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When a good horse meets Bole, they run together in both directions

The 2023 Hunan Province Hunan Business Hunan Enterprises Special Private Enterprise Large-scale Talent Exchange Meeting Launched

China People’s Media reporter Deng Yugong Ruquan

In order to help private enterprises recruit talents and promote employment stabilization and employment protection, the launching ceremony of the 2023 Hunan Province Hunan Business Hunan Enterprises Special Private Enterprise Large-scale Talent Exchange Meeting was held at Hunan Technology and Business University. Yang Wangping, member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, Shi Hong, Vice Chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Yang Liangqi, Member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Hunan Technology and Business University attended the launching ceremony and went to the on-site talent exchange area for inspection and guidance. Ding Xingfa, the second-level inspector of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security, presided over the ceremony. Representatives of Hunan business enterprises, student representatives and heads of relevant units participated in the above activities.

Private enterprises are a new force in national economic and social development and an important force in expanding employment, improving people’s livelihood, and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation. This event invites 90 private enterprises from various cities and states across the province to participate in the event. Through on-site recruitment, online recruitment, live broadcast guidance, career guidance and other methods, it will build an efficient recruitment docking channel for graduates and employers, and improve the efficiency of matching supply and demand for jobs.

Yang Wangping pointed out that in Hunan, a hot land of development, in order to realize the beautiful blueprint of “three highs and four new”, the private economy is not only indispensable, but also has great potential and great achievements. In recent years, the Hunan Human Resources and Social Security Department has closely integrated the development of the private economy with the advancement of human resources and social services, and has comprehensively supported and promoted the high-quality development of private enterprises. This year, our province has promulgated the “Nine Measures for the Human Resources and Social Security Department to Support the High-Quality Development of Private Enterprises” and carried out the “four gifts” activities of providing policies, information, training, and services to private enterprises, and supported private enterprises with sincerity and real money. High-quality development. At the same time, we aim at the needs of private enterprises and assist them in introducing high-end talents with urgent needs and key technologies; proactively package and handle corporate social insurance, employment services, labor relations and other matters, and provide “package” and “door-to-door” services; strengthen the industrial and commercial alliances in the same province , education departments and universities, and empower Hunan businesses and enterprises with high-quality talent and intellectual resources. It is hoped that this event can build a communication platform for private enterprises and graduates, so that “Qianlima” and “Bole” can “go in both directions and achieve each other’s success” here.

According to statistics, the on-site job fair attracted nearly a thousand students to apply for jobs, more than 59,000 people watched the live broadcast of job placement online, and the number of viewers in the career planning cloud classroom live broadcast room reached 56,000. During the event, 812 people reached preliminary employment intentions.

Reporter observation

Graduates’ job search choices become more rational and pragmatic

During the event, the reporter interviewed several fresh graduates from Hunan Technology and Business University on site and found that their job search choices were relatively rational and pragmatic.

Xiao He, who is studying computer software engineering, told reporters that he has two offers in his hands, one from companies in Guangzhou and Zhuhai, and his current preferred city for employment is his hometown of Changsha.

“Although the wages and benefits provided by Guangzhou-Shenzhen enterprises are higher than those in Changsha, the work intensity and life pressure are also much higher than in Changsha.” Xiao He said frankly that although he would have a higher income if he went to work outside the city, he was the only son in the family and was subjective. I didn’t want to be too far away from home when I was in college, and I had made up my mind to find a job after graduation during my junior year. Recently, his family suggested that he apply for a relatively stable job such as military civilian service. He said that he would make a decision after careful consideration.

In contrast, Xiao Huang, an accounting graduate, has it much easier. “I have almost reached an agreement with a well-known local accounting firm. I came here today mainly to understand the job skills requirements of other companies in the industry so that I can improve myself in a more targeted manner in the future.” Xiao Huang said that the accounting industry values ​​practical ability. and experience accumulation. The two internship experiences during school were of great help to him to gain an in-depth understanding of the industry and to engage in work with a more professional attitude.

“Personally, I am still very optimistic about the development prospects of the city of Changsha, and believe that there is a relatively broad space for growth in the corresponding employment.” Xiao Huang said that he plans to pass the exam and obtain relevant industry qualification certificates as soon as possible after officially joining the job, and strive to gain an early career in the professional field. Stand alone and make a difference.

Source: China People’s Media

(First trial: Lu Xiaowei Second trial: Jiang Yuqing Third trial: Yu Zhenhua)

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