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Boating on the Liangma River at night – Tourism – China Engineering Network

Boating on the Liangma River at night – Tourism – China Engineering Network
Boating on the Liangma River at night – Tourism – China Engineering Network

Original title: Boating on the Liangma River at night

On an early autumn night, when the lanterns were on, by the Liangma River in the East Third Ring Road of Beijing, four women in ancient costumes were playing the erhu, pipa, dizi, and zhongruan. People were sitting on the ground on the steps opposite, listening quietly. Not far away, reeds and lotus leaves surrounded a bay of clear water, reflecting the colorful landscape lights on both sides. Cruise ships passed by on the water from time to time.

Liangma River international style waterfront night view.Photo by Wang Chu

This outdoor performance is one of the activities of the 2023 Liangma River Style Waterfront International Art Season. In the month starting from October 15, the 2023 Liangma River Style Waterfront International Art Season, sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism and the Chaoyang District People’s Government, will be held in parks, business districts, and cultural and creative parks along the Liangma River. 38 high-quality cultural and artistic activities added another beautiful scenery to the capital.

As Beijing’s “golden business card”, Liangma River has a unique geographical location – it passes through the Second and Third Embassy Districts and the three major business districts of Sanlitun, Yansha and Linekang, making it one of the most prosperous areas in Beijing. A few years ago, Chaoyang District launched the construction of the Liangma River International Style Waterfront Project, hoping to lead urban renewal through river revitalization and give the river a new mission. In 2021, the Liangma River will be officially opened to boats, and tourists can take a boat tour.

The first and second phases of the Liangma River International Style Waterfront Project have a total route of 6 kilometers. They use cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, digital light and shadow, and VR to connect the 1st river, 2nd lake, 24 bridges, and 18 scenic spots from the Liangma River to the Red Scarf Park waters with cruise ships. .

“We have integrated water culture into project construction, hoping to create a world-class cultural tourism destination.” The relevant person in charge of the Chaoyang District Water Conservancy Bureau said that taking the names of 24 bridges as an example, many of them are integrated into the history of the region and are catchy. It is also simple and meaningful, such as Lanmeng Bridge, Shuidi Bridge, Liuli Bridge, Yinma Bridge, etc.

The boat sails on the water, with four themed sections from east to west, crossing 24 bridges along the way, each with a different attitude. The Good Luck Bridge creates an immersive light and shadow forest experience through the use of stage landscaping, interaction between the bridge and fiber optic lights, just like the starry sky in Van Gogh’s paintings. A record player light and shadow art installation with the theme of “Leave a Sound” has been added to the north of Yinma Bridge. It can adjust its direction to interact with the cruise ship, and can light up the device and play world famous music with one click.

According to the relevant person in charge of Liangma River International Style Waterfront Project Operator and Liangye Technology Group, Liangma River International Style Waterfront has been rated as one of the first batch of national-level night-time culture and tourism consumption clusters and a new national smart tourism immersive experience space. Cultivate pilot projects. More and more tourists come to experience the pleasure of “boating on the Liangma River at night” and experience the “bright stars” and “flaming trees and silver flowers” along the Liangma River.

At the same time, based on the Liangma River cultural tourism map of Liangma River Night Tour, Chaoyang District focuses on exploring the 1,000 lifestyles of Liangma River, creating a “Food Road”, “Fun Road” and “Performance Road” The three recommended tour routes connect Sanlitun Commercial District, Yansha Commercial District, Blue Harbor Commercial District, Chaoyang Park Central Island Theater, Bubble Mart City Park, Junwang Mansion and many other well-known Chaoyang attractions and consumer spaces.

Culture, fireworks and fashion are all intertwined on the golden waterfront of the capital.

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