Liangping, Chongqing: The city flourishes with beautiful


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Guangming Daily reporter Zhang Guosheng and Li Hong

In late autumn, the meandering Longxi River flows slowly on the vast and open Liangping Dam. The continuous small wetlands are like a beautiful jade belt, leaning against the people along the coast, telling the story of the leisure and tranquility of being next to the water. .

Water is the most vivid rhyme of Liangping, the “International Wetland City”, and it is also the object of unremitting protection by Liangping people. In recent years, Liangping District has promoted “wide-area water control and wetland moistening”, explored the protection and utilization of micro-wetlands, created a continuous micro-wetland chain and micro-wetland communities, planted a rich ecological background, reshaped the urban characteristics, and enhanced the appearance of the countryside. , adding confidence and confidence to the city.

Small wetland landscape in Shuanggui Lake National Wetland Park.Photo by Xiang Chengguo

The Longxi River, which originates from the foothills of Mingyue Mountain, is a first-class tributary on the north bank of the Yangtze River. It flows into the Yangtze River through Liangping, Dianjiang and Changshou. It is the “Mother River” in the minds of Liangping people.

However, due to the direct discharge of industrial wastewater and domestic sewage, Longxi River once became a “black and smelly river” that everyone disliked. Now, after coordinated management of the entire basin, the Longxi River once again has clear water and green banks.

Golden waterlily flowers bloom on Shuanggui Lake.Photo by Xiong Wei

When a river has appearance, it will bring production value. Taking advantage of the good natural ecology and agricultural foundation along the Longxi River, the district has deployed rural tourism, modern agriculture and other industries according to local conditions to promote ecological industrialization and industrial ecology.

Zhushan Town at the foothills of Mingyue Mountain is located in the upper reaches of Qijian River. After achieving clear water and green shores, Zhushan Town built a small rural wetland, implanting ecological and green genes into the development of the town, and also injecting green momentum into emerging industries such as eco-tourism, organic industry, and homestay health care. In this wetland paradise, more than 100 B&Bs and bamboo houses have been built.

Liangping, Chongqing: The city flourishes with beautiful water

Local farmers celebrate the harvest at the Sixth Yangtze Three Gorges (Liangping) Autumn Sun Festival.Photo by Guangming Daily reporter Liu Yuhang

“By combining wetlands with the creation of scenic spots and B&Bs, the ecology will improve, the scenery will be beautiful, and tourists will stay.” The person in charge of Zhushan Town said that in the first half of this year, the town’s tourism revenue was nearly 80 million yuan.

In the courtesy section of Longxi River, there is the most beautiful business card of Liangping Fishery – the West Sichuan Fishing Village Scenic Area. Under the blue sky, there are thousands of acres of ecological fish ponds dotted here and there. Fish are rolling and jumping in the blue waves, and egrets and teal ducks are passing by from time to time. Being here makes you feel like you are in a “water town in the south of the Yangtze River”.

Liangping, Chongqing: The city flourishes with beautiful water

Xu Jiahui, the sixth generation inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage Liangping Woodblock New Year Paintings, introduced the craftsmanship of Liangping Woodblock New Year Paintings at the New Year Painting Experience Hall.Photo by Guangming Daily reporter Yan Huifang

“The water quality of Longxi River has improved, the fish production has increased, and the quality has also been higher. The village hatches 1 billion fry of various types every year, produces 15,000 tons of aquatic products, and achieves a total fishery economic output value of more than 200 million yuan. Our village has been awarded the title of ‘National Rural Characteristic Industry Billion-Yuan Village’ for three consecutive years,” said He Jilong, secretary of the Party branch of Sichuanxi Village and director of the village committee.

Liangping, Chongqing: The city flourishes with beautiful water

Zhou Qiyun, the representative inheritor of Liangping bamboo carving, a municipal intangible cultural heritage in Chongqing, is carving works.Photo by Guangming Daily reporter Liu Yuhang

Good mountains and good waters produce good things. The good ecological environment has laid a solid foundation for Liangping to expand and strengthen the “grain, pig and vegetable” supply industry and improve the quality and efficiency of the “pomelo, bamboo and fishery” characteristic industry.

Liangping, Chongqing: The city flourishes with beautiful water

Liangping District is building library branches in B&Bs, scenic spots, and rural tourist attractions to promote the construction of scholarly Liangping. The picture shows villagers of Lieshen Village, Zhushan Town, Liangping District, reading books at the Lieshen Village branch of Liangping District Library.Photo by Guangming Daily reporter Yan Huifang

Shuanggui Lake National Wetland Park, located in Liangping City, is a beautiful scenery in the eyes of tourists and a paradise for birds. So far, a total of 213 species of birds have been recorded in Shuanggui Lake National Wetland Park, including 27 species of first- and second-level protected animals. The colorful ibis, a rare bird that was once announced to be extinct in China, appeared in Shuanggui not long ago. lake.

Liangping, Chongqing: The city flourishes with beautiful water

The beautiful Longxi River.Photo by Xiong Wei

People are happy because of the beautiful water, and the city thrives because of the beautiful water. To protect the ecological environment, it is only through everyone’s unremitting efforts and perseverance that we can build a harmonious picture of water and people, water and city.

“Guangming Daily” (November 05, 2023, page 10)

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