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Strong confidence, stable expectations, promote development | Heading towards the deep sea How can Yangjiang sing the “Ocean Pastoral”? – scroll


Original title: Strong confidence, stable expectations, promote development | Heading towards the deep sea. How does Yangjiang sing the “Ocean Pastoral”?

【Opening Speech】

China is a big maritime country. Guangdong is a major maritime province, with the longest mainland coastline in the country and 1,963 islands distributed in the vast sea.

In April 2023, General Secretary Xi Jinping made important instructions during his inspection in Guangdong to strengthen the coordination of land and sea, mutual assistance between mountains and seas, strengthen the overall layout of ports, industries and cities, strengthen marine ecological protection, and comprehensively build a strong maritime province. The Third Plenary Session of the 13th Guangdong Provincial Committee held in June emphasized the need to comprehensively promote the construction of a strong maritime province and achieve new breakthroughs in building a new maritime Guangdong.

Following the blue coordinates entrusted by leaders, full of confidence and glory to stand on the wave, since this year, various parts of Guangdong have opened up one “route” to the sea and prospered by the sea, and jointly mobilized to implement the strategy of building a strong maritime province. “Sail” adds “blue power” to Guangdong’s practice of high-quality development and Chinese-style modernization.

In order to deeply present the story of “New Guangdong at Sea” in the new era, better strengthen confidence, stabilize expectations, and promote development, from October 30 to November 5, under the guidance of the Internet Communication Bureau of the Central Cyberspace Affairs Commission and the Cyberspace Administration of Guangdong Provincial Committee, The large-scale online theme publicity event “Looking to the Sea and Seeing Guangdong Strongly” hosted by Southern News Network united more than 100 central, provincial and municipal key online media reporters, as well as experts and scholars in the relevant marine economic field, well-known Internet experts, self-media creators, etc. , divided into three routes: east, west and middle, to visit and survey 14 coastal cities in Guangdong. Nanfang Daily,, Nanfang+, and Guangdong Learning Client will launch “Strong Confidence, Stabilize Expectations, and Promote Development” series of reports on “Strengthening the Sea·Guangdong Observation” from now on. Please pay attention.

Cang Linshi, look at the deep sea.

Yangjiang, located on the coast of the South China Sea, has fully implemented the “1310” specific deployment of the Provincial Party Committee, based on its own resource endowment and industrial foundation, seized opportunities for marine economic development, innovated ideas for comprehensive utilization of marine space, expanded the development and utilization of deep and three-dimensional sea areas, and accelerated progress. The integrated development of “marine ranch + offshore wind power” vigorously supports the entire industry and chain of coastal counties to promote the construction of modern marine ranch, promotes the cross-border integrated development of modern and efficient agriculture and new energy industries, converts the advantages of marine resources into development advantages, and strives to create high-tech Develop the “Guangdong Granary” with quality and sing the “Ocean Pastoral”.

Photo by Ren Haoyan of deep-water cage farming in the national-level marine ranch demonstration area in Qingzhou Island, Yangxi County

High starting point planning to promote the construction of modern marine ranches

Make decisions before taking action, planning first.

Yangjiang has improved its marine ranch construction plan with high standards, hired the Provincial Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute and the South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute to plan and compile the modern marine ranch plan of Yangjiang City, and plan and promote the “34715” marine ranch project, which includes 3 national-level marine ranch demonstration areas, 4 A marine ranch industrial park, 7 comprehensive fishing port construction projects, and 15 land-based supporting industrial parks. It has planned 21 marine ranch projects with a total investment of 20.3 billion yuan. Strive to add 700 gravity-type deep-water cages within three years, bringing the total number to exceed 1,500, and build 6 truss-type large-scale intelligent breeding equipment.

Yangjiang also specially invited well-known domestic experts such as Lin Ming, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, to advise Yangjiang and tailor-made a super-large deep-sea marine ranch project for marine protection for Yangjiang. One overall research plan and 12 special research plans were formulated, and three demonstration and opinion solicitation meetings were held to carry out preliminary project demonstration work. A review team composed of 28 experts including Xu Guang, former chief engineer of the Ministry of Transport, and Bao Zhenmin, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, was invited to organize a consultation and review meeting on the mid-term results of the pilot project demonstration.

On August 22, Pei Minshan, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of China Communications Construction Company, and his delegation came to Yangjiang for negotiation and stated that they would give full play to their advantages in talent, technology, and offshore construction to promote the Yangjiang Deep Blue Marine Ranch pilot project and help Yangjiang build a “blue granary” in the deep sea. . On September 25, Lu Yixian, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, led a team to visit CCCC in Beijing. Both parties expressed their confidence in the project and would sign a cooperation agreement, deepen research, and make every effort to promote the implementation of the project.

At present, Yangjiang has established three national-level marine ranch demonstration zones, accounting for 20% of the province’s total area; the total area is 684.4 square kilometers, accounting for 55% of the province’s total area. Among them, the Yangxi Qingzhou Island Wind Power Integrated Sea Area National Marine Ranch Demonstration Zone was included in the fifth batch of national marine ranch demonstration zones, covering an area of ​​497.3 square kilometers. It is the largest national-level marine ranch demonstration zone currently approved; Nanpeng Island The CGN National Marine Ranch Demonstration Zone in the sea area is included in the seventh batch of national marine ranch demonstration zones, covering an area of ​​119.1 square kilometers.

Fishermen catch “winter fish” at the Dawo Island deep-sea cage breeding base. Photo by Li Xiangdong

Deep-sea aquaculture, expanding the development space of farming, animal husbandry and fishery

As the “fishing capital of China’s South China Sea” and “the fish warehouse of Guangdong”, Yangjiang has dared to be the first and set the trend in everything from distant-ocean fishing to deep-sea aquaculture to the construction of modern marine pastures, and has carved a new path in farming, animal husbandry and fishery. .

Yangjiang vigorously develops gravity-type deep-water cages and promotes the transfer of offshore farming to the deep sea. Since the beginning of this year, relying on the island’s wind shelter, transfer and other functions, the scale of the original three cage breeding bases of Dawo Island, Shuangshan Island and Qingzhou Island has been expanded. In the first half of the year, a new gravity-type deep-water cage with a circumference of 90-120 meters was built. There are 46 cages, and the number of gravity deepwater cages in the city has reached 866. The annual output exceeds 100,000 tons and the output value exceeds 3 billion yuan.


The scale of offshore wind power in the Nanpeng Island area of ​​CECEP has begun to appear. Photo by Tan Wenqiang

On the sea, the steel giant turns the impeller and converts the sea breeze into green electricity. Under the sea surface, fish breeding conditions are transmitted back to the smart platform in real time, solving the problem of unattended and unattended deep-sea breeding and allowing green fisheries to further advance into the deep sea. Not long ago, Yangjiang Mingyang Marine Fisheries developed the world’s first “jacket fan + cage” integrated fishing and wind integration equipment, completed offshore installation, and carried out seedling breeding experiments.

As an important base for the development of offshore wind power in Guangdong, Yangjiang promotes the integrated development of “marine ranch + offshore wind power” and has created two national-level marine ranch demonstration zones for the integration of fishing and wind power, Qingzhou and Nanpeng Island, to plan modern marine ranching and wind power generation together. , mobilize the enthusiasm of central enterprises such as Three Gorges, Huadian, and China General Nuclear Power to accelerate the construction of modern marine ranches.

China General Nuclear Power Company has launched the “Offshore Wind Power Comprehensive Utilization Platform Development and Demonstration Application Project” to explore the installation of cage farming on the offshore wind turbine jacket infrastructure; Three Gorges New Energy Company is building a large-scale truss lifting type of “deep sea farming + wind farm” The high-efficiency breeding model of deep-sea intelligent breeding cages; Huadian Fuxin Company built a platform-resistant truss-type lifting breeding platform at the Qingzhou Sanhai Wind Farm, and is at the forefront of technological innovation and application in the province.

At the same time, pilot projects such as the gravity-type multi-side chain flexible deep-sea smart cage breeding project, the truss-type lifting breeding cage (LESSO L001), and the reinforced gravity-type deep-water cage are being tested in Yangjiang. CCCC is exploring the construction of a pilot project for super-large deep-sea marine ranches for offshore protection to solve the safety issues of deep-sea farming and achieve large-scale industrial farming. The project will build a large-scale breeding base of 10 square kilometers, with a planned investment of 8 billion yuan. After completion, the annual output of aquatic products is expected to reach 1 million tons, with an output value of 19 billion yuan, which will promote revolutionary changes in the fishery development of the province and even the country.


Photo by Li Xiangdong from the seawater seedling farm of Hengsheng Aquaculture Professional Cooperative in Yangxi County

Highlight the seawater seed industry and create a modern marine ranch entire industry chain

The seawater seed industry is the “chip” of marine farming and a strategic and basic core industry for the development of modern marine ranches. In 2022, the annual production volume of seawater seedlings in Yangxi County will exceed 40 billion, accounting for about 70% of the province’s output. At present, the city’s seawater seedling industry has initially opened up the seedling research and development, breeding, promotion and other links, and is developing in the direction of specialization and scale, providing “Yangjiang core” for advancing into the “deep blue”.

In recent years, Yangjiang has cultivated and expanded a large number of seawater seed incubation companies such as Hengsheng, Jinyuan and Haiyuan Aquatic Products. There are more than 1,000 companies (households) engaged in the hatchery production of seawater seedlings (fish fry, shrimp fry, clam fry) in the city. It produces 4.5 billion oyster seedlings, 5 billion shrimp seedlings, and 1.5 billion seawater fish seedlings, accounting for more than one-third of the province’s output. Deepen the “cooperative + farmer” model, plan to build a large-scale comprehensive service platform for the modern seawater seed industry, build a municipal-level modern seed industry park, and create a national seawater seed industry demonstration base. Prepare a detailed plan for the Yangjiang City Seed Industry Base and apply for a provincial seawater seed industry park. Strengthen cooperation with scientific research departments such as the South China Sea Fisheries Research Institute and strive to build a South China Sea characteristic marine ranch fish genetic breeding center.

Focusing on the goal of “whole industry and whole chain”, Yangjiang has vigorously developed the deep processing of aquatic products and the prepared vegetable industry with the help of platforms such as the Green Food Industrial Park, Marine Ranch, and Prepared Vegetable Provincial Modern Agricultural Industrial Park. Give full play to the role of “chain master” enterprises such as Shunxin Group, a national leading agricultural enterprise, and Meiweiyuan, promote the local agglomeration of core supporting industries, promote the joint development of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and form “seawater seedlings and marine ranches from land, ocean to table” , prepared dishes, green food” the entire industry chain.

In 2022, the total output of Yangjiang aquatic products processing will be 190,000 tons, and the output value will exceed 4 billion yuan. There are currently 9 large-scale deep processing enterprises of aquatic products and 26 large-scale enterprises of prepared dishes. They have developed more than 50 kinds of prepared vegetable products such as tuna balls, boiled fish, and curry oysters, with an annual output of 80,000 tons and an output value of over 2.3 billion yuan. , the market covers the whole country. Shunxin Group has built the first ultra-low temperature cold storage in the province with a temperature of minus 60°C, with a total capacity of more than 20,000 tons, and provides cold storage logistics and warehousing and distribution services to local and surrounding cities. The Hailing Experimental Zone Aquatic Products Deep Processing Industrial Park Project (Prepared Vegetable Sightseeing and Tourism Industrial Park) is planned to cover an area of ​​about 700 acres, and the preparation of the “Prepared Vegetable Sightseeing and Tourism Industrial Park Preliminary Plan for Control and Regulation” has been completed.


Photo by Li Xiangdong of the Marine Fishery Industrial Park on the beach of Shahu Village, Shangyang Town, Yangxi County

Improve service facilities and accelerate the construction of marine industry support system

The development of the marine industry depends to a large extent on the traction and “escort” of various platforms.

Yangjiang plays the role of the fulcrum of the island and integrates coastal, offshore, island and deep sea planning to build the offshore island into a modern marine ranch transfer, offshore wind power operation and maintenance and logistics supply service base. Accelerate the construction of fishing ports, cultivate a number of leading cold chain logistics enterprises, build a number of cold chain logistics warehousing support bases, build marine ranch land-based industry supporting industrial parks, strive to improve the infrastructure for the modern development of fisheries, and solidly promote the upgrading of fishing ports and port pools The construction of channel dredging projects will build an integrated land-based support system for feed processing, warehousing and logistics, shore-based ports and terminals, and breeding equipment manufacturing and maintenance. At present, there are 2 national first-class fishing ports (Shapa Fishing Port and Xitou Fishing Port), 1 national third-class fishing port (Hebei Fishing Port), 1 mass fishing port (Macun Fishing Port) and 1 Qingcaodu wind shelter anchorage. The construction of the Moyang Agricultural Batch Guangdong and Western Guangdong Aquatic Products Trading Market is an innovative smart agricultural and seafood trading platform that integrates cold chain, warehousing, logistics, and wholesale.

At the same time, we encourage diversified investment, establish a diversified investment mechanism for governments, enterprises and individuals, mobilize state-owned capital to invest in industrial development, support private enterprises with a foundation in the marine tourism industry to invest in the construction of modern marine ranches, and encourage the active participation of town and village collectives and fishermen. A good situation has been formed in which central and state-owned enterprises take the lead and multiple parties work together to participate in the construction of “Ocean Ranch+”, providing solid financial guarantee for the creation of “Blue Energy + Offshore Granary”.

In terms of financial services, we will deepen the cooperation between government, banks and enterprises, strengthen financial policy guidance, structural tool support, and optimize financial products and services, innovate green financial products and models, and further reduce the financing costs of marine ranches; actively improve the meteorological insurance support system and conduct in-depth research Innovate meteorological index insurance; strengthen the protection role of marine ranch insurance, use policy insurance and commercial insurance to protect the construction of modern marine ranch, actively promote and develop commercial insurance, and build a comprehensive infrastructure covering mariculture, marine seed industry, marine transportation, processing guarantee, etc. Insurance products and services within the company will be promoted, and mature insurance types will be incorporated into policy insurance in a timely manner, thereby providing solid financial security for the construction of modern marine ranch projects.

Prosper because of the sea and seek strength towards the sea. Riding on the east wind of “building a new Guangdong at sea”, Yangjiang is accelerating the pace of development and heading into the deep sea, injecting vitality into the continued growth of the modern marine ranch industry chain.


Chief planner: Hou Xiaojun

Presidential candidate: Jin Qiang and Zhang Chunqing

Planning: Li Lin, Yuan Peiru, Zhu Jing

Interviewed and written by: Yangjiang Daily reporter Zhang Ying

Executive: Su Ruoqian, Han Wei, Zeng Wenyu, Owen Heng, Liu Yuqian, Zhang Hanqing

Video: Yangjiang Daily

Design: Li Jiangrui, Zhang Qida, Yang Chenyue, Wang Wanying

Proofreading: Chen Xuede and Lai Yuqing

Co-produced by Nanfang Net Yangjiang Daily

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