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A new start “2023 The 7th Annual Meeting of Board Secretaries of Chinese Listed Companies” focuses on compliance governance | Every Economic Network

A new start “2023 The 7th Annual Meeting of Board Secretaries of Chinese Listed Companies” focuses on compliance governance | Every Economic Network
A new start “2023 The 7th Annual Meeting of Board Secretaries of Chinese Listed Companies” focuses on compliance governance | Every Economic Network

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The “2023 12th China Listed Companies Summit Forum” series of events hosted by Daily Economic News will be held at Langjiu Manor, Luzhou, Sichuan from November 16th to 18th. Among them, the first one to appear on November 16 is the “Blue Flower Lang 2023 Seventh Annual Meeting of Board Secretaries of Chinese Listed Companies”.

It is reported that the annual meeting of directors and secretaries of China’s listed companies has been held for six times, and this year is the seventh. The China Listed Companies Association and Chengdu Media Group serve as the guiding units, Qinghualang provides exclusive strategic cooperation, and the Rule of Law Daily serves as the supporting unit. The theme is set as “Compliance governance takes a new start.”

With the full implementation of the stock issuance registration system, China’s capital market has entered a new stage of high-quality development, and the compliance governance of listed companies is also facing new requirements and challenges. At that time, the event will invite representatives from regulatory agencies, associations, investment institutions and other parties to join hundreds of board secretaries of Chinese listed companies to interpret the latest policies, share practical experience, and discuss the current status, challenges, opportunities and compliance governance of listed companies. Future direction.

It is reported that at the annual meeting of the Board of Directors, Gao Minghua, executive director and secretary-general of the Academic Committee of the 50-member China Corporate Governance Forum, director, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Corporate Governance and Enterprise Development Research Center of Beijing Normal University, former chief legal counsel of the China Banking Association, China Well-known experts such as Bu Xiangrui, director of the Financial Committee of the Arbitration Law Research Association, will give keynote speeches; at the roundtable salon of “Board Secretary Talks”, with the topic of “ESG Navigating Steady and Long-term Navigation”, representatives of board secretaries of listed companies will be invited to speak with Compliance governance experts discuss the concept of sustainable development and share corporate governance experience.

The comprehensive registration system puts forward new requirements for compliance governance

The previous annual meetings of secretaries of boards of directors of China’s listed companies have breathed the same breath as the Chinese economy, shared the fate of the capital market, and grown together with investors, and have contributed many exciting views and practical experiences.

The rule of law is the cornerstone of the market economy. As an important subject of the market economy, listed companies must strictly abide by laws and regulations and strengthen compliance governance, which is what is necessary for the healthy development of the capital market.

At present, China’s capital market has entered a new stage of comprehensive registration system. In 2013, the central government clearly proposed “promoting the reform of the registration system for stock issuance”; in July 2019, the first batch of 25 companies on the Science and Technology Innovation Board were listed for trading; in August 2020, the first batch of 18 companies after the GEM reform and pilot registration system Collective listing; in November 2021, the Beijing Stock Exchange was unveiled and opened for business, and the registration system was piloted simultaneously; in February 2023, China’s capital market fully implemented the stock issuance registration system, which can be described as “sharpening the sword in ten years.”

Under the comprehensive registration system, listed companies need to strengthen internal control and risk management, improve information disclosure mechanisms and processes, and improve information disclosure levels and capabilities to cope with more stringent regulatory requirements and more sensitive investor needs. At the same time, listed companies can also use the registration system reform to optimize the equity structure and incentive mechanism and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of corporate governance.

In other words, only by deepening compliance governance can listed companies achieve stable and long-term development, win the trust and respect of investors, expand financing channels and market space, and improve brand influence and value creativity.

As the core management personnel of listed companies, board secretaries not only bear the important responsibility of communicating and coordinating with investors, regulatory agencies, media and other parties, but also ensure the compliance governance of listed companies and continuously improve the governance level of listed companies.

This year’s Annual Meeting of Board Secretaries chose “A New Start for Compliance Governance” as the theme of the event, aiming to focus on the construction of the rule of law in the capital market and jointly explore practical paths around the compliance governance of listed companies.

Compliance governance is the “golden key” to achieve sustainable development

With the steady advancement of capital market reform, sustainable development capabilities have gradually become the core competitiveness of listed companies, determining whether an enterprise can be “evergreen”.

At present, as a standard system for measuring the level of sustainable development of enterprises, ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) is becoming the consensus and trend of the capital market. The core connotation of ESG is corporate governance. ESG is the expansion and improvement of compliance governance, the driving force and goal of compliance governance, and the effect and value of compliance governance.

In this context, compliance governance has also become the “golden key” for listed companies to improve their sustainable development capabilities. To achieve sustainable development, listed companies must abide by laws and regulations, standardize operations and management, protect the legitimate rights and interests of investors and other stakeholders, prevent and resolve various risks, and maintain market order and fair competition.

By improving corporate governance structures and mechanisms, improving the quality of information disclosure, and establishing incentive and restraint mechanisms, listed companies can continuously improve their compliance governance levels and create good internal conditions and external environment for sustainable development.

Improving the level of compliance governance not only requires listed companies to comply with the minimum requirements of laws and regulations, but also requires them to establish a sense of social responsibility, actively practice ESG, and meet the expectations of investors and society for the sustainable development of enterprises.

In view of this, the roundtable topic of the “Secretary’s Talk” at this year’s annual meeting of the Board of Directors is “ESG Navigation, Steady and Long-term Development”. We hope that in the new stage of the capital market, we will practice ESG concepts, lead compliance governance, and achieve the goals of listed companies. More long-term green development, high-quality development, and sustainable development.

It is reported that at the end of this year’s annual meeting of the Board Secretaries, the launching ceremony of the “2024 Chief Brand Officer and Classic Brand Case Selection Activity of Chinese Listed Companies” will be held. The purpose of the selection of the two major brand awards is to highlight the brand power of Chinese listed companies by finding and discovering brand role models.

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