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Chinese Super League – Shenzhen team 0-3 with 12 consecutive losses and was relegated to Beijing Guoan and finished sixth_Fabio_Jiang Xiangyou_ball


Original title: Chinese Super League – Shenzhen team 0-3 with 12 consecutive losses, relegated to Beijing Guoan and finished sixth

On November 4th, Beijing time, the 2023 Chinese Super League started its 30th and final round at the same time. At the Shenzhen Baoan Sports Center Stadium, the Shenzhen team lost 0-3 at home to the Beijing Guoan team. The former champion Shenzhen team ended its season in the Chinese Super League with a record of 3 wins, 3 draws, 24 losses and 12 points. It was the first time in 5 years that the Shenzhen team was relegated to the Chinese League One. ; Beijing Guoan ranked sixth with 14 wins, 9 draws and 7 points, with 51 points. Jiang Xiangyou, Wang Ziming and Fabio each scored a goal. Chi Zhongguo, Xu Haofeng, Jiang Wenhao and Liao Lei all suffered injuries and left the game early.

At the beginning of the first half, the Shenzhen team mainly defended, and Beijing Guoan clearly had the advantage in controlling the ball. In the stands, Shenzhen fans carried the slogan “Shenzhen team lives on.” In the 4th minute, Hu Jiajin shot a long shot from 32 meters away in the left rib cage, but the ball was confiscated by Hou Sen. In the 5th minute, Jiang Wenhao injured his ankle and limped out to receive treatment before returning to the court.

However, in the 7th minute, Chi Zhongguo was injured again without confrontation and was unable to persist. Duan Dezhi came on as a substitute. In the 12th minute, Duan Dezhi shot hard in the penalty area and the ball hit the side netting and missed. In the 15th minute, Du Yuezheng outflanked the goal but failed to hit the ball and missed the opportunity. 2 minutes later, Gao Tianyi volleyed in the penalty area, which was both high and wide.

In the 18th minute, Yu Dabao sent a through ball. Fabio stepped in and hit back on the right side of the penalty area. Jiang Xiangyou scored with his right foot in front of the penalty spot and scored his eighth league goal of the season. Beijing Guoan 1-0 lead. In the 27th minute, Tian Ziyi received a pass from the goalkeeper and was intercepted by Fabio after a slight delay. Dong Chunyu chased back in time and destroyed the ball.

In the 37th minute, Feng Boxuan passed the ball from the right. The ball was originally aimed at a normal target, but the Shenzhen team’s defense made a low-level error. Two Shenzhen players, Xu Haofeng and Zhang Yuan, grabbed the same target. As a result, Xu Haofeng made a clearance and tipped the ball to Wang Ziming. Wang Ziming pushed The shot sent the ball into the lower left corner of the goal. This was also the fourth goal Wang Ziming scored against the Shenzhen team this season. Beijing Guoan led 2-0. In the 42nd minute, Xu Haofeng also appeared injured and was replaced by Liao Lei. In the first half of the game, Beijing Guoan led the Shenzhen team 2-0 into the halftime break.

At the beginning of the second half, the Shenzhen team made two more substitutions, with Alessandrini and Shen Zigui coming on as substitutes. In the 49th minute, Jiang Xiangyou made a pass from the bottom line, Fabio outflanked and shot from close range, and Dong Chunyu flew to the rescue. In the 56th minute, Jiang Xiangyou took a direct free kick from 23 meters away and slightly missed the right post. In the 59th minute, Yu Dabao chose to pass the ball to Fabio on the left side of the penalty area when he could shoot. As a result, the ball missed the baseline.

In the 60th minute, Fang Hao replaced Wang Ziming. 2 minutes later, the Shenzhen team sent young player Yuan Junjie out. In the 69th minute, Jiang Wenhao and Liao Lei collided with each other while fighting for a header and both fell to the ground with blood. They were both replaced. Li Ning and Zhang Yuning came on as substitutes. In the 77th minute, Duan Dezhi knocked down Alessandrini from behind. to a yellow card. In the 78th minute, Tian Ziyi violated Zhang Yuning and received a yellow card.

In the 81st minute, Zhang Yuning took a long shot from outside. The ball hit the crossbar and bounced out. Fabio scored his 10th league goal of the season with a supplementary shot. Beijing Guoan led 3-0. There were Shenzhen fans in the stands with tears in their eyes. In the end, the Beijing Guoan team defeated the Shenzhen team 3-0 in an away game and ended their Chinese Super League journey this season with a victory; the Shenzhen team bid farewell to the top league with a 12-game losing streak in the Super League and 20 league games without a win.

Shenzhen team: 22-Dong Chunyu/16-Zheng Dalun (46’10-Alessandrini), 13-Xu Haofeng (42’12-Liao Lei 72’14-Li Ning), 5-Tian Ziyi, 11-Zhang Yuan, 30-Huang Ruifeng (62’43-Yuan Junjie)/19-Xu Yue, 36-Chen Guoliang (46’9-Shen Zigui), 34-Xia Hezati, 37-Hu Jiajin/33-Du Yuezheng

Beijing Guoan: 34-Hou Sen/16-Feng Boxuan, 28-Zhang Chengdong, 32-Ngadewu, 43-Jiang Wenhao (72’9-Zhang Yuning)/6-Chi Zhongguo (10’44-Duan Dezhi), 15- Gao Tianyi, 22-Yu Dabao, 7-Jiang Xiangyou, 20-Wang Ziming (60’18-Fang Hao)/29-Fabio

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