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New products and new technologies are gathered at this CIIE. There are six major exhibition halls. Journalists visited the halls to see the


Today (5th), the 6th China International Import Expo opened in Shanghai. Guests from 154 countries, regions and international organizations gathered at this grand economic and trade event.

This CIIE has a total of six exhibition halls, each with corresponding themes and special areas, where new products and new technologies from all over the world gather. Our reporters from the front also visited the exhibition hall. Click on the video ↓↓↓ to take a look at the new highlights in this year’s exhibition hall.

CCTV reporter Zheng Liankai: The first stop of our tour was the China Pavilion in the national exhibition area. The area of ​​the China Pavilion has increased from 1,500 square meters last year to 2,500 square meters, the largest ever. The theme is “New Achievements in Chinese Modernization Provide New Opportunities for the World”, and each booth showcases China’s achievements in high-level opening up and high-quality development in the new era.

The first is the China-Europe trains that everyone is very familiar with. In the past 10 years, more than 78,000 trains have been operated, reaching 25 countries in Europe. At this CIIE, there were three “CIIE” China-Europe freight trains that brought European exhibits. In 2018, when the first CIIE was held, the Yangtze River Delta region launched a China-Europe freight train to Helsinki, Finland.

Not far from the China Pavilion is the Finland Pavilion. This year’s exhibits not only include local delicacies, but also wood products and saunas that reflect Finnish national culture. Finland has a very high forest coverage rate, with an average of 21 trees per person and one sauna for every two people. A concept version of the sauna is shown here. Finland’s sauna culture has been included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.


What also makes people feel the exotic customs are the five guest countries of the CIIE. They are Honduras, Kazakhstan, Serbia, South Africa and Vietnam. This year, a total of 69 countries and 3 international organizations participated in the national exhibition, 64 of which are countries co-building the “Belt and Road”.


Walking out of the national exhibition and coming to the food and agricultural products exhibition area, the new products and new technologies here can be said to be full of greenery. There is actually no water in the rice fields here. This is the latest water-saving and drought-resistant rice developed. While ensuring yield and quality, it can save 50% of water, 30% of fertilizer, and reduce carbon by 90%.


On display at one booth was a concept product in which fruit could be turned into leather. During the transportation and storage process, fruits are easily damaged or deteriorated, resulting in waste fruits. These waste fruits can be turned into leather through innovative biosynthesis technology.


Eating more and more healthily, and using it more and more conveniently. In the technical equipment exhibition area, there is a large amount of high-end equipment gathered here, all of which are highly intelligent. Here is a robot that can accurately open blind boxes in the working area by simply clicking on the screen and entering the serial number. What is the use of this? It can save labor costs in the sorting and storage processes for logistics companies. You must know that our country’s express delivery volume has exceeded 100 billion pieces for three consecutive years.

The robot is located in the digital industrial automation area of ​​the technical equipment exhibition area. There are also four major areas including energy, low-carbon and environmental protection, integrated circuits and artificial intelligence. How much cutting-edge technology is hidden here and how it will change our lives? In the next few days, reporters will continue to take everyone to explore the museum and experience it.

Reporters visit the CIIE’s year-round display trading platform

Over the years, Shanghai has established a “6+365” year-round display and trading platform, which means that in addition to the 6-day exhibition period, there is also a year-round platform for selling and displaying CIIE products. Over the past five years, these platforms, which are used to connect the overflow benefits of the CIIE, have also undergone some new changes.

Headquarters reporter Li Yi: The Greenland Global Commodity Trading Port next to the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center is one of the “6 days + 365 days” perennial trading service platforms. In the five years since its opening, the number of national pavilions stationed here has increased from 2018 to 2018. from 20 to 63 now. The number of imported products has also increased from nearly 10,000 in 2018 to more than 90,000 now. Today, there are more than 20,000 products of the same style as those at the CIIE. Not only has the scale and quantity of products increased, but also in terms of product categories, greenness and environmental protection have been the new highlights of many exhibitors in recent years.


Yang Jingxiong, Assistant General Manager of the Greenland Global Commodity Trade Port Project Management Center: For example, at the Colombian Import Pavilion, starting from last year’s CIIE, they introduced a very special product, Colombian chocolate, whose packaging is entirely made of sugar cane fiber. Made of plastic, it can be 100% degradable. The use of some packaging materials is getting closer and closer to our concept of environmental protection. Such content is actually reflected in each museum.


The reporter found that in addition to the use of environmentally friendly packaging, the material selection of many products themselves is also moving in the direction of green environmental protection, and at the same time they are becoming more and more intelligent.


Headquarters reporter Li Yi: In front of the counter of the Congolese Import Pavilion, there are not only various handicrafts from the local area, but also the embodiment of intelligence, a skill arm that can be controlled by AI, and all its fingers can The wrist can be bent and rotated, and all movements can be controlled remotely over long distances.

Walking out of the Greenland Global Commodity Trading Port, not far away is the Hongqiao Imported Commodity Display and Trading Center, which is another main platform for display and trading that undertakes and radiates the overflow benefits of the CIIE. Today, more than 80,000 products from 108 countries and regions in the world are gathered here.


Not only that, in the past five years, the product categories here have also been continuously expanding, expanding from simple consumer goods to industrial products.


Zhu Jing, deputy general manager of Shanghai Hongqiao International Imported Goods Exhibition and Sales Co., Ltd.: On our platform, some consumer products have gradually changed into industrial products. In the future, we will also focus on Shanghai’s three leading industries, and there will also be some advancements in intelligent equipment, medical and pharmaceuticals. .


Now, this 130,000-square-meter new building has been constructed. Next, it will serve as the second venue of the Hongqiao Imported Commodity Exhibition and Trading Center. By building a global high-end industrial product exhibition and trade platform connecting China and overseas, the business here will be transformed. Richer.

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