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Guangming Daily reporter Ren Pengyan Weiqi Meng Xindi

In the golden autumn season, guests gathered at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), and the Sixth China International Import Expo arrived as scheduled.

“The CIIE has become a window for China to build a new development pattern, a platform to promote high-level opening up, and an international public product shared by the world.” President Xi Jinping declared at the fifth CIIE a year ago.

Over the past year, China’s opening up has been rapid and steady. Focusing on the three major positionings of the CIIE, development results in various fields have continued to emerge, promoting all countries and parties to share China’s large market opportunities, institutional opening opportunities and international cooperation opportunities.

During the six days from November 5th to 10th, “Four-leaf Clover” will once again become the focus of global attention.

The CIIE allows more people to gather together to seek common development and share the future.

On November 2, volunteers worked at the Party and Mass Service Station inside the CIIE venue.Xinhua News Agency

Taking root in China and continuing to expand spillover effects

Xie Peipei, CEO of International Fanle Group from Singapore, participated in the CIIE for the first time last year. She said that she was nervous and excited at the time.

Xie Peipei said: “The CIIE has brought benefits beyond expectations to the company and made us confident in the Chinese market. For us, the CIIE is undoubtedly an important stage to connect with business institutions from around the world and the Chinese market.”

International Fanle Group, which has rich experience in the field of education, launched an AI intelligent question bank when it participated in the China International Import Expo last year and was well received by customers. To participate in the CIIE this time, the group brought Singapore math game cards, transforming mathematics that might have been boring into a challenging and interesting journey. “After this CIIE, we are planning to set up a new institution in Nanjing to serve Chinese students more conveniently,” Xie Peipei said.

More than a month after the closing of the fifth CIIE, the Estee Lauder China Innovation R&D Center was completed in Minhang, Shanghai.

The R&D center combines modern and traditional Chinese design elements and covers an area of ​​12,000 square meters. It has advanced formulation and clinical laboratories, shared spaces, interactive testing devices, packaging model studios and pilot workshops, as well as a dedicated live broadcast room. and experience center, giving Chinese consumers the opportunity to participate in the co-creation of new products on-site.

Immediately afterwards, the “Global Frontier Technology Research Center” and the “Men’s Effective Skin Care Research Center” were unveiled at the Estee Lauder China Innovation R&D Center in March this year.

Opening up brings China closer to the world

The new generation of Mercedes-Benz off-road RV entered the “Four-Leaf Clover” as the first batch of exhibits at the China International Import Expo.Photo by Guangming Daily reporter Ren Peng/Guangming Pictures

“The continuously increasing innovation and research and development capabilities will bring more new products to Chinese consumers that meet their needs, expectations and aesthetics, and inject new vitality into the sustainable development of China’s business.” Fan Jiayu, President and CEO of Estee Lauder Group China Said: “Relying on this R&D center, the Estee Lauder Group will continue to lead and reshape the development of the high-end beauty industry and bring better experiences to consumers in China, Asia and even the world.”

For Fosun’s Da Vinci surgical robot, the “Internet celebrity product” of previous CIIEs, the spillover effect brought by participating in the CIIE has become more and more obvious. With the help of the CIIE platform, the Da Vinci surgical robot has begun to be continuously used. Well known to professionals and the general public.

After serving Chinese patients for more than ten years, the da Vinci surgical robot has officially embarked on the road to localization. In October this year, the first domestically produced Da Vinci Xi surgical robot was launched in Shanghai and will make its debut at the China International Import Expo. In the future, the da Vinci surgical robot made in China will benefit more medical institutions and patients.

Opening up brings China closer to the world

On November 1, volunteers were familiar with the structure and map information of the CIIE venue.Xinhua News Agency

Connecting internal and external areas to promote the construction of a new development pattern

“Since the fifth CIIE, Shanghai has focused on leveraging the role of the four major platforms of international procurement, investment promotion, cultural exchanges, and open cooperation, carried out multi-dimensional and multi-level work related to amplifying the spillover effects of the CIIE, and has made positive progress.” Shanghai Municipal Government Zhu Min, director of the Commerce Commission and executive deputy director of the CIIE Urban Service Guarantee Leading Group Office, said.

On October 20 this year, the one-month 2023 “Embracing the CIIE Launch Season” kicked off at the Longhua Club, a new consumer landmark in Shanghai. The event established a dual line of “bringing in” international brands and “going out” of local brands. Parallel communication platform.

At the launch ceremony, the 2023 Shanghai first store recommendation guide, Shanghai’s top ten new consumption scenarios, and the 2023 first-ever economic leading local brands list were also released. The third Australian Healthy and Fashionable Lifestyle Carnival was simultaneously launched to bring domestic consumers A variety of Australian culture and products including healthy living, fashion and beauty.

Over the past year, Shanghai has worked hard to turn CIIE exhibits into commodities, and has continued to hold consumption promotion activities. Many new products, new technologies, and new services have achieved “world premieres and first exhibitions in China” in Shanghai. At the 2024 Spring and Summer Shanghai Fashion Week, which concluded not long ago, there were a large number of debut shows, nearly a hundred shows were released intensively, and thousands of brands competed in Shanghai.

Driven by the CIIE, Shanghai’s foreign trade import and export has maintained a growth trend. From January to September this year, Shanghai’s foreign trade import and export increased by 2.7% year-on-year, Shanghai’s total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 16.1%, and 996 new first stores of various types were opened. At the same time, Shanghai is accelerating the construction of a distribution center for import and export commodities, and the “6 days + 365 days” trading service platform of the CIIE has been expanded to 60.

On the occasion of the opening of the 6th China International Import Expo, Building B of the second phase of Hongqiao Pinhui, positioned as the “first launch platform for industrial products”, was newly built and opened. In the first phase, “Hongqiao Pinhui Motorcycle World” was launched to create imported large-displacement high-end motorcycles. Vehicle display and trading distribution platform; Greenland Global Commodity Trading Port and New World Group jointly build the “CIIE Market City Living Room”, which gathers nearly 10,000 CIIE products of the same model and national characteristics from more than 40 countries; i Bailian passed the “ Bailian Global Goods Festival” and iBailian’s “Double Food and Clothing” activities brought many well-known brands to the “CIIE Appointment”.

Opening up brings China closer to the world

Shanghai city scenery taken on November 4.Xinhua News Agency

Looking at the world and promoting high-level opening up

This year marks the tenth year since the establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. The Shanghai Free Trade Zone has gone from being a “test field” for reform and opening up to becoming a “high-yield field” for Chinese-style modernization. The high-quality development of the cultural industry in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone has become the first choice for the import and export of cultural artworks and an important site for global art transactions.

On October 30, the first batch of cultural artworks exhibited at the Sixth CIIE left the Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone and were transported to the CIIE venue for exhibition in the form of “bonded display transactions” in the special customs supervision area.

Driven by the CIIE and relying on the superimposed advantages of the special customs supervision area and the free trade zone, the Shanghai Free Trade Zone now has the most convenient and efficient entry and exit channels for cultural relics and art in the country. The customs clearance time has been increased from the original 20 working days. The above is shortened to 5 working days, and all kinds of special artworks can be smoothly entered in a short time.

“We benchmark against the highest international standards and best levels, explore new customs supervision service models that are compatible with the development of international high-end cultural and art transactions, and reduce time and capital costs for exhibitors through policy support and supervision services.” Waigaoqiao Dai Qian, Deputy Commissioner of Customs of the Free Trade Zone introduced.

Opening up brings China closer to the world

The South Square of the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) was taken on November 3.Xinhua News Agency

On the same day as the first batch of cultural and art exhibits at the CIIE were set up, a centralized refund point for departure tax refunds “Buy Now and Refund Now” was launched in Taikoo Li Qiantan. This means that from now on, after qualifying overseas tourists spend money at all tax refund shops in Taikoo Li Qiantan shopping mall, they can go to the centralized refund point in the mall on the day of shopping and receive an equivalent amount of RMB equivalent to the actual VAT refund for tax refund items in accordance with regulations. cash.

“It’s so convenient! I used to apply for tax refund when I left the country, but now I can get the tax refund in cash immediately.” Matvey Landin from Russia said excitedly after purchasing goods at the Taikoo Li departure tax refund store in Qiantan. .

In the future, the Shanghai Taxation Bureau will continue to promote the establishment of “buy now and refund” centralized refund points in shopping malls where tax refund shops are concentrated, and actively study to expand the scope of centralized refund acceptance to tax refund shops in the surrounding areas of shopping malls to meet the needs of more The demand from overseas tourists and tax refund shops will support the construction of Shanghai’s international consumption center.

The holding of the CIIE has effectively promoted China’s expansion of institutional opening up such as rules, regulations, management, and standards, and has brought China closer to the world. We can jointly use openness to relieve development difficulties, use openness to pool the power of cooperation, and use openness to gather people. The momentum of innovation and the pursuit of shared benefits through openness drive economic globalization forward.

(Guangming Daily, Shanghai, November 4)

“Guangming Daily” (November 05, 2023, Page 08)

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