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Strong confidence and stable expectations promote development | How can Chaozhou, the easternmost part of Guangdong’s coastal economic belt, “build a blue dream”? _Southern Network


【Opening Speech】

China is a big maritime country. Guangdong is a major maritime province, with the longest mainland coastline in the country and 1,963 islands distributed in the vast sea.

In April 2023, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions during his inspection in Guangdong.It is necessary to strengthen the coordination of land and sea, mutual assistance between mountains and seas, strengthen the overall layout of ports, industries and cities, strengthen marine ecological protection, and comprehensively build a strong maritime province.The Third Plenary Session of the 13th Guangdong Provincial Committee held in June emphasized the need to comprehensively promote the construction of a strong maritime province and achieve new breakthroughs in building a new maritime Guangdong.

Following the blue coordinates entrusted by the leaders, full of confidence and glory to stand on the tide, since this year, various parts of Guangdong have opened up “routes” one after another towards the sea and prospered by the sea, and jointly mobilized to implement the strategy of building a strong maritime province. “Sail” adds “blue power” to Guangdong’s practice of high-quality development and Chinese-style modernization.

  In order to deeply present the story of “New Guangdong at Sea” in the new era, better strengthen confidence, stabilize expectations, and promote development,From October 30 to November 5, the large-scale online theme publicity event “Looking to the sea to see Guangdong strongly”, guided by the Internet Communication Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Administration, sponsored by the Cyberspace Administration of Guangdong Provincial Committee, and hosted by Southern News Network, united more than 100 people Reporters from key central and provincial online media, as well as experts and scholars in related marine economic fields, well-known Internet experts, and self-media creators, visited and surveyed 14 coastal cities in Guangdong in three routes: east, west, and central. Nanfang Daily,, Nanfang+, and Guangdong Learning Client will launch “Strong Confidence, Stabilize Expectations, and Promote Development” series of reports on “Strengthening the Sea·Guangdong Observation” from now on. Please pay attention.

  With vast expanse of blue waves and rippling sea water, deep-sea culture cages are dotted all over the sea surface of Zhelin Bay, making it a spectacular sight.Sea owl, perch, grouper, etc.20A variety of marine fish are artificially raised in a simulated natural habitat here. Fishermen are busy feeding and managing, pulling nets and fishing on the “Blue Pasture”, and selling the marine fish produced all over the country…

  Stand on the tide and build a blue dream. In recent years, Chaozhou has fully implemented the deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee on implementing the “Hundreds and Thousands Project” and promoting the construction of modern marine ranches, effectively transforming its unique marine resource advantages into advantages in promoting economic development, boosting development confidence, and strengthening port-side industries. We will adopt a multi-pronged approach to develop seawater seed industry, medium- and high-density land-based aquaculture, and cage aquaculture, continue to improve and optimize the marine ecological environment, and strive to write a new chapter in the high-quality development of the marine economy.

  Enlarging and strengthening port-side industries to stimulate “new momentum” of the blue economy

  Chaozhou has superior marine resource endowments, and Raoping County has Chaozhou Port, a first-class national port open to the outside world.In recent years, Raoping County has built an industrial development platform in the park according to local conditions, creating a differentiated and characteristic industrial park with a total area of5.94The 10,000-acre Chaozhou Port New Energy Industrial Park, Wenshengwei Industrial Park, Xiaohongshan Industrial Park, Chengrao Lianwei Industrial Park and Raoping County Zhangxi Low Carbon Industrial Park, Lianrao Industrial Park, Gaotang High-speed Railway Industrial Park, Yan The “Eight Major Industrial Parks” such as the Baked Chicken Food Industrial Park will make the port industry bigger and stronger.Currently, companies have settled in the park58It is estimated that the annual output value after reaching full production555.4billion, tax22.75billion.

  At Yihai Kerry (Arowana) Chaozhou Grain and Oil Production, Sales and Processing Base, the advanced equipment and sophisticated production technology in the factory area demonstrate the generosity of large enterprises and large projects.At present, the food processing sector of the base has been completed last year.8The oil and fat sector will be put into production this year6It will be put into trial production on a monthly basis, and the feed protein segment is planned to be put into production in the near future. After the project reaches full capacity, the annual output value will exceed100billion. “We will give full play to our own advantages, deepen cooperation in the fields of food and agricultural product processing, grain storage, comprehensive utilization of terminals, etc., lead the coordinated development of the entire industry chain upstream and downstream, and help create a ‘blue ocean economic belt’.” Related to Yihai Kerry the person in charge said.

Chaozhou Huaying LNG Receiving Station (Phase I) Project

  At the same time, the total investment74The RMB 100 million Chaozhou Huaying LNG Terminal (Phase I) project is expected to be completed by the end of this yearThe project construction is completed and the annual output value is expected to reach 129.9 after it is put into operation.billion.Offshore wind power site No. 6 in eastern Guangdong300The planning and construction of the 10,000-kilowatt resource project has also officially started, which will bring nearly300billion yuan in fixed investment scale.

  ChaozhouIt has also deepened cooperation with Shenzhen to jointly promote the planning and construction of the “Shenzhen-Chaoshan” industrial cooperation park and assist the expansion of the Chaozhou Port Economic Development Zone.At present, Chaozhou Port Xiaohongshan Industrial Park, Chengrao Lianwei, Qingshandai Area and Quzhou Township have been included in Shenzhen·Chaozhou has jointly built an industrial cooperation park, and actively strives to include the Chengrao Lianwei area in the provincial large-scale industrial cluster area and the new materials electronic ecological industrial park to be located in Chaozhou.

  In terms of promoting the development of foreign trade, the “Chaozhou-Xiamen” domestic container foreign trade branch line was launched last year.11Officially launched in March, foreign trade import and export goods from Chaozhou, Zhao’an, Chenghai, Meizhou and other surrounding areas can pass through Chaozhou Port’s expanded cargo terminal route and quickly and seamlessly connect to Xiamen Port133This international route travels to all parts of the world, filling the shortcomings of Chaozhou Port’s foreign trade container routes, and is of great significance for promoting the economic development of Chaozhou Port and deepening economic cooperation between Fujian and Guangdong.


Chaozhou Port Terminal

  At present, Chaozhou is working hard to do a good job in oceans and ports, insisting on the joint development of ports, industries and cities, giving full play to the advantages of comprehensive ports and offshore wind power resources, and actively seizing the green and low-carbon industry trends such as offshore wind power, hydrogen energy manufacturing, new energy storage, and port logistics. , make the marine economy bigger and stronger, and achieve high-quality development of ports, industries and cities.

  Promote the transformation and upgrading of fisheries to create a “new engine” for marine ranching

  To build a strong maritime city, how to get food from the sea?ChaozhouA new path has been found – establishing Guangdong’s first provincial-level fine-breeding farm for sea bass and building a land-based medium- and high-density seawater greenhouse breeding base to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional fisheries and improve quality and efficiency.,Drive village collectives and more farmers to increase income and become rich.

  In Raoping County’s fine-breeding farm for perch, hundreds of female perch parents are roaming there, and the provincial-level fine-breeding farm for perch is stepping up its construction.After the completion of this breeding farm, high-quality spotted bass fry can be cultivated every year.3billion tail, annual output value exceeds3billion to provide solid seed guarantee for the high-quality development of modern marine ranches.


Wanjia Aquatic New Cage

  The aquatic seed industry is the key to ensuring the “blue granary”. In recent years,ChaozhouMake full use of the water quality advantage that is the most suitable for the breeding of sea bass in the province, deepen the cooperation with the South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, and strive to build an integrated seed industry system of “breeding, breeding and promotion”, focusing on the preservation of the original species of sea bass, the cultivation of reserve parents and Carry out research on the development and breeding expansion of the original species of perch in core areas such as the production of high-quality seedlings, and make every effort to overcome the technical problems in the Guangdong perch seed industry and invest funds8000Ten thousand yuan is devoted to building a provincial-level fine perch seed farm, which will fill the gap in the self-supply of perch seed in Guangdong Province.At the same time, Haid Group, a leading domestic enterprise, has been actively introduced to settle in Haishan Town with a total construction investment of approximately1.5A 100-million-yuan aquatic seedling cultivation base connects and drives Haishan Town300Yujia’s “small, scattered, chaotic and weak” family-style nursery has been upgraded and renovated to create a “Guangdong Province Seawater Nursery Modern Industrial Park”, which can produce shrimps and fish fry every year.100billion, with an annual output value of1.2billion.

  Walking into the modern aquatic healthy breeding demonstration base in Dongzao Village, Quzhou Town, the shrimp seedlings are jumping alive and freely in the water in the greenhouse breeding pool. According to reports, shrimp farming in greenhouses can reduce shrimp mortality through scientific monitoring and regulation of water quality, water temperature, and pathogens, break the seasonal restrictions of traditional aquaculture, and achieve balanced supply in all seasons.In addition, through the adjustment of breeding water quality, in the past, the maximum number of shrimp seedlings released per acre was about6Wanwei can now be reached12Wanzhi15Thousands of pigs, which greatly increases the breeding density and significantly improves economic benefits.


Modern aquatic healthy breeding demonstration base in Dongzao Village, Quzhou Town

  In order to make full use of the “small space” to achieve “big increase in production”, Raoping County formulated a land-based breeding development plan and a land-based facility marine aquaculture planning plan, scientifically delineated the breeding area, established a “small shed breeding” technical service center, and hired professional Breeders and Haid Group technical staff serve as consultants, supporting water quality testing and other facilities and equipment to promote the scientific and standardized development of the land-based medium and high-density facility breeding industry.At the same time, we should give full play to the role of leading enterprises in demonstrating and leading, and actively guide and support qualified large breeding households to develop “small sheds”.+The land-based medium and high-density facility breeding of the “greenhouse” model will be gradually rolled out to promote the land-based breeding development model in a point-to-point manner.

  Optimizing and transforming cage culture creates a “new picture” of marine ecology

9moon9Japan, ChaozhouThe first batch of enhanced gravity-type deepwater cages were officially put into production in Haishan Town, Raoping County. The wind and wave resistance of these deepwater cages has been increased by 40%.The above is an innovative breeding method and the easiest breeding facility for fishermen to participate in. It has the ability to adapt to the complex marine environment and withstand natural disasters, and brings new opportunities for the development of the marine breeding industry.Rongxun, Jiexun, Lihang, etc.3Companies plan to put into production218Oral gravity deepwater cage, total investment4.28billion, and a total of 101mouth(It is planned to put into production 170 units this year).The commissioning of this project means thatChaozhouThe marine aquaculture industry is moving into the deep sea, and significant progress has been made in the high-quality development of modern marine ranches.


Reinforced gravity deep water cage

  In recent years,ChaozhouIn accordance with the cage culture development idea of ​​“reduction in near-shallow waters and increase in mid- to deep-sea waters”, the “government+State-owned assets platform+“Enterprise” development model, actively mobilize breeding enterprises and farmers to carry out gravity-type deep-water cage breeding and “remove wood and replace with plastic” upgrades, while improving breeding efficiency, purify the water quality in the bay, expand breeding space, and create new cages for marine ranches Breeding demonstration site.

  The marine ecosystem is getting better day by day, which has also brought a wave of dividends to the development of Chaozhou’s marine economy. “After the cage transformation, the production efficiency is the original3times. “Wanjia Aquatic Products Company has tasted the benefits of the upgrade and transformation of cages by “removing wood and replacing them with plastic.” The person in charge of the company said that the environmentally friendly plastic cages have good wind resistance, stable structure, and will not be squeezed into the cages for farming. Fish can also withstand the turbulent currents of the open sea. It not only has a long service life, but also has a wide application area. “The transformation of traditional cages by ‘removing wood and replacing them with plastic’ is more conducive to purifying the water quality in the bay and improving breeding efficiency.” “

  It is also important to promote the transformation and update of cage culture by “removing wood and replacing it with plastic”.ChaozhouThe epitome of continuous improvement and optimization of the marine ecological environment. In recent years,ChaozhouWe will continue to strengthen the cleanup and rectification of illegal breeding at sea, intensify inspections, severely crack down on illegal hanging breeding and cage breeding in prohibited areas, and standardize the breeding order. At the same time, we will implement marine ecological restoration in Zhelin Bay, Dacheng Bay and Xuzhou Island to effectively improve the bay’s self-purification capabilities, disaster prevention and reduction capabilities, and carbon sequestration and sink enhancement capabilities. Accelerate the comprehensive ecological environment management project of Changxi Bay, Haishan Island, Raoping County, and promote the effective collection and treatment of tail water discharged from aquaculture in Dacheng Bay and Changxi Bay. While improving the ecological environment, we will also promote the growth of total aquaculture output and product quality. improve.

  Promote the integrated development of “three industries” and build a “new business format” for the marine economy

  How to achieve new breakthroughs in building a strong maritime market?Build a “marine ranch”+The new marine economic format of “integration of three industries” is an important path.

  At Guangdong Hairun Cold Chain Logistics Co., Ltd. in Quzhou Town, Raoping County, baked abalone with black rice, Chao Wei Buddha Jumps over the Wall, braised deep-sea fish skin, etc.30There is a dazzling array of remaining prepared dishes, which will be sold across the country on the “express train” of e-commerce.

  ChaozhouWith rich marine resources, there are inherent advantages in developing prepared aquatic products. In recent years,ChaozhouRelying on the regional superior aquatic products such as dolphins, shrimps, tilapia, eels, and oysters, we will give full play to the role of the “Hometown of Marine Catfish in China” and “Hometown of Big Oysters in Ganzhou, China” and vigorously introduce deep processing and prefabrication of aquatic products. We will encourage vegetable enterprises to settle in the park, guide and attract enterprises to develop in the park, and promote the development of aquatic product processing enterprises from decentralized to industrial clusters.Currently, the total investment2.12The Raoping County Prefabricated Vegetable Industrial Park worth RMB 100 million has been invested7019Ten thousand yuan, in the garden11Projects have started construction and strive to2024By the year, the comprehensive output value of the leading industries in the industrial park will reach50More than 100 million yuan.


Hairun e-commerce base

  at the same time,ChaozhouAccelerate the development of cross-border e-commerce, e-commerce, cold chain warehousing logistics, seafood wholesale and other service industries, and seize the opportunities of the continued boom in the tourism market, plan and build multiple coastal tourism projects, and explore the development of entertainment and leisure activities such as maritime yacht recreation and ecological sightseeing. The project plans to develop new business formats such as sea tourism and water tourism, and gradually build a modern marine ranch construction system that integrates the development of “primary, secondary and tertiary industries” to enrich people and increase their income.

The rise of “Blue Granary” requires financial support from “financial living water”. ChaozhouActively explore “financial +The “marine ranch” development model guides financial institutions to increase credit support, innovate financial products and services, and leverage financial “live water” to flow into the construction of ocean ranches.

  Prosper towards the sea and seek strength towards the sea. Chaozhou will give full play to its advantages in marine resources, stimulate blue kinetic energy, move towards a new journey with firm steps, and strive to create a new situation in building a strong maritime city.


Chief planner: Hou Xiaojun

Presidential candidate: Jin Qiang and Zhang Chunqing

Planning: Li Lin, Yuan Peiru, Zhu Jing

Interviewed and written by: Chaozhou Daily reporter Zheng Xinpei

Executive: Su Ruoqian, Han Wei, Zeng Wenyu, Owen Heng, Liu Yuqian, Zhang Hanqing

Video: Chaozhou Radio and Television Station

Design: Li Jiangrui, Zhang Qida, Yang Chenyue, Wang Wanying

Proofreading: Lai Yuqing

Southern Net Chaozhou Daily Chaozhou Radio and Television StationCo-produced

The article is in Chinese

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