the CIIE, more than 1,000 buyers from the Nanjing Trading Delegation will visit and negotiate. Among them, the electrical appliances purchased by, the health care products purchased by Overseas Warehouse Group, and the meat products purchased by Jiangsu Amiya rank among the top 100 buyers. Forefront.

The Jiangsu trading delegation will rely on the “quasi-home field” advantage and make good use of the CIIE, a national and international platform, to actively expand imports, deepen open cooperation, and contribute more Jiangsu strength to the overall openness and development of the country.

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