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  • Showing national fitness style, Inner Mongolia Community Games opens
  • November 04, 2023 19:41 | Source: Inner Mongolia News Network

  News from this website (Niu Tianjia, chief reporter of Grassland All Media·Inner Mongolia News Network)On November 4, the 2023 Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Community Games, hosted by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Sports Bureau and the Autonomous Region Sports Federation, opened wonderfully at Binhe Sports Park in Hohhot City. 52 community fitness teams and fitness enthusiasts totaling more than 1,000 people gathered together to participate in the exhibition. In the new era, Inner Mongolia’s national fitness style leads a new trend of healthy life for the masses.


At the event site, colorful flags were flying, people were crowded, and it was very lively. A representative team composed of community square dance, Tai Chi, soft ball, and health Qigong enthusiasts gave a wonderful performance, showing the general public’s pursuit of a better life through sports… Women Boxing world champion Yang Xiaoli, national championship champion Zhao Dandan, men’s national boxing championship champions Ye Erboli Weishan and Nameila were appointed as “Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Community Fitness Promotion Ambassadors”. Yang Xiaoli issued a sonorous and powerful fitness initiative on behalf of the “Promotion Ambassadors”. We encourage everyone to feel the charm of exercise and join the ranks of fitness together. With the theme of “Strive for a New Journey and Exercise for Health”, this community sports meeting has set up five activities including the national “14th Winter” cultural corridor, national fitness exhibitions, individual competitions, fun activities, and fitness guidance. In addition, this community sports meeting combined with the “14th Winter” held the “14th Winter” cultural display and ice and snow sports experience activities on site, attracting a large number of contestants and citizens to visit and experience, take photos and check in, and share with friends, creating an atmosphere of attention “Fourteenth Winter”, a strong atmosphere to welcome the “Fourteenth Winter”.


Qin Ying, director of the Mass Sports Department of the Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, said, “Holding community sports games aims to further play the basic role of the community in national fitness, promote the vigorous development of national fitness movements around the masses, establish new fitness concepts, and advocate new fitness trends. Let sports truly enter the community and life.”

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