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What did Newsom gain from his trip to China? Hot debate among the US political circles | Governor of California | International human rights organizations | Human Rights Watch

What did Newsom gain from his trip to China? Hot debate among the US political circles | Governor of California | International human rights organizations | Human Rights Watch
What did Newsom gain from his trip to China? Hot debate among the US political circles | Governor of California | International human rights organizations | Human Rights Watch

On October 25, 2023, in Beijing, California Governor Gavin Newsom answered reporters’ questions at a press conference held for him by the Chinese Communist Party. (Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images)

[The Epoch Times, November 4, 2023](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Ma Shangen) California Governor Newsom ended his trip to China last Sunday (October 29). However, California lawmakers, analysts and human rights groups expressed concern that His trip is still controversial. Leftist scholars praised him for bringing hope to the United States in dealing with the challenge from China. International human rights groups criticized him for avoiding major issues, and Republican state lawmakers accused him of “grandstanding.”

Newsom’s “Marriage View” on Sino-U.S. Relations

The official website of the governor’s office concluded that this visit reminded the importance of the development of relations between the United States and China, and that the United States should adopt a friendly and open attitude, with open hands instead of clenched fists, so that the relationship between the two sides can achieve greater progress; the state capital also Emphasizing that there are more than 2 million Chinese in California to highlight the positive significance of Newsom’s trip to China.

The summary also prominently quoted Newsom’s words about U.S.-China relations: “Divorce is not a (good) option, and I don’t want to see this relationship deteriorate – it’s not good for anyone.”

Newsom was met by Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping during his trip, and President Biden will also meet with Xi Jinping at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in San Francisco in the middle of this month. This kind of continuous meeting between leaders of both sides in a short period of time often gives the impression that the relationship between the two sides is continuously improving.

The website of the left-wing media “The Nation” recently published a commentary by modern Chinese historian Jake Werner. The author believes that Newsom’s trip is of positive significance, because in recent decades, international political strategic thinking has been very single and isolated scattered issues from each other. The article points out that this may have been effective in earlier and more stable times, but in the current crisis and disaster At a time when violence and violence intersect, the entire human race and minority groups face systemic threats to their survival, and must respond with systemic strategies. Wen Zhekai said that Newsom’s visit to China has brought hope to the United States’ strategy to deal with challenges.

Newsom’s attitude towards China is ‘naive’

Human rights groups have criticized Newsom for ignoring China’s human rights status. The international human rights organization “Human Rights Watch” hopes that Newsom will pay attention to the Chinese Communist Party’s widespread suppression of civil society and the Uyghurs in Xinjiang. Dozens of human rights groups, mainly targeting Hong Kong, had earlier signed an open letter to express criticism. At a time when Chinese exiles are unable to return home, Newsom met with officials of the authoritarian regime.

Critics believe that Newsom’s visit to China is part of his “shadow operation” to run for president and part of the Chinese Communist Party’s political propaganda to capture the lens of “Americans smiling in China.”

Before Newsom’s trip, 11 California Republican congressmen signed a letter calling on them to shift their attention from climate issues to issues such as the persecution of human rights and the Chinese Communist Party’s manufacture and delivery of fentanyl precursors that threaten American lives. They said that if Newsom cannot focus on these major issues and confront the leaders of the Chinese Communist Party, he should cancel the trip.

At the state legislative level, according to the “Sacramento Bee”, state Senator Brian Dahle, who represents District 1, called Newsom’s trip a pure political farce and an attempt to improve his status within the Democratic Party. , “He made every effort to maintain his political ambitions; the trip to China was another moment of grandstanding for him.”

Podcast host Derek Hunter criticized in an article on The Hill website: Newsom doesn’t really care about the genocide of the Uighurs. Even if he has a good deck of cards, he Will fold because focusing on climate change gives governments greater power, while standing up to tyranny does not. Hunter wrote: “The Chinese dictator will smile knowingly when he sees such a naive person kissing his ring. Newsom has just given him a propaganda victory and a moral cost. Credibility in exchange for empty promises.”

Newsom and the CCP each get what they need

In response to the criticism, Newsom countered that his trip to China was to recommend California’s climate policies, promote environmental partnerships, economic development and tourism; and that his meeting with Chinese officials before the APEC summit was an opportunity to revitalize partnerships. .

Newsom also praised the scale and scope of China’s transformation into fossil fuel-powered vehicles during a visit to BYD’s factory in China. Asked what he thought of the notion that China and the United States have fallen into “zero-sum competition,” he said: “I don’t envy other people’s success, I admire it (China). The more successful China is, the more successful we are.”

But even as Newsom praises China’s commitment to climate change, Beijing is building coal power plants at a rapid pace. According to Reuters, a recent report from the independent Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) and Global Energy Monitor (GEM) showed that China began building coal-fired power plants with a total capacity of 37 GW in the first half of this year and approved 52 GW of new projects. The authorities also plan for carbon dioxide emissions to peak in 2030 before gradually reducing, achieving “carbon neutrality” by 2060.

When Newsom returned to the United States last Sunday, political commentator Dan Walters commented on his trip to China in the Orange County Chronicle: China (the CCP) got what it wanted—ambition. American politicians’ seal of approval; Newsom also got what he wanted—further increased media attention to his own image. ◇

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