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Yunyang deeply cultivates quality and balance to write an “education answer sheet” to strengthen the county and enrich the people–

Yunyang deeply cultivates quality and balance to write an “education answer sheet” to strengthen the county and enrich the people–
Yunyang deeply cultivates quality and balance to write an “education answer sheet” to strengthen the county and enrich the people–
Students play football on the green field

Archaeologically exploring Yunyang dinosaur fossils, being good at understanding one’s own emotions, and practicing calligraphy… the children’s “new homework” after class reflects Yunyang County’s useful exploration of the comprehensive implementation of the “1+X” after-school service model. In April this year, Yunyang County’s “Building a New Ecosystem of After-school Services” was rated as a typical case of implementing “double reductions” by the Ministry of Education.

The implementation of “double reduction” is an important part of the county’s efforts to promote the high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education, and the continuous “questioning” of high-quality and balanced development is also a solid foundation for promoting the high-quality development of basic education.

Standing at the forefront of reform, Yunyang County’s education system fully implements the Party’s education policy, comprehensively promotes the construction of a high-quality education system in accordance with the “1135” work idea, accelerates the high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education, and explores a path to modernize education to strengthen counties in mountainous reservoir areas and enrich the people The new approach is to use the power of education to lay the foundation for a strong county.

High-level planning

Focus on optimizing layout to respond to educational equity

Adhering to the concept of “let every child enjoy high-quality education”, Yunyang takes “optimizing school layout, building high-quality schools, and promoting connotative development” as the main focus, implementing top-level policies and high-level planning, and combining county development with “one heart, two poles, three tracts” “Layout, one town, one policy, one school, one case to create county education highlands, regional education centers and township quality schools. It has become an example worth learning from in the wave of comprehensively promoting the equalization of basic public education services, focusing on expanding high-quality basic education resources, and empowering the construction of a strong county with education and the development of high-quality education.

Invest in education and continue to make efforts. In recent years, Yunyang County has invested a total of more than 2 billion yuan, and at least one school has been built and put into operation every year. “Urban congestion” has been completely alleviated; 124 primary and secondary schools (kindergarten) have been built, renovated and expanded, and 875 projects have been implemented. There are 19,598 degrees; 304 laboratories and 881 six functional rooms have been built.

Data empowerment, co-construction and sharing. Vigorously promoting the digitalization of education has injected vitality into Yunyang education. The county has established 6 municipal-level smart campus demonstration schools, built 9 urban and rural “special delivery classrooms” and 16 “prestigious school online classrooms”. The Yunyang Education App has been developed to connect the county, School-level applications make education data collectible, manageable and available. Utilize the national and Chongqing primary and secondary school smart education platforms to enrich learning resources in various subjects and years and make them available to students for free, achieving a deep integration of high-quality digital education resources with education and teaching. The Yunyang County Education Metropolitan Area Network, Yunyang County Smart Education Cloud Platform, and Cloud Education Management Command Center have been built. The Internet access rate of compulsory education schools has reached 100%. The “cloud-network-end” architecture of Yunyang Education has been initially formed. In 2022, the Yunyang County Smart Classroom Homework Management System was selected by the Ministry of Education as a typical case of using information technology to strengthen homework management.

Symbiosis and win-win

Group-run schools strengthen resource radiation

“Collective education is not about creating identical copies, but the coordinated development of education.” The person in charge of Yunyang said that in the collective education system, symbiosis, win-win and mutual growth are the core themes of the collective education.

How to explore the path of group school running and solve the problem of high quality and balanced pain points? Yunyang County Qinglong Primary School Education Group has its own opinions.

This educational group composed of seven schools follows the step-by-step path of assistance, alliance, school district, and group, adheres to quality-oriented, and promotes internal systemic changes in the three key areas of curriculum construction, team training, and resource sharing. For example, we should focus on promoting the “Yunyang County Qinglong Primary School Education Group Subject Classroom Teaching Guide”, optimize the group’s curriculum construction, and strengthen curriculum execution; implement the “135 Project” to strengthen the training of teachers and improve teachers’ teaching ability; build a resource sharing platform to create Expand and improve new forms of quality, and promote school education from internal reform to opening up to the outside world.

In order to promote the close integration of management, education and teaching, and teaching and research among schools in the school district and the group, and to further enhance the level of co-construction, co-governance, sharing and co-progress, Yunyang has taken multiple measures: in accordance with the principles of “strengthening schools and expanding excellence, strengthening teachers to improve capabilities, and strengthening students to improve “Quality” work idea, build high-quality schools, formulate the “Three-Year Action Plan for Deepening Group School Running”, establish two close groups of “one legal person, multiple campuses”, “use the city to lead the countryside, use the strong to help the weak” urban and rural education There are 10 groups and 5 regional school districts; in accordance with the principle of “reasonable structure, promoting balance, and revitalizing and optimizing”, we will strengthen the construction of teachers, use structural vacancy filling, cross-school teaching and other methods to carry out in-depth rotation exchanges of cadres and teachers, and promote the school’s “hematopoietic style” “develop.

Today, Yunyang Education Group has achieved full coverage.

Improve quality and efficiency

Drawing a new blueprint for running schools and educating people with characteristics and quality

Dance the Tujia hand-waving dance, create a “Tujia Cultural Corridor”, set up a Tujia brocade art workshop, and form a “bamboo pole dance” club… At the campus of the National Primary School in Qingshui Tujia Township, Yunyang County, every “Tujia child” can go deep into Get in touch with the traditional characteristic courses of the nation and feel the strong national emotions and feelings of home and country. This is a characteristic classroom designed and built by the school based on local cultural characteristics.

Equally unique is the “wrestling class” at Red Lion Junior High School. Facing the Yangtze River and with mountains at their backs, the Red Lion students relied on their good energy gained from mountain climbing to “wrestle” 102 national-level athletes, and also created a differentiated, characteristic and professional “wrestling road” “.

In recent years, Yunyang students have won 37 international awards and 618 national awards in sports, art, science and technology. The reason behind many awards is that regional schools have combined their unique advantages and formed quality development courses through themed and advanced series designs. The fruitful results of the post-service characteristic brand course.

Integrating regional advantages, building characteristic schools, and highlighting the individuality of running schools are important steps for Yunyang Education to improve the quality and efficiency of educational development. At the same time, the county seized the opportunity of “double reduction” to build a “three-color” evaluation system to comprehensively promote the improvement of education and teaching quality.

Implement “double reduction” and activate “new momentum” to improve quality and efficiency. Yunyang County continues to promote the integrated construction of moral education in primary and secondary schools. At the same time, it makes efforts to “promote five educations simultaneously”, deepens the reform of education and teaching, and pays close attention to the development of aesthetic education, physical education, and labor education. Yunyang County No. 3 Junior High School implements refined management, improves the quality of school education, strives to cultivate “red star teenagers” in the new era, and always adheres to the reform path of “habits influence life” is a typical example.

Make good use of the “baton” to leverage the “new fulcrum” of expanding quality and improving quality. Schools in Yunyang County focus on the reform of teaching evaluation and focus on five first-level indicators of “school direction, curriculum teaching, teacher development, school management, and student development” to form a unique “blue as the basis, green as the development, and red as the warning” “Three colors” evaluation system. Based on this, Longjiao Primary School has creatively established a “Colorful” evaluation standard and system in addition to building a “Colorful Classroom” paradigm. Through the reform of teaching methods and educational evaluation, it has built a new teaching environment ecology and truly allowed students to enjoy quality education. .

Caring about people’s livelihood

Establishing a long-term mechanism to enhance “the feeling of benefiting the people”

Under the background of comprehensively promoting the high-quality and balanced development of compulsory education, how to truly provide high-quality education to benefit every student? How to enhance the happiness, security, and gain of students and parents? Yunyang County based on the reality of the mountainous reservoir area, handed in the answer sheet.

We are the first in the city to implement “one thing done at once” for compulsory education admissions, and realize the “entire process online, one-time registration” for new students. We will continue to improve the implementation methods for compulsory education exam-free admission to nearby schools, adhere to the simultaneous enrollment policy of private schools and public schools, and ensure that all compulsory education students in the county are enrolled in nearby schools. Establish and improve the “3122” funding system to ensure that no school-age child will drop out of school due to poverty. The special education school has been built into a 15-year consistent school that integrates “pre-school, volunteer education, and vocational high school”. During the compulsory education stage, the school has full coverage of all classes and teaching points, and has provided education services for a total of 626 children of special school age, ensuring that every child Children and adolescents of school age have the right to receive compulsory education fairly.

Focusing on high quality and balance, Yunyang will always put education in a strategic position of priority development in the process of striving to explore a new way to modernize education to enrich the people in the mountainous reservoir area and in the practice of contributing “educational wisdom” to the construction of new Chongqing. Take the overall situation and open a new situation, focus on key points, overcome difficulties, make up for shortcomings and strengths and weaknesses, strive to create a new situation for high-quality education development, and strive to provide education that satisfies the people.

Pictures of Du Linyan, Xie Jing and Zhou Qiuyu provided by Yunyang County Education Committee

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